Saturday, April 30, 2011

CoE Updated on NEW Story Tab... and 5000 hit party?

Hello everyone!
I couldn't get around to it yesterday, but today I put up a new Story page, where you can go to take a look at the current story. This, otherwise, will most likely be the last mention of CoE outside of the Story tab.

Also, we have almost 5000 hits... 5000!!!!
We should have a party sometime soon! When should we have it?
Currently we're at 4339...
I dare us to try to get 5000 hits before May 14th. Do you think we can do it?
Bye for now!

Friday, April 29, 2011

New Stuff Again!

Hello everyone!
Lots of new things to report this week!
For one, there are several new items in Jamaa, including:

A knitted cap
A campfire
A planter with growing plants
A wishing well
A mohawk
A king crown
And several more fancy things, including:
A restuarant den
Shoji screens (table seperators...)
Two types of table (Booth and Fancy)
A Candelabrum
A Microphone and Matching Drum Set (more with the DJ items from last time...)
UPDATE: Red Brick Wallpaper

Also, there are new things in the Chamber of Knowledge!
Introducing BOOKS!
Books are more places where you can learn about animals. For example, this one is (obviously) about wolves.

I have already heard two reports that Greely has been sighted... and one report that Greely and Peck were found together!
Have you seen any of the new stuff? Comment!
Bye for now!

@ Mods: Don't Waste Your Place!

Hello everyone!
Quick announcement. I just want to tell the mods that once April is over, new mods will be coming in... and old mods will be kicked out.
How can you guarantee that you will stay?
Easy: comment, answer questions, do stuff!
The reason I'm posting this is because some of the mods (and you know who you are...) aren't commenting very much. From some of you, I'm recieving pretty much one comment every month. THIS ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH!!! Being a mod is an honor, and if you want to waste that position, you can! I know lots of people that are more than qualified to be a mod that would GLADLY take the position.
Don't think that you're a mod forever. It's an honor, an honor that can only be given to those who, pretty much, post the most.
Bye for now!


Hello everyone...
According to the Jamaa Journal, Jamaa is now 'Shamaa'!
Why, you ask?
Has anybody seen them? If anyone sees Greely, tell me where he is or give him my regards!
Bye for now!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's try to 'settle this like men', if you know what I mean...

Hello everyone.
I just want to say this:
Can't we just GET OVER the whole argument? It was just a very bad misunderstanding. It's almost like a person with two different-colored eyes, with each seeing the world a different way. That's all this is.
Can't we just get over it, then? A lot of bad stuff was said that people probably regret. But let's just settle this like men/women and not 3-year-olds, as Slidoo said earlier.

@ Slidoo and Oopsy:
I am deeply sorry for all that has happened. I understand that this was just all a great misunderstanding that got far out of control. No one exactly understood each other, even those of us trying not to take sides. I didn't enjoy the fighting, and I would like to gladly settle this right now. I don't want this to continue. I apologize for this incident and hope nothing like this happens again.

@ Hjackler:
I don't exactly want to do this, but because of some recent events, I have to temporarily un-mod you. I'm sorry about this.

@ Everybody else:
Hopefully we can all just apologize for this, on both sides. Let's just try to recover as fast as possible.

So... hopefully this is the end of it.
Bye for now!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


ANOTHER FIGHT!!! Tiny Wolf said the F word and S word, Hjacker told jambotsrule to shut up for no reason AND banned him.....wolves unbanned him......they never noticed I didn't get screen shots, I'm on my OWN 'MINI Laptop' which doesn't have either things to make a pic... :(  sorry........ but it's me, Key99, again....over and out!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little fight...

Hey guys! I was just on chat and Hjackler2 and Darling were up to fighting again.. I got a screen shot..

Yah... THEN Hjackler2 said somthing VERY VERY VERY mean to darling.. I got a screen shot..


Bye for now!

Monday, April 25, 2011

To Let You Know.......

I JUST WENT IN THE PLACE!!! THE 'UNDERWORLD' I MEAN!!!!! It was really cool! Though, I only got 2 seconds to see, then I couldn't move and animal jam went "bye bye!!" So I won't be posting much....I never got a screen I have to go!!!!!!

~Key99 NEW Columnist~

I Have (not) Kicked Both of You. Reason: ...

