Monday, April 30, 2012

Animal Jam World Name meanings

Animal jam... yes we log on almost every day. We see the new loading screen and then choose a world. You often just glance over the worlds, not paying attention to their meanings. What exactly do the worlds names actually mean? Well i did some research on most of the names. Here is what i found out...

Aldan: A river in Siberia
Tigress: A female tiger (and Tigris is a river in Mesopotamia)
Danube: River in central Europe
Congo: River in Africa (deepest river in the world!)
Grande: Spanish word for big (Rio Grande is a river on the border of Texas and Mexico.)
Nile: River in Africa (longest river in the world!)
Belaya: River in Russia
Gila: A lizard called the Gila lizard (and a river in Colorado)
Chimbu: Is a river in the Simbu Provice of Papua New Guinea.
Zambezi: A river in Zambia, Africa.
Draa: A large sand dune (yay finally not a river!)
Kama: River in Europe (Also Indian god of Love)
Pecos: River in Mexico (Aw another river?)
Ramu: A river in Papua New Guinea.
Elbe: A river in central Europe
Ganges: River in India (also known as the Ganga river)
 Amur: River in Asia (this is way too many rivers -.-)
Asaro: Last name of the famous painter, John Asaro
Bakoy: River in west Africa
Sawtooth: A type of wave
Desna: River in Russia
Kilimanjaro: volcanic mountian in tanzania
Cimarron: river in new mexico
 Himilaya: mountian range in India
Atlas: A collection of maps or charts
Culgoa: River in europe
Wasatch: A part of the rocky mountians
Sierra nevada: A mountian range in spain
Alps: mountian range in europe
Comet: A shooting star
Flint: A kind of stone (also a river in America)
Burke: River in Europe
Bremer: River in europe
Calle : River in chili (spanish word for street)
Brazos: River in new mexico
Drava: River in austria

Well that is boring! They are mostly named after rivers! Hmm... why would worlds of a mythical place be named after rivers on Earth? Anyways, comment and tell me what you think!

Keep on Jammin'!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Week's New Items (Updated 4/29)

Hello everyone!
Here's this week's new items!
(OMSA = Only Member Stuff Added)

Pet Den Item Shop (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)

That's it for now!
Bye for now!


I see you have some non member batwings. im prepared to trade you 2 gloves. a red one and a  creme one and mabey even a gree one.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Giraffes Are Coming!

We have all heard that giraffes will be coming to animal jam! What will they look like??? I looked all around and found some giraffes around Jamma, take a look!

And here is a picture of a horse dressed up like a giraffe =)

Remember the giraffe that used to walk around in the background of Appondale? It has mysteriously disappeared! They probobly removed it when the made the journey book for Appondale.
So what do you think? Are you excited they are making a new animal?

Keep on Jammin'


I have a triva page. YAAY
How do i post there?
I Know im lame.
But THank You for Ur help

Friday, April 27, 2012

This Week's New Stuff: The Code Spells 'GIRAFFE'!

Hello everyone!
Sorry this is late, but it's here now! I forgot that yesterday was the update Thursday...
Anyway, there's a lot of new stuff!
First thing, there's a new pet game, SSSSSNAKE, where you play as your snake pet and try to eat as many mice as possible.
Second thing, there's now a ocean version of Best Dressed.
Third, there's a new party. It's called Spooky Party, and apparently it sells halloween items.
New Journey Book page for Appondale... some sort of pet tree?
Monthly Membership gift is Phantom Invasion...
The contest winner was Miss Cleverclaw...
The code it mentions in there? It's a word scramble. It spells 'Giraffe'. Giraffes are coming soon. Probably for members only, but whatever. It's something to replace monkeys.
Now it's time for OMSA!
Pet Den Item Shop (OMSA)
Epic Wonders - Clothing (OMSA)
Jam Mart Furniture
I think that's it!
Bye for now!
PS: I also got an e-mail that there's a HUGE BLB update! I'll be on that later!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

what is this!?!?

A dolphin in Jamma?
What went wrong :|

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Week's New Items (Updated 4/24/12)

Hello everyone!
Well, here's where you can find this week's new items!
(OMSA) = Only Member Stuff Added
(C) = Items in this store are going on clearance (This option is only marked on the first day of new items, as all items marked 'Clearance' will be out of stores by the next newspaper)

Jam Mart Clothing (C)
Epic Wonders - Den Section (OMSA)
Pet Den Item Shop (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (C)
Bahari Bargains (C)
Jam Mart Furniture (C)

Pet Den Item Shop (OMSA)
Epic Wonders - Den Section (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
Note: Once again, nothing new in Jam Mart Clothing or Jam Mart Furniture... hmm...

