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  1. Hello woods wolf!
    I had a crazy idea thaI could make a blog for you, to submit thier fan -fictions!
    Just a crazy Idea

  2. Nah, I'm fine. People can submit them here. :)
    I can really only focus on WCC anyway... I'm too overloaded otherwise!

  3. This is a story based on actual animal jam events in a story form. This is pretty much my clan life on animal jam. Its is like warriors (except with wolves) and set in animal jam (of course). I hope you enjoy it...

    The Legend of Dawn

    Chapter 1
    The Beginning...

    Whitekit sprang on her sister, Silverkit, as they played in the tall grass. Together they tumbled and tussled one another playfully. Whitekit clambered up a stone and called,
    “Watch this!” She leaped from the rock and pounced on Silverkit.
    “Hey no fair! I wasn't ready,” Silverkit yipped jokingly, “you will pay for that!”
    Whitekit called as she ran.“You will have to catch me first!”
    Together they ran until they began to get tired.
    Silverkit tagged Whitekit with a triumphant bark, “Ha, got ya that time!”
    Whitekit chased Silverkit this time, back to the clearing where their den was. Whitekit tagged Silverkit and leapt on her, causing her to stumble to the ground.
    Whitekit pinned Silverkit down and said, “I win!”
    Before she knew what happened, Silverkit bit into her fore-leg. At that same moment, Silverkit pushed up on Whitekit and flipped her over. In a flash Silverkit had her sister pinned down instead.
    “Ow, you bit too hard Silvie.” Whitekit said, “Where did you learn to do that?”
    Silverkit responded, “I made it up.”
    “You always win play fights.” Whitekit moaned. Whitekit was quiet, but smart. Her sister, on the other hand, always seemed to be talking about something. Also, Silverkit had always been stronger one while whitekit was more agile. Just then their Mother called, “Silverkit, Whitekit! Come on in, it is getting late.” Sure enough the setting sun was beginning to set. “Awww.” They both moaned in unison, “Yes Mother...”
    “I will race you back to the den!” Whitekit challenged.
    “Your on!” Silverkit replied.
    The pair of young wolves raced off to home as twinkling fireflies danced after them in the late evening.
    After their mother finished cleaning their dirty fur they settled beside her for the night. “Mommy, tell us a bedtime story, please?” Silverkit pleaded. “Alright, but just one.” their mother conceded.
    “Can you tell one about father?” Whitekit asked. A shadow fell over their mother's face and the mention of their father, as it always seemed to.
    Whitekit began tentatively, “I'm sorry you don't have to. I just thought...”
    “No,” her mother sighed, “It is okay. You two are almost 5 moons now. You are ready to know.”
    The sisters shifted somewhat uncomfortably, “What did she mean?” Whitekit thought. She knew that the other wolf families had fathers. She knew that our family was different, but she never really thought about it.
    “Back when I was still in the clan,” their mother began, “I was the medicine wolf and he was a warrior. We grew up together as friends. As we grew older, your father and I fell In love.”
    Silverkit made a face, “Ewww....”
    Whitekit replied wistfully, “I think it's romantic...”
    “His name was Whitestone.” She looked to Whitekit with a smile, “I named you after him.” Whitekit smiled back and their mother continued with the story, “I was the medicine wolf at the time. Pretty soon I was expecting kits, which is not allowed for a medicine wolf. We didn't really plan it, it just happened. We didn't know what to do. We were very loyal to the clan, but we know if we stayed they would punish us. Or even worse, harm the unborn kits. So after a lot of stressful nights and long, secret talks we decided to run away from the clan.”
    The sister's eyes both widened and their mother said, “Maybe you two aren't ready...”
    “No, no, we are!” Silverkit whimpered, “What happens next?”
    Their Mother said, “Well perhaps I will finish the story tomorrow night, it is late.”
    With that, the too sister curled up beside their mother. Before drifting into sleep's reprieve, Whitekit thought, “When I grow up, I want to be a Medicine Wolf just like Mommy....”


