Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Howlween!

Eat candy lik mad.....

30.000 pageviews!

Hey jammers! Just a quick note that WCC has more then 30.000 pageviews! Thats all!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sorry ive been gone so long!!

ive been gone so long cause i play wolfhome more now, i hope u all r happy ima back, tell me if ur not


 Something I've seen........
why do we have eyes?
To see.
why do we have ears?
To hear.
why do we have teeth?
To talk and eat.
why do we have fingers?
To feel.
why do we cry?
To show feelings.
why do we yell?
To make a point.
why did i write this?
Because I've learned there's others than me.


Hello everyone...
Sorry I missed the party! I had to work on a project and the time got away from me! :(
Anyway, I got a pretty spiffy volume calculator out of it. And a number-averager (which averages ten numbers).
Anyway, I'm going out trick-or-treating tomorrow, and tonight won't work because I have play practice and then chorale, so... I don't know when we can do a retry. Maybe next weekend? I don't know...
Bye for now!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

AJ UPDATE and Party Details!

Hello everyone!
A LOT of new stuff came out this week! I'll just list it all:
First, a new animal, SEA TURTLES, came out. I personally think (based off of the fact that they're always playing with their shell) that they are very alone inside XD
Second, a new ocean! It's called Kani Cove. There's a den shop there. Guess what it's for? UNDERWATER DEN ITEMS FOR A SUNKEN SHIP DEN! Problem is, all the stuff is members-only. :(
Third, all the Day of the Phantoms stuff is on clearance. In other words, grab it fast.
Fourth, there is a new music shop that I like to call: PawTunes! Click on the speaker at the top of the 'Edit Den' screen (It's right next to the den locking feature) to go to the music shop.
Fifth, there was a hint for what new pets there would be. Thing one, they're underwater pets. Thing two, they're still gonna be members only. Probably. They are the seahorse and the little 'fishing fish' as I call it (the one with the lightbulb on a pole; in real life it 'fishes' for fish using that 'lure' XD).
This is really minor, but there's a new animation for when entries go into your Journey Book. Try it :)
Finally, I've set a date for WCC's Halloween party. This Saturday. As for the time? 3 PM CST. Note that I might have to change that if something's going on.
Hope you can be there!
Bye for now!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Werewolf Game

Hello everyone!
I have an idea for someting we could do on chat sometime, possibly?
It's a super-cool game called Werewolf. I found out about it from this post on It's apparently a really old (but really epical awesome) role-playing party game. And the best part is, we can adapt it for chat!
Here's the short version of the chat-adapted rules (read the link for the classic rules):

1. I private chat three people. I tell two of them that they are werewolves and the third to be the Seer (Note that I tell the Werewolves who they are so that they can private chat each other in the game).
2. There are two parts to this game: Day and Night. We start with Night. During the night*:
  1. I say, 'Werewolves, open your eyes.' The werewolves then private chat each other and decide who to kill. Then one of them private chats me and says who they want to kill.
  2. I say, 'Werewolves, close your eyes.' followed by 'Seer, open your eyes.' The seer then selects someone to tell wether or not they are a werewolf. They private chat me and ask if ___ is a werewolf. I say yes if they are and no if they aren't.
  3. I say 'Seer, close your eyes." Then I announce that it is DAY.
*You can also chat on public chat at this time. Everyone does their stuff on private chat during the night. During the DAY, however, you can't use public chat.
3. During the day:
  1. At the beginning of the day, I announce who is dead. If you are dead, you are silent until the game is over, but you do say what you were: the Seer, a villager, or a werewolf. Note that you can still chat with your friends and other dead people, but on private chat.
  2. Now the villagers vote on who to hang. During this stage, people will try to reach an agreement on who to kill. This is the point where both the werewolves and the Seer try to win over people's opinon on who to hang. Any living player can say anything they want, lie or truth* (The Seer says to hang the werewolves if he/she knows who they are, and the werewolves try to hang innocent people).
  3. Once a person has been decided to be hanged, they reveal what they were: the Seer, a villager, or a werewolf. Then I announce that it is NIGHT and the cycle repeats.
*Everyone is suspicious of everyone else no matter what! It's more fun if nobody knows who anybody is until they kill them, as in no telling anybody who they are on private chat.
4. The werewolves win if they work down the number of villagers (The Seer is a villager, technically; they just have a 'supernatural gift' on who the players were) so that they are equal to the number of werewolves (two werewolves two villagers, or one werewolf one villager). The villagers win if they kill both werewolves.
They said on the site that it was preferable if there were an odd number of players (including me, the narrator) because that way there will never be ties on hangings and the game will end with a hanging.