Hello everyone.
I just want to give everyone the 'Cliffs Notes' on what happened on chat today.
I don't have pics, but here's my summary:
Hjackler and I started out angry at Fuzzy for fact that she was posting all of these rude comments (Yes, Fuzzy... Even if you don't think they're rude, they are! It hurts everyone's feelings. If you think it's just 'nothing', well, it's not). Darling comes on and fighting breaks out. Then, after a bit, Hjackler leaves, and I say this:

I have (not) kicked both of you. Reason: Just try to make up! I want Fuzzy to stop making the bad comments! That's the way me and Hjackler see it. Everyone has their own perspective, and I also agree with yours. But we can't fight like this!

Yours is as in Darling's, and the rest makes sense on its own. And Fuzzy, EVERYBODY wants you to stop. NOBODY likes to read stuff like that, and all you're doing is making conflicts.
This goes for EVERYONE: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!

I've also heard that some people have been bullying Darling. I won't say the reason why, however. THIS IS NOT APPROPRIATE. It's just as not nice as Fuzzy's bad comments are!
Treat others the way you want to be treated. AKA, if you want to be treated like scum, treat ANYBODY on WCC like scum. YOU WILL BE SCUM. And I don't think anyone wants to be treated that way.
Be nice!
Bye for now!

Chronicles of Escher Schedule Design... and Friends List Issues...

Hello everyone!
Check out the post below about the movie!
But anyway, I think I'm going to re-design the schedule...
I think I'll make it every Friday instead of every other Friday...
Do you like that, or should I make a different schedule?
Also, I've been getting lots of friends on AJ that I don't think view WCC. If you do view this site, please comment, PC me on chat (Private Chat), or tell me on AJ when I'm online. Seriously, it's almost as if I need to get a bodyguard to guard my friends list.
Maybe I should get one, somehow...
Anyways, WCC HQ always needs 'order' if you know what I mean...
Bye for now!


Hello everyone!
I am here to present... the FIRST WCC VIDEO!!!!
Here it is:
Now I just have to wait for it to upload...
As it says in the vid, HUGE apologies to bunnylove3. She accidentally walked in while I was filming the first 'take' of it. It's just that, as the post below states, I wasn't recording it. Kinda stupid of me...
But anyway, I'm using a lot of equipment to get that little 2 minute clip. For example, I have a Lego tower (built by hand. I use Legos for lots of things when filming, including camera stands, which was what I used it for. I have a HUGE collection of Legos, and I've actually made several Lego short films (with help from friends)) and I have my camera and recording software. The reason I didn't use a screen recorder (which would be MUCH easier to use) is because I don't know if I can find a decent 'free' one online (AKA one that DOESN'T show the company logo on top of the video).
There! It finished loading...
Watch it!


Hi everyone...
I WAS going to have something really exciting up today...
...the stupid thing is, I forgot to hit the 'record' button.
Hopefully I can get another up quick...
Bye for now...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

@ 'Oopsy' (and Slidoo): Why do you have to keep bothering us?

This post is more aimed at Slidoo and 'Oopsy' (what Fuzzy calls herself now) than anyone else. But go ahead and read.
@ 'Oopsy' and Slidoo:
Why do you have to keep bothering us?
We haven't done anything.
We took away the stuff you wanted taken away.
So why? I don't understand.
Can't you just leave us alone? For once?
Sure, you can comment, but comment related to the post, or a code, or something! Not just telling us to 'remove this' or 'change that' or 'go over here'. It's not fun (or helpful) for anyone to read.
Like Hjackler said on a previous comment, we thought you were nice now! We did what you wanted to and you're still bothering. It's not exactly nice...
Also, another thing is that I play my own lawyer. I can come up with a good, snappy comeback for every rude comment you post. It's not exactly helping your 'image', if you know what I mean.
I don't want to have to turn on comment moderation... it's unfair to everyone. And ANYONE can recognize that.
So can you PLEASE STOP?????
I don't know how else to say it!
Bye for now, I guess...

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hello everyone! Short announcement!
If you are thinking about becoming a mod/columnist, sign up now! Most likely everyone will become what they signed up for, and there are no real criteria except for these:
1. To be a mod, you have to comment! It's kind of ridiculous otherwise...
2. To be a columnist, you have to have a personal e-mail/Gmail. To sign up, e-mail me at All information is private and will not be posted on-site.
Mods help with WCC by answering questions, and in some cases, giving new leads, for example, like Hjackler did on chat a few days ago.
Columnists post once or twice a month about a topic and/or in cases of enmergency, for example, the WCC temporary shutdown a while ago.
Become a WCC Staff Member today!
Bye for now!


Hey guys!

I have so breaking news!! I got in that world AGAIN! This time I got a screen shot! This is all I saw.. It was just black and white though:  

   Well, just BLACK! I saw a little gray but that's it for now! Bye guys!

Gathering for ???

