Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Day Party!, NEW CODE, plus other random stuff as I find it!

Hello everyone!
It's approaching that time of year!
Get ready to send out your love (in candy form :P) and Par-Tay in the Ay-Jay!
Okay, a bit off-topic, but AJ has a new blog!
There was a new code on there a few days ago... EXPLORER!
It gives you 100 gems - a bit of a rip-off, if you ask me. The old codes gave you 1000!
Whatever. Anyway, back to Party Details!
When: Saturday, February 11th
Time: 5:00 CST
Server: Amur / Asaro / Bakoy (Amur will be our main server. If that one's full, we will use Asaro, etc.)
Dress Code: Crazy stuff! Wear whatever you want. It's WCC's Birthday and Valentine's Day, so whatever works! ;)
Bye for now!

Monday, January 23, 2012

proof that 2+2 = 5 weird

Start with: -20 = -20
Which is the same as: 16-36 = 25-45
Which can also be expressed as: (2+2) 2 (9 X (2+2) = 52) 9 X 5
Add 81/4 to both sides: (2+2) 2 (9 X (2+2) + 81/4 = 52) 9 X 5 + 81/4
Rearrange the terms: ({2+2}) 9/2) 2 = (5-9/2) 2
Ergo: 2+2 - 9/2 = 5
Hence: 2 + 2 = 5

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Special Tribute to Dawnclan

This is a tribute to my clan, Dawnclan. Thank you for your faithful service both to be and Starclan. The clan wouldn't be the same without you guys. So here is a picture i made of some of the clanners: (Click image for larger view)
I apologize, i could not fit all 47 Dawnclan member in the picture, so i will list those i did not mention:
-Vinepaw (aka woodswolf xD)
-Morning rain

Thanks again guys! You're the best <3
-Your leader, Whitestar

(Please note this is not meant as an advertisement. We currently cannot accept anymore
members due to limits on space. Thanks)

Friday, January 20, 2012


Hello everyone!
Well, I was just chillin' out, dancing (or whatever I was doing XD) my hearts out in Kani Cove... see, my seal already has its Valentine's Day stuff:
But then it occured to me as I was cycling through animations: Do you know how many frames/images they would have to draw to do this? The motion is absolutely perfect, so in other words the FPS (or frames per second; each frame is a seperate image) must be really high.
Each animation is about three seconds long and loops. Let's say it's 24 frames per second for a 3-second animation:
24 * 3 = 72
That's 72 frames they would have to draw for ONE CHARACTER doing ONE ACTION.
Plus, each character has its own set of actions. And each action has its own 1-3 second loop. So, let's see how many frames for one animal. I'll do a wolf, since the seal... that one has the most by far.
Standing Forward/24
Standing Backward/24
Sitting Forward/1**
Sitting Backward/1**
Walking Forward/24
Walking Backward/24
Walking Left/24
Walking For-Left/24
Walking Back-Left/24
*This is assuming 24 FPS. All numbers are rough estimates*
**These poses are not animated**
I haven't repeated the ones that are just mirrored (for example, walking right is just mirroring walking left). I KNOW there's more than that, though. But let's see what our grand total is!
24 + 24 + 8 + 72 + 72 + 48 + 1 + 1 + 24 +24 +24 + 24 + 24 = 370!
And that's for one LAND-ONLY animal with NO ITEMS and BASIC COLORS.
Add an item, add another 370 frames or so.
Change the colors (they may be able to avoid this... it's specifically the items that add the frames I think), and add another 370 frames.
Want a different animal? 370 frames (minimum) a piece.
So, let's see: we have around 20 animals, well over 300 items (because rares still have to be animated on the animals) and 40 colors, not to mention patterns and stuff. That's well over 10000 frames!
So that's where the 3D models theory comes in.
In other words, every animal has their own 3D model that the AJ HQ team designs. Then they animate them in special ways, add different skins for the markings... kinda like FeralHeart. And they have the items with 3D models, too, so that they can just add one or the max of four and it will animate on its own.
Then they just make them look cartooney. Some models can be realistic enough to do that.
So, I'm not sure if this is right, but it means one of two things is true:
THING ONE: AJ HQ uses this 3D models technique and saves lots of time.
THING TWO: AJ HQ spends FAR TOO MUCH on their animation department XD
Bye for now!

