Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Werewolf Game

Hello everyone!
I have an idea for someting we could do on chat sometime, possibly?
It's a super-cool game called Werewolf. I found out about it from this post on It's apparently a really old (but really epical awesome) role-playing party game. And the best part is, we can adapt it for chat!
Here's the short version of the chat-adapted rules (read the link for the classic rules):

1. I private chat three people. I tell two of them that they are werewolves and the third to be the Seer (Note that I tell the Werewolves who they are so that they can private chat each other in the game).
2. There are two parts to this game: Day and Night. We start with Night. During the night*:
  1. I say, 'Werewolves, open your eyes.' The werewolves then private chat each other and decide who to kill. Then one of them private chats me and says who they want to kill.
  2. I say, 'Werewolves, close your eyes.' followed by 'Seer, open your eyes.' The seer then selects someone to tell wether or not they are a werewolf. They private chat me and ask if ___ is a werewolf. I say yes if they are and no if they aren't.
  3. I say 'Seer, close your eyes." Then I announce that it is DAY.
*You can also chat on public chat at this time. Everyone does their stuff on private chat during the night. During the DAY, however, you can't use public chat.
3. During the day:
  1. At the beginning of the day, I announce who is dead. If you are dead, you are silent until the game is over, but you do say what you were: the Seer, a villager, or a werewolf. Note that you can still chat with your friends and other dead people, but on private chat.
  2. Now the villagers vote on who to hang. During this stage, people will try to reach an agreement on who to kill. This is the point where both the werewolves and the Seer try to win over people's opinon on who to hang. Any living player can say anything they want, lie or truth* (The Seer says to hang the werewolves if he/she knows who they are, and the werewolves try to hang innocent people).
  3. Once a person has been decided to be hanged, they reveal what they were: the Seer, a villager, or a werewolf. Then I announce that it is NIGHT and the cycle repeats.
*Everyone is suspicious of everyone else no matter what! It's more fun if nobody knows who anybody is until they kill them, as in no telling anybody who they are on private chat.
4. The werewolves win if they work down the number of villagers (The Seer is a villager, technically; they just have a 'supernatural gift' on who the players were) so that they are equal to the number of werewolves (two werewolves two villagers, or one werewolf one villager). The villagers win if they kill both werewolves.
They said on the site that it was preferable if there were an odd number of players (including me, the narrator) because that way there will never be ties on hangings and the game will end with a hanging.

So, does this sound interesting?
Bye for now!


  1. That sounds like the game called mafia

  2. Yeah, kinda like Mafia, as bunnylove3 said. But I like it! This will be awesome!

    PS: Srry! I was gone at chess and science class. They both are held not at home.


  3. ok but when do we play it?

  4. How about...October 19, 4:00 PM CST, October 21, 1:30 PM CST, or October 20, 3:30 PM CST? If you aren't in CST time zone, go to

  5. Hallo, Woodswolf! Ich bin aus Deutschland! Ich mag deinen Blog! Ich mag auch Wölfe. Kaninchen sind süß, though.

    Ich kann wieder zu besuchen!
    Bye, Woodswolf!

  6. Seals8/MoonstarOctober 21, 2011

    Oooh! Foreign commenter!

  7. do any of you have google chrome and the translator that comes with it?

  8. Seals8/MoonstarOctober 21, 2011

    No, but I betcha I can translate the foreign commenterz comment. Here's what I got from that:

    Hello, Woodswolf,Something about 'Like your blog.' Might be able to translate it. Dunno.

  9. KK, got the translation.

    Hello, Woodstown Wolf! I am from Germany! I like your blog! I like also wolves. Rabbits are cute, though.

    I can to visit again!
    Bye, Woodstown Wolf!

    Hase means rabbit, so Rabbitwolf is what she commented as.

    My response is:

    Hi, Rabbitwolf! Welcome to WCC! I like rabbits too, and wolves.

    Thanks for coming here!

    Bye! -*Moonstar*

  10. Hallo, bin ich Moonstar! Ich bin auch Seals8 genannt. Trotzdem, vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf ÖRK! Yup, sind Wölfe awesome! Ich hoffe, Sie bald wieder besuchen! Ich mag auch WCC. Sehen Sie ein anderes Mal!


    That's my response to Rabbitwolf's comment. See you some other time, Rabbitwolf!

  11. こんにちは、あなたのブログのような。日本からは。オオカミのクール。再びすぐに参照してください。さようなら。


  12. Moonstar/ Seals8October 21, 2011

    Oh man. Japaneese??!