Hello everyone...
Today I was on the server Aldan, and I was trying to get into Sarepia. Well, it said the room was FULL, and JAMAA TOWNSHIP wasn't. I was wondering what the heck was going on.
Well, when I finally got into the room, I found a HUGE gathering, probably around 30 people, maybe more. 90% or more were wolves. Here are some pictures:

I think it was some kind of multiple-clan meeting, or something. And as you can see, there are around 40 people. Earlier someone mentioned something like 'are you the leader of Shadowclan?' Is Shadowclan returning again? Well, Tigerstripe, yes, I saw your comment, but you can't be the leader of the ONLY Shadowclan... Unless if your Warriors name is 'Rainstar'. With enough fans out there, you can guarantee that there will probably be at LEAST 50 duplicates out there, that all meet at different times.
But the thing that STILL confuses me is why there are so many there... it's quite interesting.
If you have information, COMMENT!
Bye for now!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Weird Glitch!

This really strange glitch happened to me... Well, I was walking though Temple Of Zioz and I see the door to the Lab. I went in.. It was nothing but black and white. I was in there for a few seconds before I found out there was NO door to get out... So I had to refresh the page... But it was super cool! It was BEFORE it was even created!! Then my friend, Hjackler2 said he went in to the place he calls, 'Underworld'.
He told me how to get in. And guess what! I was in!! I saw nothing but pitch blackness... But he said he saw an animal.. Like a zebra or horse....


We were talking on chat about glitches and stuff, and all of a sudden Hjackler mentioned that he went somewhere, possibly the new land! He calls it the 'underworld'.
He says that all you see when you go there is just black and white, and you see an animal... not your own, the new one!
We talked about it, and determined it was a zebra! He said it had 4 legs and reared up a lot... almost like a horse. Horses and ZEBRAS are pretty much the exact same thing! And then he went back again, and he said it had black and white stripes! I can't wait for it to come!
The next thing that happened was that Darling said that she knew someone who's dad was a Guide. So what happened was that he told her what the next animals were going to be!
She said that she heard about a BAT, and a FROG!
Has anybody else heard of things like this? Comment!
Bye for now!

Happy Earth Day, and First Chronicles of Escher Post!

Hello everyone!
Happy Earth Day!
I barely even realized it was Earth Day before I saw the thing on Google. It's pretty sweet! Check it out here:
Anyways, here's the first edition of the Chronicles of Escher:

The Chronicles of Escher
By Woodswolf (because I don't want to post my real name... web safety)

The birds waited patiently.
They were watching the entrance.
Waiting for a victim to come in.

Sam loved art. You couldn’t say it any other way. It was her freshman year, and four art classes were all that she took during a school day.
There was a school trip tomorrow. One of her classes was going to the Escher museum.
What a wonderful day.

The birds knew it.
It was almost time.
They were restless.
It was coming.

The museum was amazing. If it was possible, the museum had constructed a room or model to look like a print. Mr. Martin’s art class went to the prize room: The Other World room. It was the most realistic room in the whole building. The museum had set it up to make it look like you can walk right into the print.
The class walked in, walked around, and left for a lunch break before the other half of the museum in the afternoon.
Sam followed them to the lunch area for a little while, and then started to backtrack. She got to the room and found the door locked. Just then a janitor came around the corner.
“Your class went that way, ma’am, and I suggest you follow them,” he said, pointing down the corridor she came from.
“I wanted to look at the Other World room again. The door locked,” Sam replied.
“Fine. I will let you in, and I will tell your class where you’ve gone,” the janitor said. He unlocked the door and hurried down the hallway.

The birds knew.
The prey was near.
Their claws dug into the stone.

Sam stepped in and shut the door.
All of a sudden, the horns that hung from hooks on the walls blasted strange sounds. Sam stood in the center of the room, covering her ears.
The human-headed birds sitting on the stone walls flapped metal wings and lifted off. Sam panicked.
The birds were upon her at once. The horns continued to sound as the birds tore at her clothing. They picked Sam up and threw her at the wall.
She passed through like a ghost. She no longer heard the horns, but she heard the birds’ voices speaking to her.
The first, with a deep voice, said, “Welcome to the worst hell.”
The second, with a high, squeaky voice like someone screaming, continued, saying, “And yet, it is the most beautiful heaven.”
The third, with an echoing voice like an angel, said, “Welcome to the other world… other world…other world…
     Sam screamed.

More issues to come! Sorry if the excerpt is a bit long...
Bye for now!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Contest Updated!

Hello everyone!
The contest has been updated!
Find those eggs!
Bye for now!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chronicles of Escher: Sneak Preview!