  4. Birds called above the treetops as morning approached. Soon early rays of light streamed through the den entrance. Whitekit opened her eyes sleepily to find her mother sitting at the den opening as she often did. The rosy light silhouetted her against the sky, making her grey fur gleam. Their mother usually left to hunt in the early hours of the morning before her kits awoke. Countless morning meals were spent talking and relaxing, watching the peaceful sunrise while preparing for the day to come. Many years later, White kit would continue this tradition and associate the dawn with these happy, peaceful times.

    Whitekit padded out to join her mother, letting her sister sleep a while longer. "Hi Mommy." Whitekit said with a yawn."
    "Good morning Sunshine." Her mother said with an affectionate lick.
    Whitekit looked around and ask, "Why didn't you bring back any food today? Is there any left?"
    Their Mother replied, "Of course, there is often plenty of food in greenleaf. But im not the one doing all the hunting today, you are."
    Whitekit's ears perked, "Me?" she said cautiously.
    "Yes, you and your sister. Since you are going to be 6 moons old soon, I want you to get a head start. After all, one day you must hunt for your selves. Yet i hope that one day you will join a clan."
    Whitekit wagged her tail excitedly, "Do you really think we are ready?"
    Her mother smiled, "I don't think, I know." At that moment Silverkit came out sleepily, "Hi."
    "Come on Silvie!" Whitekit said as she followed her mother into the trees.
    Silverkit looked confused, "...where are we going?" After Whitekit explained briefly, Silverkit giggled, "Yay a field trip!"

    Sunlight filtered through the treetops, dancing in patches on the forest floor. A slight breeze wove through the trees, cooling the humid summer air. The trio of wolves walked in the midst of towering, ancient trees while squirrels leapt from branch to branch. Their mother showed them how to find and follow certain tracks and smells, where prey made their homes, and how to stalk and attack prey. By around mid-day their mother said, “Its time to show you how it's done. Wait here and be quiet.” For a moment she stood nearly motionless; ears erect and sides steadily rising and falling. After a few heartbeats the she-wolf fell into a crouch. Her shoulder blades shifted with each soundless step as she glided toward her target. A plump vole foraged about, searching for it's next meal. Little did it know that another creature was looking to make it's next meal of it. The pup's mother suddenly sprang out and effortlessly dispatched the creature. Both kits watching in awe, then their mother said. “Would you like some?” They nodded but she continued, “Then you will have to hunt some on your own.” Whitekit licked her lips longingly as she watched her mother eat. “Hunger is the driving force of a hunt, use it to your advantage. It is all part of survival.”
    “I will go first!” Silverkit volunteered enthusiastically. She stood still, attempting to imitate her Mother's previous methods. It didn't last long, for she soon grew impatient and began sniffing around instead. Silverkit caught sight of a bird and shouted, “ I found one!” The bird soon flew out of reach at her boisterous outburst. Her mother came up beside her, “Don't worry, nobody gets it their first try.” Silverkit nodded and bounded into the forest again. Whitekit followed her sister, ready to try her luck at the prestigious skill. “Don't go to far,” Mother said, “we are not the only predators that hunt these forests.”