So, does this sound interesting?
Bye for now!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Clans... The Basics

Hello everyone!
Today I joined a clan called Night Clan, in which I am dark fur the warrior (funlove2001, the clan's creator, insisted on dark fur instead of Darkfur or Dark Fur). I did this for two reasons:
1. EVERYONE is bugging me for not RPing. So I joined this, cuz the name Night Clan is totally epic!
2. I wanted to get some basic information on clans so I can explain it to everyone who isn't in one!
So here are the questions I asked funlove2001:
1. Is there a dress code?
2. Are there specific meeting times?
3. What is a clan anyway?
The answers:
1. No (This probably will vary with the clan)
2. Not really (This probably will vary with the clan)
3. It's like a pack (This meant nothing to me. Although I assume that funlove meant that it's a social group that meets occasionally and RPs together)
So, I think it's probably different with every clan. For example, I've seen bunnylove pulled in the middle of conversations before (I think that was back when she was still in Water Clan, but I'm not sure) to talk to her clan or meet with someone from it. And once I walked in on a meeting on accident. I still don't teleport to friends if they're in other people's dens.
So, clans are a pretty complicated thing, but maybe a slightly disorganized one like this won't be bad (funlove didn't even friend me so that she could keep track of me! Maybe her buddy list is full...?).
I'll get back to everyone in a few days to see if it's fun or not. Or maybe I'll join another clan and get more organization and better answers and forget about this one? Who knows?
Bye for now!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hello everyone! A TON of cool new stuff came this week!
First up: there is a NEW ICON on the top bar! Meet your Journey Book, an animal-fact-collector thing! It kinda works like a passport showing where you've been, except it shows what you've gotten! And if you collect all of the facts in an area, you get a super-cool, super-rare prize! Currently this feature is only available in the oceans, but you never know...
Plus: NEW ANIMALS are coming soon! And for one of them, there's only one way to get it! Here they are:
The first one is a SEA TURTLE. It could possibly be a land-and-water, although I doubt it. And if it were, it would probably only be on the beach on land. But I don't know.
Plus, for those of you who knew deep inside that a tiger was never a good substitute for a lion, a new LION animal is coming exclusively with the NEW AJ game cards! The lion comes in addition to a free den, a membership, and extra gems! And it says at the end that there might be other ways to get it soon...?
And this is a bit old, but you can play buddy games with everyone. Now they're just called games.
Also, TRICK OR TREAT! SMELL MY FEET! GIVE ME SOMETHING SWEET TO EAT! Well, the last line is now true! Go around Jamaa collecting all the unique candies!
Sorry about this! I have to go! I'll update on the items tonight! :(
Bye for now!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Trivia - Week 2, Day 1

Hello everyone!
Here's today's Halloween Trivia!
Q: The forest's trees
Enchanting me
Tell me to cease fire.
But if there's a cry
Of help nearby,
I take my quills and fire.
Who am I?

Congratulations to seals8 with the correct answer of the porcupine in Sarepia!
Try this riddle!
Bye for now!
UPDATE: I'm not going to be here in the morning Saturday, so I've got Saturday's here too.
Here it is:
Q: It's cold.
It's white.
No one's in sight.
Where am I?

Congratulations to millicy with the correct answer of Mt. Shiveer!
This one's a bit harder!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2500 Pageviews Away...

Hello everyone...
I just wanted to inform you that we are 2500 pageviews away from 30000 pageviews!
If we can get it in October, that would mean that we can get an average of 10000 pageviews every 3 months!
Just FYI...
Bye for now!

Sorry about this!

 Hello everyone...
Okay, everyone. Now, I know, everyone was looking forward to the trivia every day. I'm sorry, but I've been having a lot of recent scheduling issues, so trivia will only be on the weekends.
There are still a lot of excellent riddles to answer though!
Bye for now!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sorry! Halloween Trivia Day 4-5

Hello everyone!
Sorry, I couldn't post yesterday...
Here's the Trivia for days 4-5!
Day 4:
I have grey skin.
I listen well.
I'm big and heavy.
I see and smell.
Who am I?
Congratulations to seals8 for the correct answer of an elephant!
Day 5:
The wind chimes sound
And all around
I hear the sound of bells.
Enchanting sound
From every hound
Surrounds the animal stills.
Where am I?
Nobody got this one... it was the Animal Museum!
Bye for now!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Darkness Before the Dawn

Hello everyone!
Today I was talking with bunnylove on Animal Jam and we were talking about how someone didn't know what Crane Feathers was.
Now, some of you will be saying now that 'Crane Feathers was a community writing project... etc. etc. etc.', but... we were talking about starting something new.
We couldn't really think of any ideas at first, but then I thought of the perfect idea: You know how Mira's statue was replaced by a giant, glowing red phantom statue? Well, here's the plot:

Mira has been captured by the evil phantoms and their leader, the Evil Phantom King. Jamaa is swarmed by phantoms and chaos spreads. Jamaa begins to fade and die.
To prevent their home from being destroyed, a team of explorers is sent out across the universe to save her. Along the way they go into many different parallel universes before reaching The Phantom Kingdom, save Mira, and bring her back to Jamaa to help smite the Phantoms and their evil King! 