Hello everyone!
Here's a 'sneak preview' of the Chronicles of Escher, the series I talked about a while ago about the people stuck in the 'art world'.
Here's an important image, Other World by M. C. Escher:
Keep this image in mind, especially during the first few issues. It's very important... probably a key element, actually.
And, like I said, a short sneak:

The birds waited patiently.
They were watching the entrance.
Waiting for a victim to come in.

Bye for now!

A Way to Avoid Membership

Hello everyone...
I was thinking... and I found a way to avoid membership.
Here's the workaround:

1. When you create your account, make a name you're proud to show around. Most of the time this means no numbers/other symbols. People then think that membership and free chat will make them 'cooler'. Out of every 100 members, I would say that around 25 fell into this trap.
2. Make yourself PROUD of your account. For example, get a lot of achievements, etc. so that you won't want to give it up. Out of every 100 members, I would say that around 10 fell into this trap.
3. Know that you don't have to have the 'next big things' or the 'latest' clothing/den items and/or animals! Out of every 100 members, I would say around 35 fell into this trap.
4. Remember that if you are a good person, you will have friends. Some people think that becoming a member, ESPECIALLY if they don't have free chat, will make you have more friends. THIS IS NOT TRUE! You are equally likely to get friend requests wether you are member or non-member. Out of every 100 members, I would say around 30 fall into this trap.

Remember this, and you can avoid paying! If you want your parents to do something for you, ask them for free chat!
Bye for now!


Hello everyone...
I'm here to report an interesting 'glitch'...
Everybody knows how you "can't teleport to a friend if they're in a minigame"...
Well, that's why I think it's an error.
One day, I was looking at some of my friend's player cards. I didn't take a picture, but it would have let me teleport to GEM BREAKER. I clicked it. I had to refresh the page because, well, it looked like AJ had crashed. Here's an example picture of what it looks like:
Interesting, huh?
Has anybody else been able to teleport into Gem Breaker or any other game because a friend was there? Has anybody had it work?
AJ EMOTE OF THE DAY: :confused:
Bye for now!
PS: What the AJ E-mote of the Day is is just an e-mote describing my current emotions. So, AKA, they're currently confused.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Party Procedures - For Next Time!

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to make a quick note.
The party last night went GREAT. It's just that there were some confusions.
So, here are a few tips that will make next time's party a bit better:

1. Come on chat during the party (if your parent(s) and/or guardian(s) will allow you. It's okay if you can't, it's just helpful for people without free chat).
2. Friend me if you want to, but TELL ME YOU READ WCC. I don't accept 90% of friend requests I don't recieve through Jam-A-Grams, because I'm not sure if you read WCC (this is stated in the buddy policy). If you want to friend me at a party, thus, tell me on chat who you are, or tell me on AJ you read WCC (if you can't come on chat).
3. Be Nice! If something happens, that you didn't like that you don't think I saw (example: someone called you on PC or PM (Private Chat or Private Message) a bad word), tell me! If it was not at the party, we'll settle it later! And don't worry, I'll take care of it!
4. Have Fun!

Bye for now!

First WCC Party that Kinda Worked!

Hello everyone!
The party was great!
We had about... maybe 10 people show up at the peak.
Here's a pic:
I'm on the left, lalakers24675 (one of Hjackler's other accounts. He was getting annoyed of having 300 people in his den when he would log on) is in the middle, and Key99 is on the end. Behind us (I think she was on BRB when we took the picture) is fun81. A few other people that showed up but weren't in this picture were:
And a few more. It was really awesome!
We started off in Appondale, like we said we would, and then we moved to Brady Barr's Lab, then the Mt. Shiveer pool, and then we went to Fuzzy's den just for the heck of it. Afterwards, we went to my den for the picture, and after that the party broke up.
It was really awesome!
BTW, just so that we know this... if you can, at the next party, EVERYONE should get on WCC chat. It'll make things more organized in terms of people without free chat, etc.
Bye for now!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Party Location

If you showed up for the WCC Party, we're still on Pecos, it's just that we're moving.
Check on chat for location updates! Currently we're in Brady Barr's Lab...
Bye for now!


I think, if you don't mind, that I'm going to turn the Weekly Poll into a Bi-Monthly Poll... AKA, once every two weeks. I'm just getting overloaded...
I think I will make the same type of revision with the contest... Monthly instead of Weekly. Although Weekly Contest Central... WCC...
Oh well. Anyway, remember: Party today (details below) and the first issue of the Chronicles of Escher is coming THIS FRIDAY...
Keep your eyes open for those!
Bye for now!

Party Time!