  5. Chapter 2 (part 2)
    (the above chapter is chapter 2 part 1)

    It wasn't long before Whitekit scented prey. It seemed as if she was so hungry, she could smell prey for a miles away. She fell into a clumsy crouch and followed the scent until it got stronger and stronger. Ever so slowly she crept from behind a tree while trying to keep her paw-steps slow and steady. A few tail lengths away a rabbit sat munching on some grass. Whitekit was sure that it could hear her thumping, nervous heartbeat, but it didn't seem to take notice. She prepared to spring, careful to remember her mother's patient instruction. The thrill on the hunt rose up inside her and adrenaline pulsed in her veins as she sprang. While in mid-stride the rabbit darted away with unexpected speed. But even more unexpected was that the young wolf closely followed. Whitekit hardly matched it's rapid, bounding stride. The furry creature wove in and out of the undergrowth, attempting to loose it's pursuer. Apparently the rabbit didn't expect a predator to be able to follow it. But Whitekit was small, and agile and fast from the countless games of tag. Whitekit saw the bunny dart under a row of bushes, so she followed, only to find it had vanished. “Where could it have gone?” She thought. The young wolf sniffed around, confused. The scent trail ended at the line of shrubbery, but there was no rabbit in sight. Then Whitekit spotted a small hole at the base of the bush. “Could the rabbit have slipped into it that quickly?” Small as she was, there was no way she could follow the rabbit down it's warren. Even if she could, it would be difficult to navigate unfamiliar tunnels and passageways. Just as she was about to give up, a faint rustle in the bushes to her right caught her attention. The rabbit had tried to fool her by slipping further down the hedge while the pursuer sat puzzled. Whitekit stealthily crept down the line of bushes, determined to succeed. She crashed though the hedge, startling the unsuspecting rabbit. There was a well worn path in the middle of the thicket, most likely from countless escapes from chases. As soon as the rabbit realized it's hiding spot was discovered it tried to escape, but it didn't get very far. Whitekit sprang after the rabbit, tackling it to the ground. As she pinned it she had a better look.
    The rabbit was a female with soft brown fur with lighter undersides. It's long, fluffy ears laid flat against it's skull in fear. One ear was pierced by large teeth marks. It's brown, pleading eyes were filled with fright. Whitekit felt sad for the little rabbit. It probably had hopes, dreams, and feelings just like she did. For all she knew the she-rabbit could have a mate and offspring. She never really imagined the strips of meat Mother brought back as living, breathing creatures. Whitekit slowly let the prey up and stood back. The rabbit seemed frightened and confused, but grateful. It looked at her for a moment, then bounded into the trees before Whitekit could change her mind.
    To her surprise, Mother came walking out toward her. “Have you been watching me the whole time?” Whitekit asked.
    Her mother replied, “Yes, well, half the time. Did you expect me to let you go wandering in Sarepia by yourselves?”
    Whitekit shrugged, “I guess not...”
    “You did very well today.”
    “Really?” Whitekit said, “But I didn't catch anything...”
    “You caught it but didn't kill it. It's good to have compassion, its something many great wolves lack.”
    Whitekit asked, “Since didn't catch anything does that mean I can't eat?”
    “Of course not,” her mother responded, “It's your first time, you can eat when we get back home. Come on lets go get Silverkit, she should be right over-..” She didn't get to finish because a scream broke the stillness of the forest. Whitekit felt dread sweep over her, she recognized the voice.
    Whitekit shouted “Silvie!!!” as both wolves races toward the direction of the scream....

  6. bunnylove3April 11, 2012

    Chapter 3 (part one)The calm before the stormSilverkit caught scent of the prey before she saw it. A young deer lay on the ground and she approached it, tentatively sniffing. It was soon apparent that the deer had died, perhaps a few hours ago. She felt sorry for the fawn, although she knew it was the way of life. Silverkit decided she would eat it, after all if she didn't another predator would. “Perhaps this isn't a coincidence, maybe it's a gift from Starclan” She thought, “Maybe I can bring it back to Mother and say I caught it myself.” But as she took a step forward her foot got snared in something. Before she knew it she was hanging upside-down by her back paw. The deer had been bait for a human trap. “Help!!!” Silverkit yelped desperately. It was her mother who came first. With hackles raised she burst into the clearing, snarling and ready to defend her pup. When she didn't see any immediate danger she calmed and came over to Silverkit. A rope was draped over a tree branch. One end was attached to Silverkit's paw with a knot and the other end was held to the ground with a stake. Soon Whitekit came stumbling after her mother and stood aghast at the sight of her sister suspended upside-down. Silverkit swayed precariously, trying to get free. Her mother mumbled something harshly about human contraptions as she yanked the stake out of the ground. The sudden release of the rope sent Silverkit to the ground with a thud.“Are you okay?” Whitekit said sniffing the rope. Silverkit nodded and shook her fur.“Your fortunate the Two-legs didn't come back.” Her mother said, “At least we have free food.”She dragged the deer for some time in case the humans came back. When it seemed like they were far enough away they stopped and their mother said, “Before we eat we must thank Starclan.” She paused then continued, “Thank you, Ancestors, for providing us with sustenance. Please allow this creature's soul to enter the Forests of Starclan. We are thankful for this creature's life and the energy it shall give us.” With that they began to eat their fill in silence.After they finished their mother said, “That is enough hunting for one day. Lets go home.”“When will we learn to fight Mommy?” Silverkit asked.“In due time.” she answered. The trio of wolves weren't walking long. Soon, they were already back at their den. Whitekit realized that they had gone in a large circle and admired her mother's navigation skills. “Can we go swimming Mother?” Silverkit asked.“I'm surprised you have energy left after today,” her mother responded, “but you may go ahead.”“Yay!” Silverkit squealed with delight as she jumped into the river. Whitekit lied down next to a large oak tree. Soon her mother laid down beside her and said, “If only your Father could see how big your getting.”Whitekit sighed, “I wish I could have met him.”“You will see him again in Starclan.”After a long silence Whitekit said, “I don't like waiting so long to be an apprentice or a warrior.”Her mother replied, “I know it's hard, every pup goes through that. But you know what? The most powerful warrior in the world is Patience. A little bit of patience and perseverance goes a long way. With patience comes wisdom and from wisdom comes respect. With respect you gain fortitude, and with fortitude and determination comes power. Remember this, Whitekit, and you will go far.” Whitekit began to wonder what came after power, but suddenly she got splashed with water.“Come on in Whitekit!” Silverkit giggled as she splashed her sister.She was reluctant at first but soon Whitekit followed her sister into the cool river. Whitekit splashed her sister back and soon were playing carelessly in the shallows. The water was cool and refreshing after a long day of hunting in the summer heat. This would be the last time for a long time whitekit would have fun.....and the last happy memory of her kit-hood.