The plot summary is by me :)
And then, after a little bit of thinking time, bunnylove came up with the perfect title: Darkness Before the Dawn!
And after that, we formed a very small werecow pack. (FYI: The difference between wereWOLVES and wereCOWS is that wereCOWS MOO at the SUN and wereWOLVES HOWL at the MOON. XD)
FYI: The 'other universes' I talked about are the other games on WCC. Like, we could have them all go to Free Realms and run around in there trying to get directions from someone or go into FeralHeart and have to go to the Temple of Dreams to teleport to the Phantom Kingdom or something.
FYI #2: When they go into another universe, they stay their animal. So, if we go to FeralHeart, and your character is a crocodile, you stay a crocodile. If your character is a seal, they stay a seal.
FYI #3: Your character DOESN'T HAVE TO BE an AJ animal. If you wanted it to be a deer, it could be a deer! Who cares? I don't! They can even be a phantom if you wanted them to be! For example, bunnylove has a character named Niara, a wolf that can transform into a hawk at will.
FYI #4: (This is a lot of FYIs! XD) Your character can have ANY NAME you want.
Here are the rules for characters:

Okay, so, if people want to sign up for characters to do this, I'm all ears.
1. No gods/communist dictators. It isn't very fun when someone has extreme power over everyone else. (I am laughing at myself about the communist dictators bit)
2. MAGICAL PEOPLE ARE NEEDED! I would like at least one more person who has magical powers (otherwise how will we get to the other universes?). I have a magical character, Mythical Magicmaster. Note that there are two kinds of magical people: Type 1's (people that can open portals to other worlds), and Type 2's (people that can transform into other forms). Both types can perform basic magic (levitation to help someone cross a river, for example, or phantom-expelling spells), but it is your choice whether they can.
3. If we have any doctors... please make sure we don't have to deal with anything inappropriate like pups. I don't think this will be much of a concern though.
4. Don't kill other people's characters. You can kill your own, however.
5. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
6. No bad words, please. Be polite.

Here is the basic information I need you to put in your comment:
1. Name
2. Animal
3. Gender
4. Magical? (can they perform basic magic?)
5. Magic type (1 or 2, details needed for type 2's)
6. Personality (a few simple words)

Here is the current list of characters:
Okay, I'm just putting names here, because everyone came up with excellent character backgrounds :) Read them yourself! XD
Mythical Magicmaster
Bluepaw (could change?)
Silver Spirit

Create your characters! The Story Page will be modified and put back up shortly. And don't worry, Crane Feathers will still be in WCC's files :)
Bye for now!

Halloween Trivia EVERY DAY!

Hello everyone!
I've decided to just say, 'Well, forget this' and go all out.
Yep, Halloween AJ Trivia EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! :)
I'm writing a lot of riddles for this!
Bye for now!


Hey guys!Yesterday Roxy648,Bunnylove3,Paigeh52,Woodswolf and I Filmed this:
Roxy Bunny and I Planned this Three months ago!Feels GREAT to finally do it!This is the "early" version.We'll Probably have the party sometime in October......Roxy still has to make up her mind when though....

Halloween Trivia - Day 3

Hello everyone!
Congratulations to seals8 for giving the correct answer of the phantoms in Jamaa Township for yesterday's question!
Here's today's:
Q: Seven minus one is how many headstones
Seven minus one is how many Jack-o-lanterns
Seven minus one is how many phantoms
With seven minus two in your dreams.
Where am I?

This is a hard one! Try it! :)
UPDATE: Congratulations to Funwow with the correct answer of the Lost Temple of Zios!
Bye for now!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Trivia on Sundays

Hello everyone!
I've decided to have Halloween Trivia on Sundays, too... and I'm going to start varying the times I post them, so that it's fair to everyone :)
Bye for now!

Halloween Trivia - Day 2

Hello everyone!
Congratulations to millicy who gave the correct answer of the bats in Jamaa Township for yesterday's trivia question!
Here is today's:
Q: Five of us will haunt your streets
Floating round and round
Three of us near the place of her feet
And only five eyes to go round!
Who am I and Where am I?

Try this interesting piece of trivia! I think it's a bit easier than yesterday's...
UPDATE: Congratulations to seals8 for the correct answer of the phantoms in Jamaa Township! :)
Bye for now!