Just wanted to quickly say this:

2000 Hit / 2 Month Anniversary Party Details:
When: 5:00 CST
Where: Appondale
What Server: Draa/Pecos if full

Bye for now!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Newspaper Archive

Hello everyone!
I've decided to start making a 'newspaper archive' for most newspapers since whenever.
A page will be up soon. It has a lot of the newspapers, with several from Fuzzy Shyivy's Animal Jam Rush.
Bye for now!

Stay Safe... Stay Single!

Hello everyone...
I just witnessed a 'marriage', you could say.
Here are some pics:
Juniper says yes... then Little acts as the 'ceremonial person'.

Daredevil says yes...
And then Juniper says yes, after Little corrects him/herself. Little then says, 'You are now married'.
After the ceremonies, I decided to ask a question. My question was, 'What exactly HAPPENS after marriage?' I don't think I was specific enough, but the answers I got were, from Daredevil and Juniper, accordingly:
I'm not exactly sure what it's all about... but, I think, in most cases, it may involve sharing of personal information.
If you ARE married, please explain what happens in your relationship in a comment... I just want an 'average Joe' example. You can remain anonymous.
But if my theory is correct... well, what if the person you were married to wanted to kidnap you? It would be ten times easier after he 'aquired' (AKA stole) all of your personal information through a 'digital marriage', as I call them.
So, the Motto of the Day is:
Stay Safe... Stay Single!
Bye for now!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everything Non-members are Not Allowed to Do...

Hello everyone...
Here's just an interesting list of things that non-members are not able to do (just to show how much AJ wants us to pay money):

1. Have more than 2 animals.
2. Buy member clothing.
3. Wear member clothing.
4. Buy member den items.
5. Use member den items (have them in den).
6. Recieve Jam-A-Gram gifts.
7. Change clothing colors.
8. Become elephants.
9. Buy extra dens.
10. Use animated emoticons.
11. They can't have their den on the Epic Dens menu. - pony_luve10

If you know another thing non-members aren't allowed to do, comment. It will be added to the list, along with your name.
Bye for now!

Friday, April 15, 2011

WCC comes back online... with more news than EVER!

Hello everyone!
WCC is back online!
Anyway... look at some of the AWESOME STUFF!
For one, a NEW LAND, Appondale! I remember long ago on AJR when Funwow? said that the new land was going to be called Appondale, and that a few of her friends got 'trapped' in this 'sketch-like' (AKA black-and-white) area.
Second, a NEW ANIMAL! Looks like the elephants won the poll... the only problem is is that they're a 'rare' animal. AKA, only members can have them. EVER.
Soon the Game Guide will be updated with the new land (and if there are new shops in Appondale... I haven't been in it much).
Also, there is a NEW contest! First one to find all of the Easter eggs in Jamaa wins a prize (This contest is regulated by AJ and is not enforced on WCC... yet ;) )!
Again, if you have questions on the WCCNC topic, please ask them in the comments.
REMEMBER, on the 18th there is the two-month anniversary party... I think we should have it in Appondale! Post a time that works for you (as well as your time zone... click here to find out what yours is (US time only)) (@ Fuzzy and Slidoo: To secure this 'anti-war' pact, come to the party! It'll probably be just like some of the ones you used to throw!).
Also... NEW CODES!!!
Check out the Known Codes page (it will be updated shortly).
Bye for now!

Thursday, April 14, 2011



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Viewing Average... Growing Higher Daily!

Hello everyone!
Here is WCC's 'extended stats':

Total Hits: 2031 (Over 2000 hits before the 18th! PARTY TIME!!!)
Days Online: 53 (18th is two-month anniversary)
Hit Average (Hits/Days): 38 (remainder 17)

As you saw, two important dates are coming up: the 2000-hit party and the two-month anniversary.
How about we have the party on the anniversary?
Tell me what you think...
Bye for now!

WCCNC moves to a new topic...

WCCNC moves to a new topic.
The topic, now, is 'The Lands Before Your Time: AJ Before You Knew About AJ'.
AKA, ask any question in a comment about what happened BEFORE you were on AJ, and I will answer to the best of my ablility in a post.
How about that?
Bye for now!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Column Problems...

Hello everyone...
Sorry, but things aren't going to work out very well now...
Turns out that Google has been 'detecting unusual activity' on the columnist account.
What that means is that it's figured out that there are multiple people from all over the place using it... AKA, the columnists.
I have no idea how to fix this issue! Sorry for the problems!
Anyway, I guess you're just going to have to use your own. If you want to be a columnist on WCC, tell me your e-mail address (either by e-mailing me, which is more private, or on WCC if it doesn't show your real name). I will invite you to post afterwards.
When it lets you pick the name you want to use on your posts, please have it follow these criteria:
NOT your real name, for one.
Appropriate (no bad words).
Sorry about that!

