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A Feud Between Fruits
Written By: Funwow
Lemon servants: WEEZ WILL SHOOT JUICE IN UR EYES! -shoots juice inside WCC's eyes instead- WHT THE **** IS WRONG WITH MEH AIM!
Lime warrior: ARSEAOGG!-squirts juice in lemonk ings eyes-
The lemon crowd- POSSE ATTACK! YEH! -
The lime crowd- POSSE ATTACK YEA!-
The battle begins, and, lets just say we got a lot a lemon lime soda to drink - The leomons (elder lemons) start to fight until leoimes(elder limes) have a sewing contest (XD) and whoever lost would get squezzd-but won had 2 go whiz because he drank too much lemonlime soda. Leomons got squezzd and all who was left on the lemon army was the king. After the king died with lots a lime and lemon juice around a him, the limes gave in and ran back for peace. The limes had beaten the lemons, but weres all tht lemon-lime soda gonna go? OHZ! IZ NOEZ! LETZ GIVE ITZ IT NYAN CATZ! YAYZ!

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  1. HermioneMusicNoteForeverMay 02, 2012

    Your story is awesome bunnylove!!!!

  2. Interesting...... LUVZ IT SO MUCH :D


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