Sunday, October 2, 2011

Darkness Before the Dawn

Hello everyone!
Today I was talking with bunnylove on Animal Jam and we were talking about how someone didn't know what Crane Feathers was.
Now, some of you will be saying now that 'Crane Feathers was a community writing project... etc. etc. etc.', but... we were talking about starting something new.
We couldn't really think of any ideas at first, but then I thought of the perfect idea: You know how Mira's statue was replaced by a giant, glowing red phantom statue? Well, here's the plot:

Mira has been captured by the evil phantoms and their leader, the Evil Phantom King. Jamaa is swarmed by phantoms and chaos spreads. Jamaa begins to fade and die.
To prevent their home from being destroyed, a team of explorers is sent out across the universe to save her. Along the way they go into many different parallel universes before reaching The Phantom Kingdom, save Mira, and bring her back to Jamaa to help smite the Phantoms and their evil King! 

The plot summary is by me :)
And then, after a little bit of thinking time, bunnylove came up with the perfect title: Darkness Before the Dawn!
And after that, we formed a very small werecow pack. (FYI: The difference between wereWOLVES and wereCOWS is that wereCOWS MOO at the SUN and wereWOLVES HOWL at the MOON. XD)
FYI: The 'other universes' I talked about are the other games on WCC. Like, we could have them all go to Free Realms and run around in there trying to get directions from someone or go into FeralHeart and have to go to the Temple of Dreams to teleport to the Phantom Kingdom or something.
FYI #2: When they go into another universe, they stay their animal. So, if we go to FeralHeart, and your character is a crocodile, you stay a crocodile. If your character is a seal, they stay a seal.
FYI #3: Your character DOESN'T HAVE TO BE an AJ animal. If you wanted it to be a deer, it could be a deer! Who cares? I don't! They can even be a phantom if you wanted them to be! For example, bunnylove has a character named Niara, a wolf that can transform into a hawk at will.
FYI #4: (This is a lot of FYIs! XD) Your character can have ANY NAME you want.
Here are the rules for characters:

Okay, so, if people want to sign up for characters to do this, I'm all ears.
1. No gods/communist dictators. It isn't very fun when someone has extreme power over everyone else. (I am laughing at myself about the communist dictators bit)
2. MAGICAL PEOPLE ARE NEEDED! I would like at least one more person who has magical powers (otherwise how will we get to the other universes?). I have a magical character, Mythical Magicmaster. Note that there are two kinds of magical people: Type 1's (people that can open portals to other worlds), and Type 2's (people that can transform into other forms). Both types can perform basic magic (levitation to help someone cross a river, for example, or phantom-expelling spells), but it is your choice whether they can.
3. If we have any doctors... please make sure we don't have to deal with anything inappropriate like pups. I don't think this will be much of a concern though.
4. Don't kill other people's characters. You can kill your own, however.
5. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
6. No bad words, please. Be polite.

Here is the basic information I need you to put in your comment:
1. Name
2. Animal
3. Gender
4. Magical? (can they perform basic magic?)
5. Magic type (1 or 2, details needed for type 2's)
6. Personality (a few simple words)

Here is the current list of characters:
Okay, I'm just putting names here, because everyone came up with excellent character backgrounds :) Read them yourself! XD
Mythical Magicmaster
Bluepaw (could change?)
Silver Spirit

Create your characters! The Story Page will be modified and put back up shortly. And don't worry, Crane Feathers will still be in WCC's files :)
Bye for now!


  1. =) This is gonna be great! Here is my full character description....

    Name: Niara

    Animal: Wolf/Hawk

    Gender: Female

    Age: 5 (in people years she would be 37)

    Magic: Yes, can preform basic magic.

    Magic type: type 2, Can transform into a hawk at will (and vise versa)

    Looks (wolf form):
    Blue eyes, pure white fur.

    Looks (white hawk form) golden eyes, white feathers

    Personality: Kind, serious, sad, loner.

    History: Little is known of her early puphood.
    She is a lone wolf wandering the mountains of mt. shiveer alone after her mate died during a battle with the phantoms.

  2. Here is mine!




    Age: 13(That's about 30 in people years)

    Magic:Yes,can perform basic magic

    Magic type:Type 2,can transform into a dolphin when exposed to Mist/water(can slightly float in mist)and transforms to a wolf when is nervous/in danger.