EVEN MORE DIVERSITY... and Hit Parties!

Hello everyone!
I just checked the stats today, and I was, like, WOW.
Look at the stats!

United States:              1834
Canada:                     19
United Kingdom/England:     6
Ukraine:                    5
Argentina:                  4
Germany:                    3
United Arab Emirates (UAE): 2
Singapore:                  2

Isn't that NEAT?
Also, we've already gotten FAR over 1000 hits (almost 2000 hits), so how about a party soon?
Does anyone find it amazing that this site has gotten almost 2000 hits in only about two months?
If we can get 2000 hits before the 18th, how about another party?
Bye for now!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Banning is Bad!

Hello everyone...
I am here to give you a message...
Banning is Bad!
I never liked it when someone was banned on Fuzzy's chat. It's even worse experiencing it.
You can type messages on the main chat, but it won't post them!
Fuzzy took away free speech.
Fortunately, she didn't ban everyone... just me and Hjackler.
Another fortunate thing was that we could still PC (Private Chat) anyone on there... We just couldn't join in the main chat.
@ Mods:
Don't ban! If I find out that you've banned anyone, you will very well end up NOT a mod the next day*.
(* = It depends on the situation. If someone said a swear word or something like that... it's different.)
Since that's settled...
Bye for now! But before I go...
@ Fuzzy:
Go to the WCCNC's Top Stories page. Read the first posts on the list.
The theme change is in recognition of the official death of AJR.
Bye for now...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Info On Fuzzy Crisis

Hi everyone!I was on chat and Fuzzy was on it FINALLY!Woodswolf and Hjacker got Fuzzy to go on to WCC.Everyone was begging her not to quit.Well not EVERYONE...She said that Its her choice and her choice was to quit.We ALL tried to convince her into staying BUT she just ignored us!Then after a LONG LONG LONG time of begging she finally decided to ban woodswolf and Hjackler.Fuzzy was on a little after that.But not long.While she was still on I managed to ask her a few questions.I asked her why she was quitting she said that she was quitting because she was bored of AJ AND AJR.She said that people didn't recpect her posts.She said that everyone was posting bad... Then after that she left...She said it would be a releave to get off.Finally she made two new mods said that she had to go and then she left...Sadly...Fuzzy ShyIvy is gone for good...Because durning that chat...She said that she won't come back now...Why you may ask...Well..I still don't know...See you guys later!

Poll Results

Hello everyone!
Here are this week's poll results:

What do you think is the best way to try to convince Fuzzy to keep posting?
E-mail:                      1
Phone:                       4
AJR's Chat:                  2
Comments on AJR:             2
Comments on her other blogs: 0
DR or HDR:                   2
Spread awareness:            2
Mope and hope:               0

So apparently by phone was voted the best way.

The next poll is:
Do you approve of the new columnists?
Bye for now!

'Lovebirds'? and First Columnist!

Hello everyone...
I'm currently very 'weirded out' you could say...
Today I was attacked by two 'lovebirds'...
What are they?
They are people that follow you with one of these emoticons over their head (type them in the chat bar to see them):
Usually, 'lovebirds' are girls (you can tell because they wear pink, purple or other 'girly' colors and follow you around with those looks). Usually, if they look like that, they are a girl. Thing is, it doesn't work the other way around, with boys wearing dark colors. If you worked off of this rule, around 70% of all Jammers would be boys. Want an example?
I've only told a few people... but this is an 'exception'...
I'm a girl. I just like to have my animals have their 'natural colors'.
So... yeah.

Anyway, today we have our FIRST COLUMNIST!
I just told Lalakers24678 the password... he said he's going to write it today.
So, now everyone can look forward to Lalakers' new column! I don't know what it's about yet... it's a surprise. ;)
Bye for now!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello everyone...
You probably all know how I try to post at LEAST twice a day...
But... just so that you're aware...
Everyone is extremely busy, and so, thus, I can't do much this weekend.
So, I just wanted to make you aware of that...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello everyone!
I want to present yet ANOTHER new feature of WCC!!!
You know how in newspapers, no one writes the whole thing alone, and there's always some person assigned to a particular thing, such as writing the sports section.
Well... would anyone like to call me 'Boss'?
Yes! You heard me right!
All that you have to do is write a short little report about, for example, new things on AJ, once or twice a month. But you can pick any topic, like, for another example, secrets of AJ.
So... if you want this job... I can give you it.
If you want it, tell me a convenient time you can meet me on chat.
The chat time is needed to pass you the username and password for the Gmail account I'm going to make so that you can write your column.
Just comment!
Bye for now!