  7. Chapter 3 (part TWO)

    After they had played for a while, dark storm clouds began to take over the sky. As thunder rolled in the distance their mother said, “Whitekit, Silverkit, its time to come in. A storm is coming!” Both kits followed their mother into the den as drops of rain began to fall. Soon the skies opened up and the ground was bombarded with large, frequent drops. The small family huddled together, sheltering from the rain. After a while Silverkit asked, “Mommy, can you please finish the story about you and Daddy?” Her mother agreed and said, “Well, after we decided we had to leave the clan we came up with a plan. We would each leave at different times so that there would be less chance of them suspecting our absence. I left early in the morning and he was supposed to leave in the middle of the night the next day. We were going to meet at the edge of the territory, but he never came. After a few days I went back to see if I could find him. When I sneaked by the camp there was only Thunderclan cats there. Then I realized Thunderclan had come the night he was going to leave and attacked camp.They killed every last of our cats... except they kept the kits to raise in their own evil ways.” Tears streamed down her muzzle, “But I suppose he died a noble death, fighting for his clan. Well, after that I was mourning for a long time, until you were both born. You are my little sunshines that reminded me I had a reason to live. I love you both.”“I love you too Mommy,” Silverkit replied. Whitekit didn't answer because she was already sound asleep.In the middle of the night a sound outside awakened Whitekit. Her mother stood up with ears pushed forward and hackles pricked up. “Mommy whats the matter?” Whitekit asked.“Hush little one,” she responded, “It's okay, it's just the wind.” She didn't sound very convincing and Whitekit still worried. In the corner of her eye Whitekit thought she saw a shadow outside. But when she looked she couldn't see anything. Lightning flashed, and for an instant she could see dark forms in the distance. She wasn't sure what she saw or if her eyes were just playing tricks on her. Their mother seemed to be listening for something, then suddenly her ears dropped. “Whitekit, Silverkit, get to the back of the den. Hurry!” She said in a hushed, urgent tone.Silverkit began “But wh-” but she didn't get to finish because her mother said, “I need you to stay right here, do you understand? The Phantoms are coming. You must be very still and very quiet. Im going to try and lead them away from here. I will be back I promise.”Her mother's last words echoed in her head as she left the den. Whitekit and Silverkit huddled together, trying not to whimper. The storm raged fiercely outside as they waited...and waited...Little did they know they would never see their mother again...TO BE CONTINUED....

  8. Bonus! Chapter 3 and a half
    The Wrath Of Phantoms

    When you close your eyes...they are watching. When you blink just for a second...they are there. You know that shadow you see in the corner of you eye?...Its is them, waiting...
    waiting...For a moment to strike. 
    You see, Phantoms aren't stupid. They are patient, always waiting for the precise moment. That is why for a long time, creatures of Jamaa thought they were legends. They creep into your mind, whisper things full of deceit and menace. Then they put thoughts in your mind. Just small ideas and notions at first. Then you begin to believe those thoughts are your own and you can't figure out what is true and what is not. Then they enter your nightmares and then your dreams....and then...every second of your lives. That is the point of no return when they take over your body and trap your soul. What exactly are these mysterious shadows of evil?
    Phantoms were once creatures just like us, heart, soul, body, mind and all. (although some debate they don't even have a heart because they are so cruel) They were called the Demon Dogs or the Hell Hounds in the Dark Days of the First Age. They were evil, canine creatures, 5 times bigger then a wolf and stronger then a Grizzly. They could live 1,000 years but they often died fighting. Most roamed alone, But there were terrible packs of them that ravenged the land, destroying all things good. Their dens were of bones and their packs had no real leader. The strongest of them would control the pack until he was killed by a stronger Hell Hound. Their pups would fight to the death hours after birth, and only the strongest pup would live. It was terrible, unimaginable horror in those days, until Mira came.
    Mira came down upon Jamaa from above. The accounts of that war have been long lost. But in the end Mira drove the Demon Dogs away, banishing them from Jamaa forevermore. She locked them away in the Core, never to return and wreak havoc.
    Until one day... (Dun dun dun!)
    The Hell Hounds paced in fury, planning their revenge. For a millennium they plotted and schemed and finally...they unleashed their plan. All the Hell Hounds (except for a few self absorbed ones) released their souls from their bodies and once again entered Jamaa. That is how they became Phantoms. They were virtually harmless and weak at first, just dark spirits roaming the land...
    They learned how to control the atmosphere and use it to their advantage. The Phantoms can “charge” themselves on lightning to make them even more powerful. When they attack they create a fierce thunderstorm, and sometimes even tornadoes. In the cover of darkness they come, or create a black fog. And when you realize black fog is impossible, it is too late....
    The Phantoms didn't want anybody to be happy if they weren't happy. They desired all things to be miserable. So they wanted to build up their empire again but this time they tried something different. Since they were just ghosts, they couldn't inflict any psychical harm. Instead they possessed wolves's bodies so that they could build up an army. The Phantoms wanted to gain power so that could get their revenge on Jamaa and Mira. 
    So they wait...
    and wait...
    and wait...
    And now their waiting is over. After countless centuries, they are ready to strike. And they have a target....

  9. Chapter 5 (part one)
    No Looking Back

    Whitekit ran through the forest, terrified. Something terrible was following her but she couldn't remember what it was. The trees seemed to close in on her, then all of a sudden they grabbed her and held her in place. She tried to scream, but a gnarly branch twisted around her neck. Thorny tree branches pulled at her in all directions, threatening to pull her apart. Phantoms came and surrounded her, blotting out any sunlight that was left. She knew all hope was gone. Whitekit squeezed her eyes shut and waited for the inevitable attack. But it never came...she woke up in a bright meadow with butterflies flying around bright wildflowers. Then suddenly her mother appeared next to her. Confused but relieved Whitekit said, “Mother! I thought you were dead!” and nuzzled into her soft fur.
    Her mother licked her and held her close, “Its okay sweetie, I will always be here for you.”
    “I love you Mommy.” Whitekit said.
    I love you too.” Her mother responded and then said, “I must go now.”
    “What, no, you cant leave me!” Whitekit cried.
    Her mother nuzzled her one last time, “Shh, It's okay. I'm not leaving you, we will be together soon in Starclan. I will be with you in your heart, don't ever forget that.”
    “No!!!” Whitekit called out. But it was to late, because in an instant her mother faded away and her last words lost in the wind.

