Monday, April 25, 2011

Chronicles of Escher Schedule Design... and Friends List Issues...

Hello everyone!
Check out the post below about the movie!
But anyway, I think I'm going to re-design the schedule...
I think I'll make it every Friday instead of every other Friday...
Do you like that, or should I make a different schedule?
Also, I've been getting lots of friends on AJ that I don't think view WCC. If you do view this site, please comment, PC me on chat (Private Chat), or tell me on AJ when I'm online. Seriously, it's almost as if I need to get a bodyguard to guard my friends list.
Maybe I should get one, somehow...
Anyways, WCC HQ always needs 'order' if you know what I mean...
Bye for now!


  1. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 25, 2011

    Got it woodswolf :):):)

  2. can't have ANY friends that don't look at your site, sounds a slight bit greedy.

  3. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 25, 2011

    Fuzzy im warning you!!! Your psuhing it. Stop or frogopia is toast. and the reason she dosnt want to have friends that dont read wcc is because she wants to save her friend slots for poeple who actually read wcc. If you werent so stupid you would realize that. shut up and stop being mean to my best friend

  4. @ 'Oopsy':
    Did you see one of my other posts, Fuzzy? Titled @ 'Oopsy'?
    Yeah. Listen to it.
    And the reason I don't do that is so that my friends list can have decent order. If yours was full of random people you didn't know, would you be happy?
    @ Hjackler:
    So, for the Chronicles of Escher Schedule Design... does that work?
    Also, I might be able to make you one. A Gmail, I mean.

  5. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 25, 2011

    Yeah it worked great :) its awesome and thank you

  6. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 25, 2011

    ok woodswolf ill start right away after lunch im bustin this thing

  7. @ Hjackler:
    Thanks. I'll keep it that way, then.

  8. Wcc mod: HjacklerApril 25, 2011

    Thanks for trying and making me and email woodswolf! :P

  9. bunnylove3April 25, 2011

    yes the new design is great! but i think that you should have a separate tab for the story though. like.. some viewers come on to get animal jam cheats a tips and codes from here. so you should keep it that way because well.. no offence.. this is a animal jam blog and it should stay that way you know? and u if you want extra fun stuff like your awesome story you can make another tab for it. and post it there. would that be more convenient? sorry im not trying to be rude or mean im just suggesting!!

  10. @ bunnylove:
    I know. That's what it is, and I was thinking about making a page for it anyway. Now I have viewer support, so that's what I'll do.


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