In memoir to Fuzzy... I present...

Hello everyone...
This is just another post on the Fuzzy Crisis...
But... everyone knows how Fuzzy is a good artist, right?
Well... if you've taken/are taking an art class (or some math classes...) you may have heard of M.C. Escher.
I think Fuzzy would be very satisfied with what I've put/am putting together...


The idea for this book came to me a long time ago... but now it has meaning.
It's about a junior artist probably around 14 or so (no, I'm not 14. I just usually like to write about characters either slightly older or younger than me...) who ends up trapped inside an 'imaginary world' and has to escape. The book is more specific than I am, currently...
But... If you guys want to have it as a 'periodical' (like the AJ newspaper: it only comes around once every two weeks. I would probably have a section out every other week opposite the weekend when AJ releases the Jamaa Journal) it could work. I don't have it finished yet, so that's why it would have to be a periodical.
So... If you think this would be a good thing for WCC, 'raise your hand' in a comment.
Bye for now!

Achiever Clan First Meet?

Hello everyone!
I was wondering... maybe it's time to get the next meeting of Achiever Clan ready?
If this time works for everyone... how about every other Saturday (starting next Saturday... the Saturday after this weekend) at around noon CST (check for your timezone...)?
Just comment if it works/doesn't work...
Bye for now!
PS: Read about the new page and the Fuzzy Crisis song tie-in below!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WCCNC's Top Stories

Hello everyone!
There is a new page!
Welcome to WCCNC (Woodswolf's Code Central News Central) HQ!
This is where you can find background and information links to our top stories as they happen.
Currently, what's hot is the Fuzzy Crisis.
So... If you are here for links to the Fuzzy Crisis stuff, click on the WCCNC's Top Stories page!
Bye for now!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More on the Fuzzy Crisis - Song Tie-In

Hello Jammers!
WCCNC has uncovered more information on the Fuzzy Crisis!

So, I recently discovered something...
I was listening to one of my favorite CDs... the Return to Never Land Original Soundtrack. Return to Never Land is a relatively 'new' Peter Pan movie (Copyright Walt Disney Animation Studios, 2002)(to those of you born after 2002: This movie is older than you, so it could be called an 'old' movie). Great film, with beautiful music. I was listening to my favorite song, called I'll Try (later in the movie there is also a reprise (a 'restatement' - the same song sung a slightly different way; slower, for example) of the song). As I was listening to it, I suddenly felt that this could tie-in to the Fuzzy Crisis...
Here are the lyrics (I took the citation directly out of the case):

I'll Try
Music and Lyrics by Jonatha Brooke
Copyright 2002 Walt Disney Music Company (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
 I am not a child now;
I can take care of myself.
I mustn't let them down now,
Mustn't let them see me cry.
I'm fine,
I'm fine.

I'm too tired to listen;
I'm too old to believe.
All these childish stories,
There is no such thing as faith,
and trust,
and pixie dust.

I try,
but it's so hard to believe.
I try,
but I can't see where you see.
I try,
I try,
I try.

My whole world is changing;
I don't know where to turn.
I can't leave you waiting,
but I can't stay and watch the city burn.
Ooh! watch it burn.

'Cuz I try,
but it's so hard to believe.
I try,
but I can't see where you see.
I try,
I try,
I try and try to understand
The distance in between.
The love I feel and the things I fear
And every single dream...

I can finally see it;
Now I have to believe.
All those precious stories.
How the world is made of faith,
and trust,
and pixie dust.

So I'll try,
'Cuz I finally believe.
I'll try,
'Cuz I can see where you see.
I'll try,
I'll try,
I will try,
I'll try,
to fly.

Some of you may be wondering, 'What does this have to do with the Fuzzy Crisis?'
Look closer. Like, microscope closer.
Here is my 'transposed' version:

I, Shyivy
Woodswolf's Version of I'll Try, based on Fuzzy Crisis
I have my own blog, see.
For the Jammers, and they praise!
I mustn't quit on them,
Even though I am tired.
It's fine,
It's fine.

I'm too tired, I am quitting,
I can't stand them, you see,
Bad comments I'm reading,
Sending sites, losing all,
losing all,
losing all.

I Shyivy,
I can't stand them, you see,
I Shyivy,
They annoy you and me,
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy,
I'm quitting.

