Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This will be written in french, then translated in english.

Où vas-tu? Nous fuis-tu? Tu es revenue; cependant, tu nous a quittée un fois encore. Mon esprit restera pour l'éternité dans cet endroit que je chéris tellement, que je ne quitterai sous aucun prétexte.
Ne nous quitte pas.
Faisons reflorir de magnifiquance ce central dont il est question de mourrir.
De mourrir de notre lâcheté.
De notre lâcheté de ne vouloir remonter aux cieux mais de rester dans les ombres.
Je ne t'oublierais jamais, c'est tou qui m'a ouvert l'œuil sur tellement de choses...
Tu m'as rapporté maintenant cette douleur que je n'ai pas encore écrite:
Ma sœur, ma chère sœur que je pensais tellement énervante, souffre du cancer.
Je ne voulais pas révéler ceci aux personnes que je ne connais pas.
Mais maintenant avec le deuil qui pèse sur ce site internet, ja l'ai révélé.
C'est tout.

I am litterally crying right now... Go to google translator to translate it. I don't feel like translating it...


Forever a Woods Hunter.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I mean, honestly, if you compare the articles per month that were written in, like, early 2012 and the ones now, there IS a difference...

Sorry lame post :P

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hello fellow WCC readers whom don't all play AJ.
I am MythCat2907, yes I know that you already know that but just in case you're wondering who wrote this post since this is a quite serious post... Anyways, have you noticed the price of being a member and the number of members playing Animal Jam? So a month's fee is around 5 $, sometimes less and sometimes more. And my guess is that there are about 3 M members or so playing AJ. So that makes around 15 MILLION DOLLARS. That- is a LOT of money. Okay so you might say "So? AJHQ has to pay a bunch of working guys." But that STILL is quite a lot... Oh I forgot that 0.05% for donation... BTW its like almost nothing. So, anyways, either AJHQ/Nat Geo is quite greedy, or they are in need of money, or both.
So, yeah... Thats all gamers and readers and feral hearters and jammers and what-ever-gamer-you-are!