Monday, April 4, 2011

338 hits in 4 DAYS...

Hello everyone!
Not only did WCC get it's 1,000th hit this weekend, but...
We also have 338 hits in 4 DAYS!!!
I think this is a record on WCC!
When should we PARTY?!
Well... bye for now, I guess!


  1. bunnylove3April 05, 2011

    does a hit mean vist?

  2. Yes bunnylove A hit Means evrey time someone Visits wcc it makes a count of how many people visit the site xD Hope i helped
    WCC Mod:

  3. bunnylove3April 05, 2011

    ok thanks!!!thats what i thought ^.^

  4. Thanks, Hjackler! That explains it well...
    But here's an extra fact. Hits are NOT unique views. The difference is that a hit is one visit, while a unique view is one visitor. If your IP adress (technical term: your computer's online 'home') changes, that's another unique view, but you're the same visitor! Thus, it's very hard to be able to EXACTLY calculate unique views.


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