Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poll Results

Hello everyone...
Here are the poll results!

Q: Should we save Woodswolf's RPG and make it an Animal Jam clan (of sorts)?
Yes:      8
Probably: 1
Not sure: 2
Maybe:    0
No:       2

So I guess Woodswolf's RPG can live another day!

Also, the new poll is:
What do you think is the best way to try to convince Fuzzy to keep posting?

Bye for now... but here's a NTN: (Notice To Newcomers)
Read the posts below for information on the Fuzzy Crisis. Thanks for your cooperation.


  1. bunnylove3April 02, 2011

    see the holes? they could be portals to lands like the new one in crystal sands to shiveer. if u go to all the places where the holes are, most of them are covered with rocks and stuff...u prob already kno this tho u kno a ton more than me on this game.

  2. bunnylove3April 02, 2011

    i kno i keep sayin this :p well just check em out (the pic i mean) idk where i saw the plains pic i think in a magizine o well ill tell u if i find it

  3. bunnylove3April 02, 2011

    what does rpg stand 4?

  4. @ bunnylove3:
    You know, you're right about that! I have my own theories about where some of those places go... some go to buildings, like the small hut in Sarepia, while others go to lands, such as 'Appondale' as it is called by many...
    I think that the small hut in Sarepia could actually be a members-only building (this is explained in some of the most ancient posts on AJR).
    Also, RPG stands for Role-Playing Game. For example, Animal Jam is actually an MMORPG, which means Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. That means that it's a game where lots of players can 'act' together (you aren't really your animal, in the literal sense. You're just 'acting' as it).

  5. bunnylove3April 03, 2011

    good too know thanks!
    and i always wondered what was in the hut. . .


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