    Looks:(rabbit form) sea greenish body with yellow eyes

    Looks:(dolphin form) a glare of rainbow on body with yellow eyes also

    Looks:(wolf form) Navybluish body with white under chin,on paws,and on tip of tail


    History: Very little is known of her early bloomed puphood(or cubhood or whatever rabbits and dolphins are called).Has a mate...but is not really (you know what) yet.
    P.S Rabbit is male,Dolphin and wolf are female

  3. awesome funwow! =D

  4. Name:Snow


    age: 6 moons/months old (idk how old in human years sorry D:)



    Magic type: 2, she can trainsform into a wolf/cat

    Personality: kind, Smart, playful and a bit sensitive

    looks: cat: a small pure white cat with light blue eyes and a light blue scarf and has a pink nose, pic coming soon.

    looks: wolf: a small pure white wolf with light blue eyes and a light blue scarf and has a black nose pic coming soon.

    History: on the first day of october her parents were captured by phantoms, she now is very worryed and is trying really hard to find them (yes she knows she has the power to turn into a wolf she learned it when she was younger)


  6. Cool! I'm going to use Eroder, a charecter from a story I'm writing.

    Name:Eroder (duh)

    Animal:Wolf/Eagle (New feature, not on my story charecter but I want to do this)

    Age: 3 (27 in people years, I used dog years for her age XD)

    Magic: Yes, can preform basic magic.

    Magic type: type 2, Can transform into eagle at will

    Looks (eagle form): Brown feathers, blue eyes

    Looks(wolf form): Brown fur, green eyes

    Personality: Mysterious, kind, sad.

    History: Eroder has a sister named Niara (bunnylove3's wolf) but the two were separated at birth and have no idea they are related. On Halloween her parents were kidnapped by a phantom, and at the second they touched the phantom's skin they became the Phantom King's servants. Her father will be a phantom forever, but her mother can be turned back to a wolf if her true first born daughter touches her skin.


  7. Oh, and the phantom that is Eroder's father died in battle against Niara's grandfather.


  8. wow =S it seems like all the posts so far are all similar to the first one it some way. ={D
    Does anyone else find that odd? or am i going crazy *_*

  9. @ Anonymous: huh? wait do you mean my post?

  10. Name:Sunset
    Magic:Yes,transforms from bunny to wolf at Sunset
    Looks as Wolf:Black with stripes of Dark gray with icy cold eyes
    Looks as bunny:Pure white with big black eyes
    Personality:Fun,weird,crazy,creative,fierce as wolf,kind as bunny
    About Sunset:Sunset was first born as a rabbit.When she became ten moons old a phantom cursed her so when it's sunset she turns into a wolf.Sunset really hated that.She tried to find a cure for it but never could.After that she became depressed.....So every sunset she becomes a wolf.....Most of the time when she's a wolf she cries and cries hoping one day they'll find a cure.So now she is focused on finding the cure from the phantom kingdom.But sometimes Sunset thinks,"Hey?Maybe having the curse is more of a blessing....Oh come on the Phantoms gave it to me....So it HAS to be a curse!"
    Another curse came with becoming a wolf at sunset....The Phantoms can talk to Sunset in her head....Every day the phantoms mock her....That makes Sunset even more mad....But as soon as she meets new friends,Sunset isn't so glum....But she still will never forget what the phantoms have done....

  11. 1. Name: Bluepaw (name MIGHT change in story, because I'm using Warriors style XD)
    2. Animal: Kitty Cat
    3. Gender: Male
    4. Magical?: Yessery!!
    5. Magic type (1 or 2, details needed for type 2's): Well, I'm going to add a 3 :D I have dreams that tell what will happen
    6. Personality: Nice; brave; loyal to friends; when alone, always nervous until finds a friend;

  12. Name:Lillycone




    Magic: Yes.

    Magic type: type 2

    Looks: brown eyes, browmn fur

    personality: shy and fearful, but can be brave when she wants to

    history: little is known of her past, but her mate died in a batyle agaibst the phantom king

  13. Name: Pinecone

    Gender: Female

    Animal: Eagle

    Magic: Yes. Type 2.

    Looks: Flaming red feathers, golden brown eyes.

    Personality: Brave, daring, smart

    History: little is known about when she was a young chick. her parents died in a battle.

  14. man, I have SO MANY characters!

    Name: Feralmoon

    Animal: Tiger

    Gender: Male

    Magic: Yes. Type 1.

    Looks: Orange fur, white eyes.

    Personality: Grumpy and bored untill he meets his new friends.

    Age: 8

    History: Lives in Feralheart, meets explorers after they pass through Feralheart.

  15. Name: Sandgem

    Animal: Cat

    Gender: Female

    Age: 7

    Looks: Golden fur, Shiny white claws, sea green eyes.

    Personality: Very protective of her friends, kind.

