Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More on the Fuzzy Crisis - Song Tie-In

Hello Jammers!
WCCNC has uncovered more information on the Fuzzy Crisis!

So, I recently discovered something...
I was listening to one of my favorite CDs... the Return to Never Land Original Soundtrack. Return to Never Land is a relatively 'new' Peter Pan movie (Copyright Walt Disney Animation Studios, 2002)(to those of you born after 2002: This movie is older than you, so it could be called an 'old' movie). Great film, with beautiful music. I was listening to my favorite song, called I'll Try (later in the movie there is also a reprise (a 'restatement' - the same song sung a slightly different way; slower, for example) of the song). As I was listening to it, I suddenly felt that this could tie-in to the Fuzzy Crisis...
Here are the lyrics (I took the citation directly out of the case):

I'll Try
Music and Lyrics by Jonatha Brooke
Copyright 2002 Walt Disney Music Company (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
 I am not a child now;
I can take care of myself.
I mustn't let them down now,
Mustn't let them see me cry.
I'm fine,
I'm fine.

I'm too tired to listen;
I'm too old to believe.
All these childish stories,
There is no such thing as faith,
and trust,
and pixie dust.

I try,
but it's so hard to believe.
I try,
but I can't see where you see.
I try,
I try,
I try.

My whole world is changing;
I don't know where to turn.
I can't leave you waiting,
but I can't stay and watch the city burn.
Ooh! watch it burn.

'Cuz I try,
but it's so hard to believe.
I try,
but I can't see where you see.
I try,
I try,
I try and try to understand
The distance in between.
The love I feel and the things I fear
And every single dream...

I can finally see it;
Now I have to believe.
All those precious stories.
How the world is made of faith,
and trust,
and pixie dust.

So I'll try,
'Cuz I finally believe.
I'll try,
'Cuz I can see where you see.
I'll try,
I'll try,
I will try,
I'll try,
to fly.

Some of you may be wondering, 'What does this have to do with the Fuzzy Crisis?'
Look closer. Like, microscope closer.
Here is my 'transposed' version:

I, Shyivy
Woodswolf's Version of I'll Try, based on Fuzzy Crisis
I have my own blog, see.
For the Jammers, and they praise!
I mustn't quit on them,
Even though I am tired.
It's fine,
It's fine.

I'm too tired, I am quitting,
I can't stand them, you see,
Bad comments I'm reading,
Sending sites, losing all,
losing all,
losing all.

I Shyivy,
I can't stand them, you see,
I Shyivy,
They annoy you and me,
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy,
I'm quitting.

The whole blog is changing.
No bad comments before,
I don't see the right answer,
Maybe I'll just quit my bore...
Quit my bore...

I Shyivy,
I can't stand them, you see,
I Shyivy,
They annoy you and me,
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy know that it
Might hurt my viewer's feelings.
But I'm left only with extremes,
Could quitting be my be?

But it's not over yet. If the prediction is right...

I finally see it.
My viewers love me.
They love my good posting,
About issues like these,
and these,
and these.

I Shyivy,
I now know and I see.
I Shyivy,
Know that those are not these.
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy,
I Shyivy,
I see.

She's going to come back! This is supported by Mod Hjackler's Theory as well!
Who knows?
Someone needs to show her the song(s) and the 'poem post' (AKA... the contents of the post titled @ Fuzzy Shyivy...).
We can only hope now...


  1. hope she does........

  2. Awesome tie in! I hope she does xD
    We just gotta keep trying
    WCC MOD:

  3. bunnylove3April 06, 2011

    ikr someone should send her that!

  4. WCC Mod DarlingApril 06, 2011

    We should SOOO send her the song!Mabye she WILL come back!I hope...I mean she doesn't seem like she will.BUT KEEP UR FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!

  5. @ Everyone:
    Yes, I totally agree that we need to send Fuzzy that! I think it should be added to the List of Meaningful Things, AKA:

    AJR's Obituary
    the @ Fuzzy Shyivy... 'poetry'

    So... like Darling said... Fingers crossed!


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