Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello everyone!
Well, sorry this is a bit late, but here I am with this week's AJ update!
First thing on our plate are the new FOXES!
As expected, they're extremely adorable. And for members only. But whatever...
The second awesome thing this week is that TURTLE PETS will soon be coming for members! Well, it depends on whether or not they're cute, but they might be.

The third thing is the new PAINTING activity in the Coral Canyons Art Studio. Here's a picture:
So, anyway, here's a screenshot explaining all the tools and toolbars. Click on the picture to zoom - you'll need it.
1. This is the regular painting brush. Good for smooth curves, etc.
2. The Line tool. It allows you to draw perfectly straight lines, from point A to point B.
3. This is the Airbrush. It's a semi-transparent brush good for background effects.
4. The Box tool. It allows you to create boxes of any shape or size.
5. The Fill tool. It allows you to fill in spaces of any shape or size.
6. The Ellipse tool. It allows you to draw any ellipse or circle.
7. The Smudge tool. It allows you to smudge anything you've drawn.
8. The Triangle tool. It draws triangles of any shape and size.
9. This is the Color Picking Tab. Any color in the rainbow, you can get it.
10. This is the Size Tab. For the Paint, Line, Airbrush and Smudge tools, you can select any of six sizes of brush.
11. This is the Undo button. Just remember, though - it only stores the last action in memory. If you messed up two moves ago, in other words, you can't redo! Be careful with it!
12. This is the Print button. Click it and you can print your picture to hang on your wall or whatever you want to do.
Well, for my review of it, this is actually a really powerful paint program, up there with GIMP and Photoshop. Give it a Layers tool and a larger Undo capacity, and it's pretty much the AJ equvalent of GIMP.

The fourth thing is the new store, Den Depot! You can go to view and buy all the dens there.
The fifth thing is the new My Settings tab. It's a one-stop shop to check everything you need to.
You can check your current status on membership, lock or unlock your den, turn your sound on or off, and take a look at the handy dandy little messages screen.
The sixth thing is that over 50 MILLION GEMS have been donated to the Conservation Museum! When we reach 100 MILLION GEMS donated, MONKEYS will be re-released into Jamaa for ALL JAMMERS to play as again! Woohoo!
The last thing is that all of the Summer Carnival prizes are on sale - fifty percent off! It's a good time to shop!
Well, I think that's all of this week's major news reports!
Bye for now!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Animal Jam Update!

Hello everyone, this is Millicy with the Newest Update!
Okay first FOXES ARE HERE!

Foxes are here and they are the CUTEST ANIMAL IN ANIMAL JAM according to lots of people (and myself).
But apparently they are MEMBERS ONLY! (Awww D: )

So in other news… We have a new painting game in the Art studio:

You can draw ANYTHING now!
Just go to the Art studio and click the Easel.

Just click the button that looks like a gear

Now you can use MY SETTINGS to unlock/lock your den, turn sound on/off, see messages from AJHQ and if you’re a member check how long your Membership will last!
(And mine will last forever..? O.o EPIC GLITCH!)

Now for the people whose favorite animal is the monkey…

If Animal jam gets their goal of 100 MILLON DONATED GEMS then MONKEYS WILL COME BACK!

Now for the carnival news:



Now there is a new SHOP called: THE DEN SHOP

Witch I don’t see the point in…

And now THE FINAL!


Well it seems that’s it!
Bye for now and HAPPY JAMMING!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Important Notice Concerning Late Update of WCC

Hello everyone!
I am leaving for a vacation tonight. I will be gone for a week.
Thus, I will miss the AJ update, and I wanted to inform everyone ahead of time of this, and that I'll get on it as soon as I get back Tuesday morning.
Bye for now!

For mil?

Mil was like "TAKE A PICTURE OF ME" So i did and tolld her to face the screen
She is saying : " FACESCREEN"

Today's Rare Item Mon... Wait, What?

Hello everyone!
Well, I came on today to try to find out what the RIM (Rare Item Monday) for today was.
I have checked every shop - there's nothing there, in any shop, that has the signature 'Rare' tag on it.
Did AJ HQ forget to recolor something and sell it as a rare, or did they forget to put it up? I have no idea.
Well, bye for now!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hey guys, this is a picture i drew on DOODLE on chat, it took me mabey 45 seconds?
Then ther is Zecora from my little pony i drew on xat...it is colored

true or not?

is it just me or has this blog been falling apart? put what you think in a comment please.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Milicy AND Millicy

Turns out there IZ a milicy on aj XD
I was going over yotube videos when i noticed THIS:

More About Foxes!

Hello everyone!
AJ HQ has posted another silhouette of the fox animal on TDE!
Take a look!