Bahari Bargains (OMSA)
Jam Mart Furniture (OMSA)

Sunken Treasures (OMSA)

Jam Mart Clothing (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)

Epic Wonders - Den Section (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)

That's it for now!
Bye for now!

Monday, April 23, 2012

RIM: Rare Spiked Hair

Hello everyone!
Well, this week's RIM (Rare Item Monday) item is Rare Spiked Hair! (on TDE)
The best part about the item is that it comes in a color that you can't even wear!
Well, it's not exactly the best, as it means it won't go with anything, but whatever! XP
Anyway, take a look at my wolf on my other AJ account (I might use it for roleplaying later). You're awesome if you can identify the anime character that I've based him off of.

Bye for now!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I know I havnot posted for EVER but I'm banned from things to do with AJ. Please take me off the author list. You're awesome Woodswolf.

Woodswolf Says:
I can do so.
Thank you for writing here on WCC while you could.
It's been fun. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FH Map Contest!

Hello everyone!
Well, the people at FH are starting a map-making contest! I think this will be a really fun thing for us FH players to do in our free time.
You can go to the above link to check out the rules, how it will be judged, and how to submit your entry.
Best of luck, map-makers!
UPDATE: Maps are due on April 30th!
Bye for now!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rare Item Monday: Rare Jolly Elf Hat

Hello everyone!
Well, I wouldn't exactly say that this article on TDE holds truth for me, but that's today's rare item!
Rare Jolly Elf Hats are for members-only.
Bye for now!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Zios glich for Awesome Tinygirl

Ok. For tiny im making this post about how to get onto zios.

1st. Stand right about here.

2nd.Click here
Then here REALLY fast!
And then.....
By: Wolvves are awesome

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Interesting Reference at the Wolves Only Party

Hello everyone!
Well, I found something interesting at the Wolves Only party today. I always knew it was there, but didn't realize the symbolism...
You know the Shamans most likely. Especially from that quiz I posted a while ago.
Now, while we no longer have access to the Shaman bios, we still have what is left from the Personality Test.
Let's consider this picture:
Okay, so it's a wolf statue staring at a trapped phantom.
What was one of the options for Question 5 on the Personality Test?

5. If you saw a phantom, what would you do?
A. Go for the kill!
B. Ignore it.
C. Try to trap and study it.
D. Tell someone after you've eaten.
E. Run around Jamaa telling everyone!
F. Try to scare it off with loud noises.
Isn't that interesting? It's a vague reference to Greely hidden in the Wolves Only party!
Bye for now!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk? (AKA: This Week's Updates!)

Hello everyone!
Well, there was a lot of new stuff. Specifically, a new party (Atlantis Party) and a new pet (the highly-requested bunnies, so now they can get in on the having-babies thing, too).
Other things of mention include the Writing Desk (Alice in Wonderland is awesome, people):
There's also another pet game, Ducky Dash. They said a long time ago on the membership page that there would be members-only minigames... *sigh*
There's also a new Den Item contest, so draw up your desired den item and hope for the best.
I don't think there's really much else, except for the fact that some stores will be 'closing'.
What do I mean, exactly? Well, these stores haven't released anything for a while, and probably won't for a good time yet. The stores on this list are:
Epic Wonders - they might be trying to get a whole bunch of items in stock, but I don't know.
Flag Shop - All of the flags of the world have been posted. Until they come up with more 'fictional' flags or a new nation is born, the Flag Shop will not post items.
Shiveer Shoppe - It only really posts items in winter and around holidays (Halloween is the only one I can remember that it posted for). It's gonna be dead until around October now (or later).
Museum Den Shop - Until a new land animal is made (it could be land and ocean or just land), this shop will not post items.
I think that's it... but here's OMSA for the shops (Just two today):
Jam Mart Furniture (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (OMSA) (The writing desk, seen above)
Bye for now!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This Week's New Items (Updated 4/10/2012)

Hello everyone!
Let's get this!

Jam Mart Clothing
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
Jam Mart Furniture (OMSA)

Note: Sorry I'm so late with this; it's just been a busy week. By the way, Millicy, since you kept nagging me about it, I've applied for a RP XD
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
Jam Mart Furniture
Bahari Bargains (OMSA)
Note 2: Not much new five days later, eh? :P

Jam Mart Furniture (OMSA)

Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
Note: Not very many new items have been being added recently, eh? Or is it just one item a day? Huh...

Sunken Treasures (OMSA)

That's it, I think!
Bye for now!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Rare Item Monday

Hello everyone!
Well, today I proved my theory that they're only releasing one item a day now. Sometimes, though, we got more than one item, so maybe, just maybe, they're working on something big, like a new land or animal, and they're doing it in secret under the light of candles off in a shack in some deep woods so that no one will know.
Anyway, today's RIM item is a Rare Wizard Hat, able to be found on the fifth page of Jam Mart Clothing.
Bye for now!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


If you think this is good please  comment.
I took the pic on scratch so noth a very good picture.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Special Feature:

Hello everyone!
Well, last September, I received a few e-mails from someone (I can't remember if I shared them with you... hmm...?) about someone working to create a new online 'game'.
Well, she just told me yesterday that the site is done now! Meet!
This, actually, is a 'game' that your parents would probably be more interested than most of you would!
The reason for that is the same reason that I've been using quotes around the word 'game': this actually serves as an app to help with weight loss.
You're thinking, "WHA? HOW CAN THIS BE?"
It's actually really interesting how it works. What happens is that as you complete workouts and eat certain good foods, you get badges for the displaying and points for leveling up. The higher your level, the more drawings you can be entered in for coupons to buy more healthy foods, etc. and other things.
So thus, you can lose ten pounds and pretend that you were just playing Dungeons and Dragons the whole time.
(I'm trying to keep track of three tabs at once again. Not working too well. XD)
I personally think that this will be really useful. I knew some people who were on SparkPeople a while ago (another weight-loss website) that eventually quit because it wasn't working very well for them.
The fun thing about this site is that you get to actually use those points and win things you could use: a new coupon, or a reusable bag for shopping, for example.
This site will probably help lots of people, so I decided to release it out here for our 50000-hits-a-year to take advantage of it.
Comment! What do you think? Anyone is welcome to :)
Bye for now!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

bad news

this girl reported me fore not letting me scam her and she told lies, she said i was a scammer, bully, and said the a word? when i didnt she told it 2 a monitor. her user is chrissylove3640 if im banned blame it on her. :(


Monday, April 2, 2012

Horse party

Here are some pictures for the horse party. I know the non-members can't go... so this is what it looks like if you were curious!

Oh and here is today's rare item!

Keep on Jammin'

Sunday, April 1, 2012

C r e e p y . . .

Hello everyone!
For those of you who haven't seen my post about my Amazing Day!, how about you go read that first? XD
Anyway, I just got a really creepy Jam-A-Gram today. It's not actually the Jam-A-Gram that's creepy, it's who sent it.
Take a look:
First, here's my buddy card for reference, taken from a backup 'safe' account I am not releasing the name of:
 Now here's the imposter and the strange Jam-A-Gram they sent me:
No, this is not me messing around. How do you know? Because you can't send mail to yourself, and I haven't tried to duplicate my username.
So. This creeped me out. The only difference between me and him/her is our secondary color, and the fact that s/he doesn't have my clothes.
Now, it's not that I don't like adoring fans, but I don't like copiers. It's not fair or fun for the other people.
Anyway, I don't know what to say for this...
Bye for now!
They now have my seal, and sent an almost duplicate card with a 'Sturdy Table' attached to it:
 I don't think this is anything to panic over, but if they do get any more agressive... I don't know.
The Jam-A-Gram was received when I was offline, I know that. And then they got offline right afterward.
Turns out, me, millicy, and Roxy648 all received similar Jam-A-Grams from our imposters: WoIfoftheWoods, mIIIIcy, and R0xy648.
Here are the Jam-A-Grams and different shots of the sender's profiles:
My guess is that the imposter is leaving some sort of 'hints' in the messages we have received.
Attached to all the Jam-A-Grams was a 'Sturdy Table' - the starter item you get with new accounts.
Not sure what to make of it, though... hmm...

Amazing Day!