    History: Her mother was a hybrid between a cat and a tiger. Her father was a regular house cat. They got married and created a house cat, who on occasion, can be verey fierce, due to her father being a tiger.

  16. Name: Amber
    Animal: Wolf/Owl
    Gender: Female
    Age: 2 (24 Moons)
    Magic: Yes, can read minds (Can't cast spells or anything though.)
    Magic: Type 2, turns into an owl once a year.
    Looks: Gray wolf (she has amber eyes), spotted owl.
    Personality: Bitter but smart.
    Description: A blind orphan. Amber lives alone. Her pack was killed by phantoms. They left many of the pups alone, for they were too young to live without their mother's milk. Amber was the only to survive of her litter.

  17. Hey woods!
    Here is my character! Sorry Im late... Internet was bad D:
    Name: Silver Spirit
    Animal: wolf/cat/falcon
    Gender: Female when wolf, male when falcon
    Age: Unknown
    Magic: Yes!
    Magic type: 2
    Looks: Silver wolf/ silver falcon
    Personality: kind, serious

    -MythCat (Silverspirit)

  18. w-c-c-r-u-l-e-sOctober 07, 2011

    Name: Kanimist
    Animal: Panda
    Magic: Can preform basic magic, type 1.
    Looks: Pink with purple heart pattern, green eyes.
    Personality: Shy, laid-back,clumsy
    History: Kanimist was named after her mother, Kani, and the fact that there was a misty fog the day she was born. Kanimist is often called Kani by her friends, and is shy and very clumsy. Kani has no idea that she can open portals to FeralHeart. Once, when she was very small, she opened a portal by accident. She muttered her first word and a portal to FeralHeart appeared. Since then, her dad has feared that she is abnormal and has not allowed her to talk to any other possible friends, for fear she might enchant them or curse them.

  19. Name: Aleu
    Animal: Collie/Unicorn
    Gender: Female
    Magic: Yes, can preform basic spells, Type 2
    Looks(as collie): Brown reddish color, white chest/tummy, green eyes.
    Looks (as unicorn): Pure white coat, silky off-white wavy mane, blue eyes, twinkling sparkly hooves.

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  21. I Changed My Character From My Last Post, Now Its Better.

    Name: Tiny

    Animal: Angel Rabbit/Demon Rabbit

    Age: 11 (In People And Animal)

    Magic: Yes, Good With The Basics And Dabbles With Advanced

    Magic Type: Type 4, She Can Transform Into A Demon, And Learned A Few Spells From Her Wolf Friends, Magic And Potion!

    Looks: White Rabbit With Purple Spots. She Has White, Feathery Angel Wings In This Form.

    Looks:(Demon) Pure Black With Red Eyes And Dragon Wings. She Likes To Wear A Witch Hat When In This Form

    Personality: Nice, Down-To-The-Point, Tough, Happy

    History: She Is Some Kind Of Angel/Demon/Rabbit Thingy. She Likes To Film And Joke Around, She Also Like Drawing.... But Isent That Good At It :( ..... She Loves Flying Around, And In Her Demon Form She Can Catch Phantoms And Manipulate Them Into Helping Us.Her Parents Live In A Different Dimension And Tiny Has Never Met Them And Grew Up Alone

    I Think Thats Good. Bye!

  22. Name: Vixen

    Animal: Fox

    Gender: Female

    Age: 10

    Magic: Yes. Can preform basic magic. Type 1.

    Looks: Like an ordinary fox. Red-brown fur, white belly fur, green eyes.

    Personality: Loyal, kind, knowing.

  23. I hiope this isn't too late,but I'm making another character


    Animal:Wolf(will change to lion once I get my new membership)


    Age:2 1/2 months (people years)

    Magic:Yes,can perform unpowerful but basic magic

    Magic type:type 1(can only open portals for a short spell due to her small age)

    Looks:wolf,exactly like the wolf you start out with when you make taht animal,execpt with yellow eyes,not those droopy eyes

    Looks:lion,apricotish skin with a very strangepattern,is said to have a certain connection with aceint times(Like when the phantoms first attacked Jamaa)

    Personality:No one knows this as because she is to young and small to even be seen or known.Only her mother,Crinken,knows this.

    History:Driplee is a young wolf pup
    who actually is in to science.
    experments tell there is something very strange about her.When she was born,she already had the knowledge of an overachieved 8 year old.

  24. QuadifintiondroolOctober 10, 2011


    Animal: Wolf/Koala/Elephant/Rhino/Monkey

    Gender: Wolf: Male, Koala: Female,Elephant: Female, Rhino: Female, Monkey: Female.

