Thursday, January 5, 2012

NEW STUFF (and terrifying new theory...)

Hello everyone!
Well, with this development, I'm not sure WHAT it is, but it's SHOCKING all the same!
Anyway, lots of new stuff!
First, HORSES! Members only. >:(
Second, a new buddy game, Scooped! You try to make ice cream cones. XD
Third (this is what I'm most excited about), there's a contest to design JAMAA'S FLAG! O. M. G.
I'm entering! Here's my design (DON'T COPY! XD):
Anyway, a new pet is coming, too! A SNAKE! For those of you reptile lovers out there, you will soon be able to be a crocodile with a snake pet!
And there's a monthly gift: a New Year's party hat! Yay...
So, on to OMSA!
But, first, my theory on OMSA.
There were no new non-member items this week. Well, except for the horse banner in the Museum and a green Welcome mat in the regular place. But I think that's it. No new clothes. Nothing else.
Why is this important?
I'll have to check two weeks from now for proof, but...
I think AJ is going to stop making NM items.
Scary, huh?
Jam Mart Clothing (OMSA)
Jam Mart Furniture
Museum Den Shop
Shiveer Shoppe (OMSA)
Mystery Emporium (OMSA)
Bahari Bargains (OMSA)
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
I think that's it!
Bye for now!


  1. Cool! But They Will Not Stop Making Non-Mem Items! They Arn't CP... CP Sucks Majorly.... But..
    And I'm Really Sorry That Horses Are Members, Kiddy


  2. Im Doing A Flag, Too o3o

    My Word Verification Is "Creep" LOL

  3. -the scary monster 'it' comes up to you-

    he says ya that is scary


  4. they would never stop NM items. why would you think that? youll see in two weeks

  5. I haven't been wrong before, geckoguy. That's the scary thing.
    I wasn't wrong that pets would be members-only.
    I wasn't wrong that horses, and all the other new animals that came after the seal, were members-only.
    I wasn't wrong that they stopped rotating 'front item' colors so that non-members only had one clothing color to choose.
    I wasn't wrong that they made underwater dens - for members only.
    Plus, I've predicted the end of every Twilight Zone episode on the New Year's Day marathon on Syfy (and I hadn't even seen half of them before).
    So, if you're willing to bet against those odds, go ahead. Plus, do you know how many items they've actually created for non-members, that aren't just rares that are re-posted?
    Almost all of them. And they didn't even bring back some of them. Scary wings, for example?
    AJ is going to put us NMs in a vise, and squeeze hard. I can predict their strategy, and they've been using that since the beginning.
    *End of my rant*

  6. Wait Im Not Logged In.... There We Are!
    My PC Is Being Sent To Get Repared And I Cant Get On AJ Or TFM Or FH Or IT Or Chat For A While D:D:

    Sorry I Left In TFM.. My PC Died And So I Just Put It Up.... And Only ONE MORE HEART Until Snowstorm, Too D:

    Im On My 3DS For A While! So If You Have One, Ask For My Friend Code! Lol.. Ok, I Love PRB (Pokemon Rumble Blast) So I'll Go Play That!


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. @Awesome TinyGirl
    i have a DSI does that work?
    and what do the hearts in TFM mean?

  9. @Millicy
    I Dont Think 3DS Codes And DSI Codes Work For Eachother.
    And The Hearts Are Ways To Get Christmas Titles, Like
    Is The First, Its On Mistletoe Kiss, And
    Is The Last, And Its 200 Hearts. Thats 200 Mousey Mistletoe Kisses! Also My Big Deal.

    Oh, And It Turns Out That Mom Had No Time To Take It There, And Its Going Monday, So I Can Play Until Then!!!!


  10. Woodswolf. I need help. Please help me get views, please. I need more. Honestly. Without views and comments it's like all my hard work is wasted, so PLEASE help me spread the news.

    SilverStream (who might delete AJG soon)

  11. @ Silverstream:
    I'm not sure how much more help I can give. I have a strict no-ads policy, and it's there for a reason, cuz it wastes posts and time of other people. I only support ads like that if it provides something else extra (a link to a site that has more info, for example). I'm not sure what else I can do without breaking that...

  12. Well Woods, all that you can help me with is easy!

    Just try and let people know that AJG is there. But never mind on working too hard, because I posted about it and have a new mod and 100 hits. Please go to AJG and view the party post to see if you can come! Thanks a million, millicy for commenting on my blog.


  13. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it, but I'll try.

  14. O3O

    ~The Not Creepy At All, Roxy648.
    PS: That Actually Had Meaning.


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