Foxes Are Coming!

by , under Animals

A little while ago, a curious riddle appeared in the Jamaa Journal. The clues it offered were a bit tricky, but a lot of clever Jammers were able to figure out that the riddle was talking about a new animal that is coming to Jamaa.
It has now been confirmed that foxes will soon be the newest animal in Jamaa! These sly and clever creatures are sure to be favorites with Jammers, so keep your eyes open!

They look ADOWABLE (mis-spelling on purpose) from this angle. Now we can at least tell that the foxes will not be bipedal, too XD
Also, all around Jamaa, I've seen fox hats spike in popularity... EXTREMELY. I've seen people ONLY accept trades involving fox hats (where they recieve), in fact. It's crazy, but understandable.
Now, assuming that they're a non-member animal... I'm going to have to make a choice now... I hardly go underwater anyway, but still... eesh... this is going to be a hard choice...
You see, a long time ago, back in the early days of AJ, they actually had a poll for what animal would come out with Mt. Shiveer. The choices were the Arctic Fox, the Harp Seal, or the Polar Bear. It was a poll where you had to e-mail in your answers, and I did it. The harp seal, obviously, was selected, but I had voted for the Arctic Fox (as this was the time long before oceans, where I had two wolves and wanted more diversity among my animals).
I run deep with foxes. I've always wanted them in AJ... and now they're coming. Just a second...
Hmph. That only works with BLB, then. Bleh.
Bye for now!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Glitches with Fourth of July Party

Hello everyone!
Has anyone else been seriously glitching in the Freedom Party?
It's so laggy in there that each time I've had to escape to my den... even on a one-dot server (they call them worlds now, but whatever)!
So, here's some photos of my hilarious glitches I've gotten when I've escaped.
Aww! Well, I also had another one, showing a floating cotton candy with my penguin at an impossible distance away from it for proof, but I can't find it :(
So, instead, how about you look at this picture that I took in millicy's new Fantasy Castle den?
...You won't get it. But yeah, that's of me, funwow, millicy and cherrysm (she's the one that's glitching by the river up there). I'm the one that's all dressed up in red (obviously XD)
So, whatever.
Bye for now!

Happy Independence Day!

Hello everyone!
On this day in 1776, the United States of America (where AJ's servers live :D) gained its independence from England and became a new country.
Animal Jam already celebrated with yesterday's new updates! Hooray!
Bye for now!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July Update: Freedom Party, Map Shortcuts, New Den and More!

Hello everyone!
Well, AJ's gotten their Fourth of July update out already (they wouldn't want to have to publish it on the 4th; it's a mandatory day off in the US), so let's take a look!
First thing, there's the new FANTASY CASTLE DEN! It looks so amazingly awesomely epic! I want one, but I'm not a member... :(
The best part about that is that in a way, they brought back part of the awesome BETA dens! You know, the bridge that you would walk in on...?
*sigh* I loved those dens... those were the days...
Second thing, there's a new game! It's called Falling Phantoms, and what you do is avoid phantoms that are being hurled out of a volcano on balls of lava!
...I know, it doesn't make much sense. I don't get it either. Plain lava would have worked just fine.
Third thing: there's now these really epic MAP SHORTCUT BUTTONS! You've probably been able to see similar things on other games (Free Realms, for example; Tinkatolli is another one), but now AJ has it! Take a look!
And then with a simple click...
All the shops in Jamaa light up! Yay!
Click on the same filter again to make it go away, or click on the shop you want to go to to be instantly teleported there!
Third thing: Members can now have 200 clothing items in their inventories. You know, hardcore traders?
Fourth thing: There's now a Costume Corner in the Jamaa Journal where you can check out an epic Costume of the Week! Yay!
Thing is, only two of those things (the penguin and the moon necklace) are available to non-members... *sigh*
But either way, the picture looks epic.
Fifth thing: Blah blah... pet contest... blah blah... few weeks... blah blah blah... foxes are coming... blah blah... old news... bleh... bleh... bleh...
Sorry, had to check if anyone was bored XD
Another thing: there's also the new Freedom Party. It's got some remakes of the animal hats with 'Freedom' labels slapped on them, and then a few fireworks displays, but it's so laggy in there I couldn't get a picture. D:
By the way, before we go... does anyone else think the fox outline looks REALLY WEIRD???
When I first saw it, I thought the fox was actually BIPEDAL (standing on two feet, you know?). And it might actually be, although I can see what looks like the outline of three legs in the back there, like it's standing, or two legs per 'leg', like it's sitting, but I can't really tell. Can anyone make sense of my madness?
Well, I think that's it!
Bye for now!

Endless forest stuff O_O

Here are some photos i took =3
AM i the only one who thinks this is a gorilla crying?
Under water deer =3
DO you need medical attention? D: