Sunday, July 8, 2012

More About Foxes!

Hello everyone!
AJ HQ has posted another silhouette of the fox animal on TDE!
Take a look!

Foxes Are Coming!

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A little while ago, a curious riddle appeared in the Jamaa Journal. The clues it offered were a bit tricky, but a lot of clever Jammers were able to figure out that the riddle was talking about a new animal that is coming to Jamaa.
It has now been confirmed that foxes will soon be the newest animal in Jamaa! These sly and clever creatures are sure to be favorites with Jammers, so keep your eyes open!

They look ADOWABLE (mis-spelling on purpose) from this angle. Now we can at least tell that the foxes will not be bipedal, too XD
Also, all around Jamaa, I've seen fox hats spike in popularity... EXTREMELY. I've seen people ONLY accept trades involving fox hats (where they recieve), in fact. It's crazy, but understandable.
Now, assuming that they're a non-member animal... I'm going to have to make a choice now... I hardly go underwater anyway, but still... eesh... this is going to be a hard choice...
You see, a long time ago, back in the early days of AJ, they actually had a poll for what animal would come out with Mt. Shiveer. The choices were the Arctic Fox, the Harp Seal, or the Polar Bear. It was a poll where you had to e-mail in your answers, and I did it. The harp seal, obviously, was selected, but I had voted for the Arctic Fox (as this was the time long before oceans, where I had two wolves and wanted more diversity among my animals).
I run deep with foxes. I've always wanted them in AJ... and now they're coming. Just a second...
Hmph. That only works with BLB, then. Bleh.
Bye for now!


  1. Foxes are my favorite canines. :3


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