Minigame Cheats

Hello everyone!
This is where you can find really easy cheats to earn tons of gems on common AJ minigames!
So far, we have:
Temple of Trivia
Double Up
Pest Control
We're always adding more! Check back occasionally!

1. Have a sheet of paper pre-prepared with numbers and little blanks next to them.
2. Go into ToT and play for a little while.
3. Write down the first letter of the position (T = top, B = bottom, C = center) of the correct answer (It will show you it after you click your answer). Do about five rounds worth of this.
4. Finish your round and leave ToT.
5. Go back in to ToT immediately - it should say 'Joining a Round in Progress' assuming the round you weren't in wasn't full, etc. Look at the first question. Recognize it?
6. Yes! It's the first one you answered earlier. Now look at the #1 slot on your sheet. If it says T, click the top answer, B, click the bottom, etc. Did you get it right? You should have!
7. After you've run out of all your questions, you can either close ToT and get back in again, or extend your sheet by collecting more correct answers.
This is a really easy way to get a ton of gems... it's not the quickest but it's there for those of you not willing to do other games. -Woodswolf

Note: Train your memory on the Temple of Trivia cheat for a while before trying this. With that one you can record everything on a sheet, but with Double Up (especially if you're going for the Fast Match achievement) there's no time to follow this cheat with a sheet of paper.
1. Go into Double Up. Prepare to be fast!
2. Quickly, while the animals are shown on the board, look for four or five pairs you think you could remember easily. Easy pairs usually include:
    A. Two right next to each other
    B. Two kiddie-corner (diagonal) with each other
    C. Two in various corners of the grid
    D. Two that are brightly colored and stand out to you immediately
    E. Your favorite animal pair (it's wise to avoid this one if your favorite is NOT brightly-colored! It takes too long to find the dark ones on the grid when they're shown)
3. Once the animals all hide, go for all of the spots where you remember there being pairs.
4. When all the pairs are eliminated, it's really easy to pick out the remaining ones from the leftover squares.
5. Wash, rinse, and repeat! XD
1. Open a new window in Paint.
2. Go into Double Up.
3. Once you're in, hit the PrintScreen key (it says PrtScn on it).
4. Paste the screenshot into Paint. Use this as a guide for matching the animals.
This game is even better than Temple of Trivia for getting gems. As far as I can remember, I could get over 6000 gems an hour playing Double Up using this cheat. For those of you who are gemless, consider yourselves that no more. -Woodswolf

Note: This is a really easy cheat to use. It just takes a while to get the payout.
1. Go into Pest Control. Select 'Easy'.
2. Look at this diagram. These are the places that you need to place your Pest Controllers:
3. Place your Pest Controllers according to color: Place the green fly traps first, then the blue frogs, then the purple beetle-eating things (can't remember their name right now!).
TIP: At the beginning, after you've placed your fly traps, you still have enough tokens left to buy a frog. Get all the controllers early - then you can just sit back and let the speed button do the work for you!
4. Once you have all your Controllers placed, hit the Speed Control button in the lower right corner. If you see ONE forward arrow on the button, you can go on and let the little critters do the work for you. If you leave it alone, you should have around 180 gems by the end.
For those of you who need gems but have to do other stuff on the internet at the same time, the Pest Control cheat is for you, allowing you to do what you want and still earn a good amount of money! - Woodswolf

That's all for now!


  1. I actually have a cheat for double up that I've used ever since I got windows 7.

    1. Get snipping tool ready.
    2. Open double up.
    3. Start cutting out the animals.
    (P.S. The screen should not move if using windows 7 :D)
    4. Let go once you reach your starting point again.
    5. Look at the picture, and copy away!

  2. Thanks for that! I don't really know what the 'snipping tool' is, though XD
    There is an easier way than what I mentioned, though... you take a screenshot and paste it in Paint and use it as a guide.
    Thanks anyway ;)

  3. i know a good game cheat for miria says it is easy so sonact me im alice42 :P

  4. I nhave a cheat for dobule up with wich I earned the Quick Match Trophy. Take a photo of the game when the pairs are shown in the begining!!!

  5. Awesome cheats by the time I'm a member I'll have ALOT of gems. Thank you guys so much!

    ~love you're blog, Anonymous

  6. Woodswolf, you've been a huge help and it's about time I thanked you. How did you find out about the Pest Control cheat? I'm using it right now. LOL

    Your biggest fan,


    1. Sorry I'm getting back to you so late.

      The Pest Control cheat I actually invented myself. I tried to find a way to minimize the number of defenders by maximizing the amount of space they attacked.

      The strategy I used to come up with it I call the 'Valley of Death' strategy. It's where the attackers are hit with so much firepower in a single spot that they all die half a second after they get inside. Very handy cheat for Tower Defense of any kind.

  7. Dude this blog is amazingly accurate! When I was a member these wer quite easy and fun to use. Thanks so much for the cheats! :3


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