Friday, March 30, 2012

April Fools Party

Hello everyone!
Well, I went to the April Fools party this morning, and I got a lot of pics!
Here they are!
Top floor:
Second floor:
Third floor:
Bottom floor:
Shop location:
Shop items:
Me messing around upside down (XD - it's a simple trick lol):
Bye for now!

April fools!!

These are a few pics from the April fools day party!
pretty cool!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


This is to see if you know your aj! 






in your comment type: 1. is:______________ok?

Funny photos if bunnylove wants 'em

April Fools Party!

Look at this!
Not faking it! You can check right now!
Bye for now!

Journey Book Prize!

Hello everyone!
I got the Journey Book prize! The owl was being really stubborn on me towards the end... I swear I went in and out of Coral Canyons 100 times XD
Anyway, the Journey Book prize for Sarepia Forest is:
This is my kind of prize! Woo!
Bye for now!

Custom Messages!

Custom messages are FINALLY here! I sent a 3 paragraph letter to Animal jam a few months ago asking them to make it. And they did =) This is proof they actually DO listen to us! Thank you animal jam! Im sure other people have suggested it, so i dont take all the credit.
Only members can use it for now. They say they are "testing it out" to see if it will work out. Soon non-members may be able to use it too! You get to type in your own message to your friends. Only it is not freechat, it is normal chat. Hey it is better then bubble chat messaging right? =)

Keep On Jammin'


Hello everyone!
Well, on the first page of the newspaper, three new things are announced!
First thing, there's the octopuses. Obviously.
Second thing, the member gift for this month is a duplicate of the HOT COCOA MACHINE in Mt. Shiveer!
Third thing, they're letting us vote for our favorite T-shirts for AJ Outfitters!
On the second page, it says that members can now type custom messages on Jam-A-Grams!
Also, there's a new game for pets: Disc Toss!
Also, as I predicted, they would be releasing another animal party: Horses!
So, thus, it's just a polite way to say that it's another members-only thing. :(
Next, there's now a page for Sarepia Forest in the Journey Book! Yay! I'm going to go get my prize from my favorite land! After I update this, of course XD
Also, the Nametag Badge contest got its winners: a drawing of the Earth, a lightning bolt, and a flower.
There's also a new Egg Hunt! I remember last year's prize... I wonder what it is this time!
I'll finish this later! Sorry!
Here's OMSA, now!
Jam Mart Clothing (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
I think that's it... I didn't see much new stuff otherwise...
Anyway, when I get the Journey Book prize for Sarepia, I'll report back!
Bye for now!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tomorrow's Known Updates

Hello everyone!
Sorry I haven't been posting much... it's just been to test a theory which so far has been proven correct. And if it is... ugh...
Anyway, here are some of tomorrow's known updates, as well as some of my speculations!
First thing: Octopuses are coming. Duh. They announced it on TDE. Octopuses will be members-only ocean-only animals, assuming the current recognizable trends on animals 1) continue, and 2) are accurate. And if they aren't? I'm getting an octopus, because I want an animal for only oceans as well as one for only land. That would be handy. No more switching to my wolf all the time :3
Second thing: Around seven items in Jam Mart Clothing marked 'Clearance' will be removed and cycled into AJ's rare items collection that they use for Rare Item Mondays. Expect to not see them again any time soon.
Third thing: AJ HQ will drop a hint in the newspaper/on TDE about another new pet or two. Or, even better... they'll have the 'obvious code' that they've had before. Remember the newspaper before Appondale was released, where they had words in bright orange saying 'NEW LANDS NEW ANIMALS NEW etc. etc.' That will be awesome if they do that, because then we can either expect new oceans or the CORNER LAND! I've waited for a new LAND for so long (NO ONE is in the oceans! Ever! And I don't like my seal, because it 'killed' my wolf)... if we can get a hint for that... that would be SO epic!
Well, I think that's it...
Bye for now!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New land?!?! NOT false alarm?!

Is it a new land of am i hullisonating?

Monday, March 26, 2012


LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!111111
What is going on?!?!?!?
Is this happening to you?//

Bow, Knee pads, or Glove?

Is it back?
The big glove scandal?
Is it the bows?

 Comment and say what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Wolves are awesome

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Items (Updated Through 3/25)

Hello everyone!
Here's the new stuff for this awkward week!

Jam Mart Furniture

That's it, I think!
Bye for now!

New land?!?!

Well, I was on my bff's account cause she dosent play often, then i noticed this:
A new land!?!?!/

This would be the land:
I'll get more things on this!
Later jamers!

Woodswolf's Comment:
That's actually part of the Lost Temple of Zios. The 'new land' you're talking about would have to have its entrance at the very bottom of Jamaa Township, near the fountain and 'lake'.

Just some pics,

Some funny photos: