Monday, October 17, 2011

Clans... The Basics

Hello everyone!
Today I joined a clan called Night Clan, in which I am dark fur the warrior (funlove2001, the clan's creator, insisted on dark fur instead of Darkfur or Dark Fur). I did this for two reasons:
1. EVERYONE is bugging me for not RPing. So I joined this, cuz the name Night Clan is totally epic!
2. I wanted to get some basic information on clans so I can explain it to everyone who isn't in one!
So here are the questions I asked funlove2001:
1. Is there a dress code?
2. Are there specific meeting times?
3. What is a clan anyway?
The answers:
1. No (This probably will vary with the clan)
2. Not really (This probably will vary with the clan)
3. It's like a pack (This meant nothing to me. Although I assume that funlove meant that it's a social group that meets occasionally and RPs together)
So, I think it's probably different with every clan. For example, I've seen bunnylove pulled in the middle of conversations before (I think that was back when she was still in Water Clan, but I'm not sure) to talk to her clan or meet with someone from it. And once I walked in on a meeting on accident. I still don't teleport to friends if they're in other people's dens.
So, clans are a pretty complicated thing, but maybe a slightly disorganized one like this won't be bad (funlove didn't even friend me so that she could keep track of me! Maybe her buddy list is full...?).
I'll get back to everyone in a few days to see if it's fun or not. Or maybe I'll join another clan and get more organization and better answers and forget about this one? Who knows?
Bye for now!


  1. (ohhh sorry if i seemed rude.. i didnt know i was in a water clan before, wow u must have good memory xD)

    But basically the Clans are based on the clans from the Warrior books (except in aj they have wolves)
    Those who have read the books have very organized, civilized clans.The leaders are usually awesome.(mostly, some clans are just plain dumb and violent) most clans that do not follow the warrior code and don't read the books have weak clans that last a couple days or so and own no territory. There are Kits (pups), apprentices, medicine wolves(Healers),Warriors, Senior Warriors, Elders, Deputy, and the leader. When kits become 6 months old they become apprentices. The go from (say there name is like dark___) they would go from darkkit to darkpaw (they are paw when they become apprentice. Apprentices have mentors (warriors that teach the younger wolves) after they have completed their training they get their warrior name, like Darkclaw.

    My Name is Whiterose of Ironclan. The ironclan is a great clan although it has its ups and downs like all others. I wont say anymore cuz it could seem like im advertising. but trust me, i think we have enough members xD

    So yeah that is the basics =)

  2. oh wait im actually a senior warrior. i am considering becoming an elder soon, Btu it seems weird...

  3. ikr bunnylove,I'm in your clan too,it really,more than enough members.(I have had a clan of my own,but it was suspended due to the budget cuts and no members,but It's open now,but we rarely get member requests...Element clan..)

  4. i had a dream that animal jam updated XD

  5. OMG OMG OMG GUYS today on aj me and kiddy went to this persons den who said she was gonna give non members membership (i was thinking free gift codes that if they're free membership aj may go offline cuz of ) but when we got there they had to give her they're password D:
    and someone was going to give her they're pass and me and some other people followed them telling the person NOT to do it and that it was a scam and that she'll hack you if you give her your password but the person didn't listen and then they went to a locked den or something we couldn't follow them and then everyone had to go (sorry if you don't understand anything that i said)

  6. u mmight not wanna meat my clan...D:


  7. Seals8/KittykinzOctober 18, 2011

    LOL millicy u had a dream that AJ updated? LOL i had a dream WCC had TONS OF NEW POSTS and yes, im in Ironclan too. we faggot meh rank so im basically warrior. ya.

  8. i'm in ironclan too but i'm not around much

  9. @seals8
    in my dream it updated and you could change the size of your den times and stuff and you know when you log in you usually start in jamaa township well in my dream i stated in a den that wasn't mine and i could edit it and move the floor/wall paper like you do items

  10. my dream seemed so real

  11. Seals8/ FlamepawOctober 18, 2011

    I know.... weird dreams... I remrmber one new post from my WCC dream....