  10. Chapter 5 (part 2)
    Whitekit woke up in the den as light streamed in through the opening. Her mother sat at the opening like she always did, but this time something wasn't right. After a moment everything flooded back, the storm, the Phantoms, Silverkit, Mother, and...where was she? She tried to get up but her legs wouldn't move. Whitekit began to panic as the figure at the entrance heard her stir and began to move toward her. Whitekit warned the stranger, “Don't take a step closer! Or I'll.. I'll...”
    “Well, well, what a kind greeting to give your rescuer.” The wolf said sarcastically.
    Whitekit paused, “What do you mean, 'rescuer'?” She was still skeptical that he could be dangerous.
    “Considering you would have been dead by now if I didn't happen upon you lying on the ground.” The mysterious wolf replied.
    “Well..thank you, sir for your hospitality, but I should be going. ” Whitekit said.
    He replied, “Not on those legs your not. Look, just let me help you and you will be fine.”
    “I don't need help.” Whitekit said as she started to drag herself out.
    “Alright that is long as you know where to find herbs in the middle of a snowstorm.”
    “What?” Whitekit said.
    “If you don't get something on that frostbite... its not going to be pretty.”
    “Fine, I will wait until the snow stops.” Whitekit said in determination.
    “It snows all year round here.” the wolf replied.
    “Where exactly is here?”
    The wolf responded,“Your not from around here are you?”
    “Obviously. And do you always answer questions with questions?” Whitekit asked.
    “Sorry,” the wolf answered, “I'm not used to talking to other wolves. This is Mt. Shiveer.” Whitekit looked outside at the falling snow, “Alright I will stay for a little while.”
    “I will be right back.” The wolf disappeared through the cave entrance and came back later with a bucket in his mouth.
    “What is that?” Whitekit asked.
    “Its a two-leg device used for holding things. I got some hot water from the hot springs.” he set it down carefully and said, “Get in.”
    “Its the only way to treat your frostbit, now get in.” Reluctantly Whitekit got in the bucket. The hot water covered her legs and almost reached her stomach. Her legs began to loose their numbness, but now she could feel the pain. After a while he said she could get out, and shivered as she touched the cold, cave floor again. “I don't want you to walk around on these legs for a few days, they need to heal.” He went to the back of the cave and returned a few moments later with something green in his mouth. The wolf put something on her legs, “What is that?”
    “This is a mixture of Comfrey root and Rasberry leaves. It will soothe your pain.”
    “Thank you.” Whitekit said, “Where did you learn to use herbs?”
    “I have studied medicine for many years. I became a loner to get away from all the war and to study and live in peace.”
    “Could you teach me?”
    He smiled, “Perhaps...if you stay long enough.”
    “Who are you?” Whitekit asked.
    The wolf answered “My name is Zephyr.” Zephyr was a dark grey wolf. He seemed much older than her mother but large and strong. Despite his physical appearance his eyes were kind and seemed full of knowledge.
    “What does Zephyr mean?”
    “Oh so many questions a young mind has. It means west wind. What is your name little one?”
    “White...” She paused for a moment, “My name is Whitepaw.”

  11. HermioneMusicNoteForeverMay 02, 2012

    Dedication: This was inspired by my friend Olivercat. We were playing a game where Jamaa was started. A memory of that made me inspired to write this.

    The Jamaa Chronicles: Book One
    Before Jamaa

    Before Jamaa there was nothingness. Just blackness. Until Zios came. Zios was just a wisp of silver smoke at first. He did not like the nothingness. So he thought of a land. And some nothingness became land-- Jamaa Township, to be exact. Now, Zios liked this land, but there was still a lot of nothingness. So he made a temple for himself next to Jamaa Township. He made a forest in between the two lands, a beach, and he made lands that had yet to be discovered. Now there was still some nothingness, and that nothingness fed on the loneliness of Zios, and became phantoms. Zios finally made himself a companion, Mira. Zios and Mira ruled happily toghether until one day, a terrible tragedy happened. The phantoms created a storm powerful enough to sweep Zios far, far away. Mira was devastated, and as her tears fell, the first rain fell. The first flowers grew. Jamaa was blooming. The phantoms went into hiding, and Mira discovered that she could make thigs. So she made pandas, wolves, rabbits, tigers, monkeys, and seals. The First of each animal to be made by Mira became a the Shamans. And Jamaa had just become Jamaa.


  12. The Jamaa Chronicles: Book Two

    A Phantom Plan

    The phantom king was happy. Happier than he had ever been in his life. He had gotten rid of Zios. And now he could invade Jamaa...

    In a raspy voice, the king ordered his phantom warriors to go invade Jamaa. Jamaa seemed doomed.