  13. @ bunnylove:
    Well, it might not have been you. All I know is that on woodswolf there was someone who was in Water clan (Maybe Riverclan? I don't know).
    I know how it's supposed to work. I've read a few Warriors books (Firestar's Quest was the only one I ever finished) but it seems interesting.
    Is Ironclan really that orgainized?
    Cuz that's the kind of thing I'm looking for. Something EXTREMELY organized so that it counts as a roleplay. How many members does it have? (If there are too many to count, it's fine XD)
    @ Other peoplez:
    It seems like we all have very pathetic dreams, don't we? XD
    Cuz I had a dream that there were a ton of people in a purgatory school kinda thing and that they were magic and that they would turn into crayons when this liquid fire touched them. It was really creepy and the dream itself was really detailed, but I can only remember a few parts, like my hands in the liquid fire and I was somehow floating close to the cieling in it but I was under the surface. The other image was of three people (My dream was first-person, as in I saw through my own eyes) in a hallway-like thing. A strange thing about it was that the place where they were was laid out kinda like my school (I know this is really really messed up).
    @ Funwow:
    Maybe I'll join yours? ;)

    October 19, 2011

    @Woodwolf: Man.. we do have pathetic dreamz.

  14. woodswolf has fans form all over the world O_O right?


  16. That's right, Millicy! WCC has followers from almost every country in the world (I'm not exactly sure which ones, though). I wouldn't be surprised if there are people from Spain or Russia or South Africa that are fans, too.
    And for those of us who are NOT fluent in Japanese (or other similar asian languages =D) here's what Ellie said (Google Translate doesn't order stuff right, so this is my interpretation of what Google said):

    Ellie said:
    Hello! I like your blog! It's cool, Woodswolf. I'm from Japan. Please reply soon. Goodbye!
    - Ellie

    Here's my reply (In English and then Japanese):

    Hello Ellie!
    I'm glad you like WCC!
    Did you know that when I grow up I want to go to Japan? There are lots of really cool people in Japan I would like to meet!
    One of my favorite filmmakers lives there. Have you seen any of Hayao Miyazaki's films? I reccommend them!
    Happy Halloween!


  17. まあ、私もあなたのブログのように !素晴らしい仕事を !とにかくがどこか他の人からの別の訪問者を参照してください。あなたのコメントを日本語に変換しようとします。


  18. For english speakers:

    Ellie said ...
    Well, I like your blog! Great job! Please refer to separate visitors from other people anyway somewhere. Japanese attempts to convert to your comment.

    So long!
    - Ellie

    That's raw Google. But I think I know what she means. Here's my reply:

    Hey Ellie!
    I think I know what you mean. Google Translate isn't very good. Do you mean I should come up with an option to translate posts and other things for people who speak different languages? I think I might be able to arrange that!
    Bye for now!

    私はあなたが何を意味するか知っていると思う。 Google翻訳は非常に良いではありません。私は別の言語を話す人々のために投稿して他のものを変換するオプションを思い付くはず意味ですか?私はそれをアレンジすることができるかもしれないと思う!

  19. はい、それ何を言いたいとして表示されません。

  20. Moonstar/ Seals8October 21, 2011

    Presenting.... Harry Potter Mindmashing dream!

    Ok, so I was minding my own buisness when a snowy owl lands on the front steps telling me I musdt go to Hogwarts at once. And I go and typically it's harry potter and the sorcers stone only no hermione im replacing hermione creepy huh?

    Creepy dream!!!

  21. For english speakers, Ellie agrees with me that Google Translate doesn't work very well. I agree with that fact! Dictionary does the same thing as Google so that probably won't work either. Online translators are dumb! >:(

    I'll just ask Ellie this: Does your computer automatically translate?

  22. こんにちは、あなたは私を理解することができませんでした?ああ、それは大丈夫です。私は英語に私のコメントを翻訳しようとします。

    - エリー

  23. そして、いや、それはしない、あなたが話しているのかわからない。


  24. seals8/moonstarOctober 21, 2011

    Hi im typeeing this from on my das smarrtphone/nok colorb and sadly does not aj work on this and i ccant type goord : ( annyway i never been in this thing brefore and i goiing to do something ellse bye

  25. *~*Moonstar*~*October 22, 2011

    2500 Pageviews Away...
    Hello everyone...
    I just wanted to inform you that we are 2500 pageviews away from 30000 pageviews!
    If we can get it in October, that would mean that we can get an average of 10000 pageviews every 3 months!
    Just FYI...
    Bye for now!
    Posted by Woodswolf 3 Comments


  26. Translation of Ellie's comment:

    Jewelry said...
    Hello, you understand I couldn't? Ah, but that's okay. I will try to translate my comments into English.


    October 21, 2011

    Jewelry said...
    And do not know what you are talking about no, it doesn't.


    Okay, raw google. Jewelry is NOT spelled E-L-L-I-E. Ellie is NOT spelled J-E-W-E-L-R-Y. But, she translatred your comment into english, so she could read it.

  27. *~*Moonstar*~*October 22, 2011

    こんにちは、私は英語を日本語でコメントを翻訳しました。I ' L 私のコメントを英語に翻訳してください。また、どのような 'ヒット' です。 か? です。

  28. *~*Moonstar*~*October 22, 2011

    Ellie told me to comment that for her.