The whole blog is changing.
No bad comments before,
I don't see the right answer,
Maybe I'll just quit my bore...
Quit my bore...

I Shyivy,
I can't stand them, you see,
I Shyivy,
They annoy you and me,
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy know that it
Might hurt my viewer's feelings.
But I'm left only with extremes,
Could quitting be my be?

But it's not over yet. If the prediction is right...

I finally see it.
My viewers love me.
They love my good posting,
About issues like these,
and these,
and these.

I Shyivy,
I now know and I see.
I Shyivy,
Know that those are not these.
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy,
I see.

She's going to come back! This is supported by Mod Hjackler's Theory as well!
Who knows?
Someone needs to show her the song(s) and the 'poem post' (AKA... the contents of the post titled @ Fuzzy Shyivy...).
We can only hope now...

Monday, April 4, 2011

This Week's New Stuff (4 days late...)

Hello everyone!
We have new stuff this week...
First off... we have a NEW trading system!
Unfortunately, this restricts non-members.
Also, now non-members can't change clothing colors!
Also, old items are coming back! The first non-member item to return is the Police Hat!
See ya round, Jammers!

338 hits in 4 DAYS...

Hello everyone!
Not only did WCC get it's 1,000th hit this weekend, but...
We also have 338 hits in 4 DAYS!!!
I think this is a record on WCC!
When should we PARTY?!
Well... bye for now, I guess!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Contest Winners, New Contest, and Mod Hjackler's Theory...

Hello everyone...
We have 2 contest winners! Thanks for everyone who entered!
They are:
Mod KING and Mod Hjackler!
So... soon I will get you your prizes... it's going to take a bit longer for yours, Hjackler...
The contest will be updated soon.

The new contest is going to be...
Any way is helpful! And this seems easy, but is really hard...
Go ahead and look at the ideas on the poll for tips.

Also, now we have a special about Mod Hjackler's Theory...
This is Mod Hjackler's Theory on Fuzzy Quitting...
According to him, he talked to Fuzzy about her quitting AJR before I did.
When he was talking with her, she said that she was 'getting bored of Animal Jam and wanted to have some fun'.
What he interprets that to mean is that Fuzzy is going to 'mess around' with her fans by 'quitting' and making them 'drag her out of retirement'...
If this is true, it sure is shocking!
Comment about this...

More Unfair Restrictions!

Hello everyone...
AJ is not being fair anymore!
Yesterday, I let someone borrow my glove for a bit, and they gave me a white police hat in return. The problem was that we did it through Jam-A-Grams.
What happened was that I couldn't recieve their white police hat! When I tried to open it, it showed me this message:
What happened was that I had to give away NON-MEMBER BAT WINGS, one of the RAREST items on AJ, away to get it back.

Moral of the story is: NEVER SEND JAM-A-GRAM GIFTS TO NON-MEMBERS!!!!! ALWAYS TRADE (even for temporary things)!!!
Bye for now!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Rares than Ever...

Hello everyone...
A few minutes ago, I made an interesting discovery...
AJ is making the membership even better... which is bad for us non-members!
Only members can change item colors now!
Do you know what that means?
It means that if you had a color that 'wasn't on the front page' or 'wasn't the main color'... it's a RARE!
Proof in the form of pictures:
I think it's unfair. What about you guys?
Bye... but again:
If you came here to find out info about the Fuzzy Crisis, you came to the right place. Scroll down a bit to see the whole story (around 6 posts).
See you at the party!


The hit party is TODAY at 7:00 CST (or about 15 min. from when I posted this).
Be on chat and on AJ in my den on Pecos.
See you there!

Poll Results

Hello everyone...
Here are the poll results!

Q: Should we save Woodswolf's RPG and make it an Animal Jam clan (of sorts)?
Yes:      8
Probably: 1
Not sure: 2
Maybe:    0
No:       2

So I guess Woodswolf's RPG can live another day!

Also, the new poll is:
What do you think is the best way to try to convince Fuzzy to keep posting?

Bye for now... but here's a NTN: (Notice To Newcomers)
Read the posts below for information on the Fuzzy Crisis. Thanks for your cooperation.


Hello everyone... sorry, but I was busy last night...
Now, time to announce mods!

Duh duh duh duh duh duh, duh DA!!!
Name (Mod Name)
Key99 (Key99)
lalakers24678 (Hjackler)
KingChris1788 (KING)
wolves are awesome (???? - comment your desired mod name)
Darling Snowypaw (???? - comment your desired mod name)

Bye for now! But before I go...
Newcomers to WCC who have not heard about the 'Fuzzy Crisis', read all of the posts below. Thanks!