Hello everyone!
I had the most AMAZING DAY today! Believe me, you have NO IDEA how much fun I had!
My day started when I got to school (it was a film festival - I didn't get to watch any of the stuff, but whatever) only to find some science professor guy who looked a lot like Albert Einstein setting up some sort of machine in the gym. I walked over to him and asked him what it was, and he said it was a WORMHOLE GENERATOR that could create tunnels to other universes, and that he was going to demonstrate it to whoever was there at 9:00.
When he said that he just needed to give it a few tests before it would be ready, I volunteered to test it out for him. He said that it would probably be okay, and told me to think of a place to go on Earth, like a spot a few feet away.
I didn’t want to do that, though – that was BORING – so when he turned it on, I thought of the square in Jamaa Township, and I ACTUALLY WENT THERE!
The problem was, three seconds after I got to Jamaa, the portal closed, and I was stuck. As I tried to think of a way out of there, I thought of my wolf, Mythical Vinespirit. All of a sudden, I disappeared, and a few seconds later, I was my wolf!
I just ran around Jamaa Township for a little while after that, getting weird looks from the other animals, and eventually decided to go to Sarepia Forest, as I’d always wanted to go there. When I got there, I climbed up the tree with the board-stairs on it and slid down the slide multiple times. When I got bored of that, I went to Sarepia Theater, got some popcorn, and ran inside the theater. I must have sung along with the Gecko Song almost 50 times!
When I got bored of singing in the theater, I walked outside only to find GREELY, the amazing WOLF SHAMAN, talking with a bunch of other animals. I listened to him talk for a little while (it’s amazing the way his ruby-eye glints when he moves) before he disappeared in a puff of black smoke. It was AWESOME!
Then I decided to go to Mt. Shiveer. It was really cold – I was really happy to have my wolf-fur keeping me warm – but I decided to do my Spirit Dance on the top of the mountain.
When I finished my Spirit Dance, I was still cold, so I cut through the tunnel to Crystal Sands and swam in the warm ocean water for a little while. After I got warm, I got out of the water and decided to go look at Dr. Tierney’s lab and play with the stingrays in the touch pool.
To find some relief from all the stings, I decided to try to turn into my seal by thinking of it, and it worked. After that, I dove down into Kani Cove from Dr. Tierney’s place.
You have no idea how cool the ship looks! I basically swam around in there for a little while, trying to look for treasure (I decided to NOT look in the barrel with the sea snake).
When I couldn’t find any old pirate treasure, I decided to go to Deep Blue, where, lo and behold, was the barrel of dubloons that I always saw when I played Animal Jam.
That was right about the point where I found out that I didn’t have any pockets.
After that disappointment, I swam down to the bottom of Deep Blue to find some pretty awesome undersea vents. They were really cool to watch.
When I got done watching the undersea vents spew their stuff, I decided to swim off to Crystal Reef. I could create a whole post on how beautiful this looked alone. So I’m not going to comment much on it.
After several hours of being transfixed by the colors and patterns, I decided that I had to move on. So I went to Bahari Bay. It wasn’t nearly as colorful there as it had been in Crystal Reef, but I didn’t really mind. I swam around there for a little while before deciding to return to the surface.
Once I got to the surface again, I changed back into my wolf. Thankfully, the stingray stings had disappeared, so I decided to walk through the Canyons Pathway to Coral Canyons.
The waterfall was the first thing I noticed – it was around forty feet tall! I sat down underneath it and laughed as I got all wet. When I got out from underneath it, I was soaked, but I didn’t really care. I climbed to the top of the archway and jumped on the bridge for a little while. Unfortunately, no one else was there, so the bridge didn’t break, but I could have cared less.
I decided to go to the Lost Temple of Zios next. I ran through Sarepia quickly to get there. Once I was there, I noticed that it was really hot – it was a rainforest, after all – and that the ruins were really old and all crumbly, almost like old cheese. I saw Graham running around and wished him the best of luck with the whole ‘endangerment’ situation before moving on to the Chamber of Knowledge.
I walked around in there, carefully examining all the ornate tapestries and old books. I tried jumping on the trapdoor in the corner (it was sealed from the underside – I couldn’t open it no matter what I tried) before moving on to the second room. There was a lot of cool stuff in there, too – I stared at the tapestry that had the golden Mira on it for a while, and looked at the model phantom underneath the glass case – and after I’d soaked up all of the knowledge about Jamaa I could bear, I left the Chamber and decided to go see Appondale before I would try to figure out a way back.
I cut through Jamaa Township and arrived in Appondale. The first thing I did was climb the tree to get out of the hot sun! After I realized that the shade alone wasn’t going to help me stay cool, I ran down the side of the tree and jumped in the mud until I was completely covered in the stuff.
After I was all muddy, I went inside the Animal Museum, only to find that they had air conditioning in there. I watched some movies on some of the animals before I walked outside and decided to go back to Jamaa Township.
Once I was there, I didn’t really know what to do. I’d done everything I wanted to, so I went up and talked to Mira’s statue. And it actually talked back!
You know what Mira said to me?
You really want to know?
You really really want to know?
You really really really want to know?
Mira said…

Bye for now!