    Age: 7

    Magic: Yes. Type 1. Also changes into rhino when angry, koala when nervous, monkey when shy,and elephant when scared.

    Looks (Wolf Form): Orange with black cresent pattern

    Looks (Koala): Yellow, pink leaf pattern

    Looks (Elephant): Off white with green fire pattern

    Looks (Rhino): Dark pink with ight pik heart pattern

    Looks (Monkey): Grey, no pattern

    Personality: Happy-go-lucky, sweet, nice, kind, shy.

  25. Name: Amaya (means Night Rain)
    Species: wolf
    Age: 18
    Wolf form: Black wolf with scar on shoulder. (please highlight Url, copy then paste it into your browser to see pc, thank you)
    Personality: Bitter, quiet, reclusive.

  26. Name: Phooly

    Animal: Phantom

    Gender: Male

    Age: None (Phantoms are immortal and don't keep track of age. They only die when Mira touches them).

    Magic: Can preform spells that can be used to attack someone but no other magic.

    Looks: Black (Duh!) with a red eye.

    History: Phooly was once the Phantom King's best warrior. Then he helped a young bunny rabbit escape from another warrior's clutches in the last attack on Jamaa. The phantom king banished Phooly from the phantom kingdom. Now Phooly is a lone phantom wandering the hills of Jamaa. He is a great friend to the people of Jamaa.

  27. Others Are Making More Animals So I Will Too!




    Magic: Yes!

    Magic Type:Can Cast Spells to help the sick and defeat phantoms!

    Looks:She has icy blue eyes.Her fur is Black....She wears a necklace her mother gave her when she was a pup.

    History: When Dusk was a pup she was given a necklace with a magic stone in it.The stone gave her magical powers so she could cast spells.Dusk hasn't mastered the powers yet....So her magic gets Out of control some times!But It will come in handy when the phantoms mess with her.Them Stone in the necklace is one thing phantoms want...So Dusk doesn't harm them....But Other than that Dusk has a normal life....

    Personality: Fun,Kind,Creative,Can be mean,serious at times,sad sometimes,often happy

  28. N.A.S.A SpaceshuttleOctober 11, 2011


  29. Misty LavenderOctober 11, 2011

    Name: Mononoke

    Animal: Wolf

    Gender: Female


    Age: 12

    Magic: Yes! Type 1.

    Personality: Grumpy, adventourous.

    History: Mononoke is very special because she can talk to Mira in her head. When Mira is in the phantom kingdom Mononoke can get a faint idea of where in the phantom kindom Mira is being held. Mononoke is best friends with Niara and Amaya. Mononoke's parents died from an unknown cause.

  30. Name: Mythiron

    Animal: Wolf

    Gender: Female

    Age: 8 (40 in people years)

    Magic: Can preform basic magic,can fly, type 1.

    Looks: Has wings, is brown. For more reference go to:!
    Copy and paste link into your browser.

    Personality: Sad, lonely, shy.

    History: Mythiron's parents died when an unknown sickness wave hit her pack. However, the sickness did not effect kits, so Mythiron survived. Mythiron wandered the mountains alone for days until she reached Jamaa. She becomes friends with Mononoke until her friend goes on the quest to save Mira. She goes with Mononoke.

  31. oh almost forgot, Amaya is blind in her right eye.

  32. Lol ik this is VERY late but id lik to make another caracter....

    Name:Nigeria (yes ik tht is a Africian county dont ask meh)

    Animal:Ghost warrior (not really an animal)


    Age:none,is already dead lol

    Magic:yes,can perform powerful attack magic

    Magic type:Very powerful beams to dissolve eniemeies


    Personality:sad,depressed,mad,goes on rampages often and destroys everything in path -.-

    Is someone who hides in the Phantom Kingdom and waits for attack silently

    Hopefully tihs isnt tooooo late?(oh and when i said Palmner i meant Palmner really)

  33. Name: Whisper
    Animal: Egyptian Jackal (Slight obsession, since we are doing Egypt in history class XD)
    Gender: Female
    Age: In canine terms, she is a young tween (eleven-twelve years old)
    Magic: YES.
    Magic type: Type 2, also knows some phantom magic. Can change into other forms (And by that, I mean ALL other forms.) Can also turn into a sort of ghost/shadow thing.
    Looks: Black with a golden-yellow tail tip and silver bow and arrows
    Personality: Fast, smart, good swimmer and climber, deadly aim with a bow
    History: Unknown.
    Hopefully I'm not to late! And oh by the way, Whisper is a good guy.


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