    (Sorry about how short it is, I am not that idea-full this morning)

  13. Myth the Jester's Lame Jokes-

    Two mad wolves announce they will travel to the sun. A giraffe from the News Crew warns them: " You're crazy! Don't you know you will burn yourselves? " Commander Sunnywolf, one of the wolves, replies: " Don't worry, we are not crazy. We will fly at night. "

    A bunny, a monkey and a seal meat at a dinner party. The monkey tells the others: "I bet my pirate sword that I can stay the longest in a reindeer pet pension full of reindeer poop the longest. Are you two in?" The bunny and the seal nod. A pirate sword is worth it. So the monkey goes in first. He comes out 30 mins after, panting: " Phew! 30 mins! Remember if I win, you will have to give me a worn or a pair of bat wings!" So the bunny goes in. 30 mins. Nothing. 1 hour. She comes racing, shouting: " HAHA MONKEY! 1 HOUR! CAN'T DO BETTER HUH?" So now the seal goes in. 5 mins later, 78 reindeers run to them, wrinkling their noses. One shrieks: "WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THAT FRIEND OF YOURS WENT TO THE JAMAA OCEAN??!!"

    That's all for now! *wink wink* ;•3

    MythCat the Weirdo Jester

  14. Myth the Jester's Lame Jokes

    Knock knock.

    "Who's there?"


    "Rabbit who?"

    "Rabbit up carefully. It's a present."
    [Source: NatGeo Kids (a really old one though)]

    Knock knock.

    "Who's there?"


    "Banana who?"

    [Banana runs away]

    Re-knock knock.

    "Who's there?"


    "Banana who?"

    [Banana re-runs away]

    Re-re-knock knock.

    "Who's there?"


    "Banana who?"

    [Banana re-re-runs away]

    Knock knock.

    "Who's there?"


    "Orange who?"

    "Orange you glad it's not Banana?"

    Myth the Jester

  15. The cat clan camp; How the clans came to be

    it was a dark and stormy night in the heart of the forest, where just a bunch of cats roamed around. fierce battels spat through through the forest. When the cats discovered the fourtees they used it, but it was a time of hatrid they never used I to talk. Such a firce battle that many cats in the fourtee area died. 4 cats remained in the heart of the 4 trees. A cat appeared on rock and said "we must find away to not harm echother and choose are terrirtories with peace" A cat named shadow said " my name is shadow im a good night hunter, I shall rule the forest"then a cat named river replied "I have no fear of water, I shall rule the forest" But then a cat named wind shouted " I'm a fast runner, I shall rule the forest" The last cat hissed "im thunder im very strong, I will rule the forest." The cat on the rock shouted NO THATS VERY FOOLISH GO SPLIT UP AND GROUPS AND FIND YOUR TERRITORIES
    so shadow found some good night hunters, they settled into place where shadows covered the forest. river found some cats with no fear of water, they settled into a area with a good fishing river. Wind found some good runners, they settled into a wind blown place. thunder found some cats who were strong, they settled into a place where many storms settled. And that is how the clans came to be

  16. An Animal Jam Fanfiction
    Chapter 1. Awkward Night
    It was dark night. "Ya think all the jammers would be asleep by now, aye?" She said to herself listening to screams and cries "grr... I can't sleep!" All she heard were the screams and cries of jammers it stopped for a while and Rosy fell asleep, she dreamed about the devastating screams she heard. She woke up, it was peaceful.. then the screams starting again. She creeped out of her den and ran to the screaming when she got there it was peaceful. The Alphas sat there with innocent animals she went around the corner and the screams started again. She peeked ever so slightly to see that the Alphas choking a innocent wolf! liza shouted at the innocent wolf "WHY?!?!?!?" Rosy was confused, she recorded it for proof. it was 11:00 PM so she went home and slept, she was disgusted
    To be continued..

  17. AnonymousJune 09, 2016

    "I HAYE YOU TWO!1!" Tin shouted at Millicy. The two wolf's growled in the moonlit and blood was dripping from their mouths. They were gonna fite and thE wolf houl was heard in the distance. But suddenly!! Pet their momther shouted, "NO!!1!" She shouted. "WE ARE FRIENDS YOU TOO NEED TO HUG AND MAKE UP!!" She shouted. "Okay" Millicy said. "NO!!1" Tin yelled suddenly and he ran off!! Neve seen again!

    Cliffhaner!1111!! Like for part too!!! XDDD LOLS!! Tell me if ish guud!! O3O


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