Fanfiction Page

Hello everyone!
I'm not sure about whether or not this will work... but let's see!
I've created a Fanfiction Page! Yay!
In just a few minutes I'll put up the form where you can comment with your fanfiction. Then I'll edit it and stick it up on the Fanfiction Page for all to read!
So, go post your epic writings of randomness!
Bye for now!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I don't have time for formal introductions. I only have an hour and a half to do this and there's so much crap to get! AAAGH!
Anyway, first thing, the winner of the contest was Mythical Frillybunny. I hate that they only do animal names, cuz there's probably 500 Mythical Frillybunnies or more now, since everyone wants to be "THE Mythical Frillybunny, winner of the contest, designer of Jamaa's flag, extremely epic, here-let-me-sign-an-autograph-for-you..."
Some of the other flag designs were REALLY EPIC, though.
Ugh, my internet is really slow right now! CURSE YOU, INTERNET!
Anyway, while it's loading a picture of a bunny hat so that I can see what color it is, OOOH it's pink! I'll get it for my Valentine's Day outfit!
Okay, that was kinda off-topic. Anyway, I'm getting my Valentine's Day stuff sorted out, so we'll have a party soon... for TWO THINGS! Hehehe...
Maybe we'll even have it then...? How does Saturday the 18th of February sound for everyone? Any time works for me, as far as I know, anyway...
Okay, I think I have my outfit. I think. I hate the butterfly wings, though... it makes it look REALLY ugly... and it's really girly looking, not that I don't mind looking girly, it enables more people to call me 'she' instead of 'he', and accurately so, but it's too PINK for me, I think.
Oh well!
Back to today's proper programming!
Second thing: there are SNAKE PETS now! Yay-if-you're-member!
Okay, that was fail. The internet is so slow that Bigcats went offline while our game of 'Scooped' was still loading on my end. FAILFORLIFE!
Next thing: there's a new Journey Book Page! I still need to find all of the things. I don't know what the prize is yet, but I will post as soon as I find out...
...or leave another secret for you to find XD
Okay, so, another thing is that there's a new animal coming soon! Guess what it is!
I didn't even have to do the *INTERACTIVE PUZZLE* to know!
(Partly cuz some of the pieces were already assembled... but I feel no guilt XD)
My guess is that it will be the second LAND + SEA animal. Because penguins can go on land and in water, ya know XD
So... I think that's it.
Here's OMSA for you!
(OMSA = Only Member Stuff Added)
Flag Shop
Epic Wonders (OMSA - the new stuff is only available on the second floor's sphere)
Bahari Bargains (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
Claws 'N Paws (OMSA)
Jam Mart Clothing
Jam Mart Furniture (OMSA)
Mystery Emporium
HOLY CRAP! I was getting "This room is full. Please try again later" messages... for the TEMPLE OF ZIOS!
That's a shocker moment right there - the Temple of Zios is one of the oldest and emptiest rooms in AJ.
Look what it takes to make a celebrity. XD
Well, I got there and saw that there's like 50 PEOPLE in the room... and this is on a one-dot server!
OH NO... the Journey Book things... they randomize their position! >:( In other words, they won't be in the same place twice!
UPDATE: I forgot! There's also a new den (Ol' Barn). XD
Bye for now!
PS: I forgot! There are also shops at the parties! You're going to have to go to those yourself. I can't get to them at any time, so it's not easy to get to them. Sorry for any issues this causes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fanfiction Addiction!

Hello everyone!
In case if you've been wondering why I haven't been checking up on AJ or anything else very much, it's just that I've caught the FANFICTION ADDICTION!
Yes, it's true. For the past several weeks (or at least the last week) I've written A LOT of fanfiction... and it's all posted online pretty much the minute I finish it.
It's really surprisingly addicting. For example, take Minecraft, an extremely addicting game, according to a lot of people, and multiply it by three. And add a few hundred (if not a few thousand) motivation points if you get popular. AKA, it's really powerful.
And that's only writing fanfiction. Reading fanfiction is also extremely addicting... sure, it's a bit hard to find ones you might like, but if you look in a category you like (chances are it's there) you can find a lot of stories where you'll at least be half-interested in what you're reading. XD
So, that's my words on my new FANFICTION ADDICTION.
Bye for now!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Subject: Phantoms!

So what exactly are phantoms? as the day of phantoms approaches, many jammers have had one big question on their mind: "What exactly are phantoms?" the answer lies long ago. Mira, the sky mother, was sad that she lost her companion Zios, the sky father. her feeling of sadness and anger fell to the ground, mixed with the elements  of jamma, and formed the dark mysterious phantoms.  now, the phantoms' only goal is to bring chaos and destruction jamma. that's why we celebrate the Day of the Phantoms: to trick and tease them, preventing them from doing dark deeds


Thursday, January 5, 2012

NEW STUFF (and terrifying new theory...)

Hello everyone!
Well, with this development, I'm not sure WHAT it is, but it's SHOCKING all the same!
Anyway, lots of new stuff!
First, HORSES! Members only. >:(
Second, a new buddy game, Scooped! You try to make ice cream cones. XD
Third (this is what I'm most excited about), there's a contest to design JAMAA'S FLAG! O. M. G.
I'm entering! Here's my design (DON'T COPY! XD):
Anyway, a new pet is coming, too! A SNAKE! For those of you reptile lovers out there, you will soon be able to be a crocodile with a snake pet!
And there's a monthly gift: a New Year's party hat! Yay...
So, on to OMSA!
But, first, my theory on OMSA.
There were no new non-member items this week. Well, except for the horse banner in the Museum and a green Welcome mat in the regular place. But I think that's it. No new clothes. Nothing else.
Why is this important?
I'll have to check two weeks from now for proof, but...
I think AJ is going to stop making NM items.
Scary, huh?
Jam Mart Clothing (OMSA)
Jam Mart Furniture
Museum Den Shop
Shiveer Shoppe (OMSA)
Mystery Emporium (OMSA)
Bahari Bargains (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
I think that's it!
Bye for now!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

omg i was hacked

hey peps i was hacked any need a few ideas of whom might of they took most my rares if you no anyone comment plz



Hello everyone!
There's a new code! It gives 500 gems.
The code is: jamaalidays.
I found this on Animal Jam Glory.
Bye for now!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And glitch)

Hey peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited HORSES are coming to jamaa. If horses are non-members, I am back on AJ. I am super inlove with horses. Horses are #1 to me! C: I am so excited. Horses come next thursday. :D I cannot wait!! Can you guys!?!?!?
And I HATE when people say "Horses are members cause the horses in the news paper are members"
NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! Those are AJ WORKERS!!! They TEST OUT the new things! They have forever membership! So there is a possibility horses are for everyone!!
And there is a chance... Cause AJ makes RARE animals for members. Horses aren't rare animals! And they are the first HOOVED animals in jamaa! Everyone should get to play with the first hooved animals in jamaa!

And there was a glitch in my den where like I was in my den taking all the stuff out and when I went to go to coral canyons this is what happend:

There were random people in my den. And look in the cornor. It says coral canyons. And like I could not see myself. here are more pics:

I guess this was when people were trying to break the bridge..

Then I got on my other account and went to coral canyons and my wolf was not there. And then when I looked at my den my wolf on my other account was there!
I am desert canyon wolf.


Hey jammers!

I love horses and u should know that by now! I am loving getting horses in jamma!
So anyway havent seen u around jamma to much! just remberim Caitlyn22222 an im keeping u posted!

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!
heres a picture i drew!:

                                                                        i just finished it

                                                                         Bye For Now!