    Heres the post...



    posted by millcy at 5:00 PM


  12. @seals8 i don't say the F-word D: the dream is wrong

  13. and i'm too shy to make a post on WCC

  14. @seals8 it's a crazy Dream

  15. I know, I know, you never post or say the F-word, and I have crazy dreamz.

    -YouKnowWho (I know, I sound like I'm saying Voldemort)

  16. Connontrely

  17. @ bunnylove:
    Well, it might not have been you. All I know is that on woodswolf there was someone who was in Water clan (Maybe Riverclan? I don't know).
    I know how it's supposed to work. I've read a few Warriors books (Firestar's Quest was the only one I ever finished) but it seems interesting.
    Is Ironclan really that orgainized?
    Cuz that's the kind of thing I'm looking for. Something EXTREMELY organized so that it counts as a roleplay. How many members does it have? (If there are too many to count, it's fine XD)
    @ Other peoplez:
    It seems like we all have very pathetic dreams, don't we? XD
    Cuz I had a dream that there were a ton of people in a purgatory school kinda thing and that they were magic and that they would turn into crayons when this liquid fire touched them. It was really creepy and the dream itself was really detailed, but I can only remember a few parts, like my hands in the liquid fire and I was somehow floating close to the cieling in it but I was under the surface. The other image was of three people (My dream was first-person, as in I saw through my own eyes) in a hallway-like thing. A strange thing about it was that the place where they were was laid out kinda like my school (I know this is really really messed up).
    @ Funwow:
    Maybe I'll join yours? ;)

  18. @woodswolf
    have you tryed feralheart rps yet?

  19. @woodswolf: There are many members but there only about 10 on at a time max.. And somebody just joined today so im guessing we have plenty of room. Ironclan is the only reason i come on animal jam now... so i come on everyday xD

    im in fun wow's "clan" too. but its not like a clan clan, its more not sure of the word...but its awesome. so i can still be in both (plus...elemental clan doesn't meet that often so yeah)

  20. Hi! I was at science class. We took 1 cup of vanilla, 1 cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon of something else, and 2 cups of milk. Then we added liquid nitrogen and we made vanilla ice cream! How about that?

    PS: I'm making a Harry Potter based dream story- the dream was weird and part of it was Harry Potter. The story will be called Harry Potter-The mindmahing HP dream. I'll let u know when it's finished!

  21. Wcc Mod HjacklerOctober 20, 2011

    should i join this clan? whatever you do boss i do. :) gotta protect ya ya know!

  22. I always think of joining clans but I end up doing other RPs on Wolf Quest (Only if I get lucky and can connect.Doesn't work all the time) and sometimes Cats Paws Island or Wolf Home.Hardly ever on AJ.I don't really RP on there....
    Anyways,most clans I end up joining,everyone in it are like...Well let's just say this:
    They have No idea what they're doing
    The leaders make NO SENSE
    Too much violence(Mainly Shadow Clan when I joined it.And I'm NOT looking back into that!)
    They don't care about you
    They don't even TALK to you
    Ignore you...
    So yeah...Most clans I end up joining are really bad.Except this one....Lighting Clan was it?Well I don't know,but they were Serious Role Players!A clan I thought I belonged in!After about two months in the clan,some one in the clan,decided to get me kicked out of the clan.Then he told the leader I was a spy so end of that...
    I need a clan that would really...Like me...Ya know?

    Normally my clan name is MoonLight.Or sometime Sunset.Just depends...xD I've said enough and am going to Shut up!Lawl
    I think Pageh52 is in a 'tiger' version of that clan.
    Oh and would you leader accept more people?Just wondering!
    Normally what I do before going a clan now is learning it's bio...It's past...What it's like...That sorta thing.


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