  29. Sounds cool?When do we meet on chat though?

  30. МэдисонOctober 24, 2011

    Здравствуйте люблю ваш блог. Я вижу других иностранных посетителей прийти в свой блог!


    PS: я из России.


  31. 熊猫范双October 24, 2011


    - 熊猫范双

  32. Attack of the Foreign Fans!!

  33. Hola, soy de México y ama a tu blog. ¿Te gusta México? Lo hago porque yo vivo aquí! Código Woodswolf Central me ha inspirado! Me pueden hacer un blog cuando sea mayor!

    Me tengo que ir.

    - Un ventilador de adoración llamada Allie

  34. Wcc Mod HjacklerOctober 24, 2011

    Woodswolf if you ever need me to translate german im quite fluent in it :)@ hase wolf Hallo hase wolf! wenn Sie jemals brauchen mich translate1 im woodswolf Assistent und ich würde gerne helfen für Sie, wenn Sie es brauchen:)

  35. Wcc Mod HjacklerOctober 24, 2011

    Like i said me and woodswolf have done a gooood job in expanding our horizions!

  36. Candycorn the Poodle/Seals8October 25, 2011

    I know, Darling. I have a HEADACHE FROM THAT!

    Russian, German, Japanese,I think Chinese, and Spanish.


  37. Candycorn the Poodle/Seals8October 25, 2011

    Oh man, how do we have more views than AJR? Also, I was thinking... Febuary will be WCC's one-yeasr anniversary! And, on August 9th it will be AJR's three-year anniversary. And speaking of AR, I made a tribute to Fuzzy- a song, actually.

    Fuzzy You're Awesome
    by Seals8
    (A version of te song Just the way you are by Bruno Mars)

    Fuzzy, Fuzzy.
    Without your blog the stars aren't shinin!
    Fuzzy, Fuzzy.
    AJR just keeps on dyin!
    But you are still awesome-
    your viewers tell you everyday!
    Yeah, I know, I know
    Fuzzy cannot even read this
    And it's so, it's so sad that Fuzzy quit her bloggin'

    Everytime I read her blog
    I think

    When I read your blog, blog, blog
    There's not a thing that I would change!
    Cuz AJR's awesome, awesome
    but it's been horrid since you quit, quit, quit.
    And when you left
    Your blog alone now it's shit-
    No more viewers- Fuzzy we still love you, you, you.

    She quit, she quit
    I think she might be gone forever
    And this, and this
    August is her anniversary

    Fuzzy, Fuzzy, we love you and AJR too- Fuzzy you were great!

    Oh you know, you know, you know I'd never ask you to change and if
    Shyivy's what you're lookin for then just keep postin'
    So don't even bother askin' anythin'
    Ya know I'll saay...

    When I read your blog, blog, blog
    There's not a thing that I would change!
    Cuz AJR's awesome, awesome
    but it's been horrid since you quit, quit, quit.
    And when you left
    Your blog alone now it's shit-
    No more viewers- Fuzzy we still love you, you, you.

    It's AJR, I love it
    AJR- I love it
    AJR- love it

    Fuzz, you're amazin.. amazin's what ya are!

    When I read your blog, blog, blog
    There's not a thing that I would change!
    Cuz AJR's awesome, awesome
    but it's been horrid since you quit, quit, quit.
    And when you left
    Your blog alone now it's shit-
    No more viewers- Fuzzy we still love you, you, you.

    Bye Shyivy- Live!

    It's kinda crappy, but it's a good tribute.

    I miss AJR.

    If you loved AJR, comment below and say: "To AJR and Shyivy!"

    It's good to remember AJR... AJR in the good ol' days.

    Did I give you some food for thought?

    - Candycorn the Poodle/Seals8


  39. does this post have more comments then any other on WCC?

  40. Candycorn the Poodle/Seals8October 25, 2011

    Yah u made it 40 now im making it 41 but the Story Forum had 108 comments but now we have darkness before the dawn

  41. I try to shake off the Fuzzy Thing...Until an old friend of mine,Syka asked what happened (Wasn't too long ago!) so I explained it to him.But guess what?What's done is done.We can't change the past.It's not like you're going to go back in time and tell Fuzzy Don't quit Don't Quit!It's not like we didn't try that already.AJR's gone.Same with a LOT of people.I'd list most of the but I' too lazy :P
    So all Fuzzy Shyivy lovers...Forget it?Kay?We already tried EVERYTHING we could.Feelings hurt,people sad, and a long fight between Woodswolf and Fuzzy.But it's not like we wanted this to happen.We just wanted her to stay.But now I know that Fuzzy probably wanted to leave even MORE after everyone begged her to stay!I know how she felt!Haters,Bad comments,Everyone saying Fuzzy Fuzzy can you do this,give me this,come here,do this and that and yatta yatta!I get WHY Fuzzy quit,and I wouldn't blame her!Blame the fans/haters really!We just made things worse by writing what Fuzzy called 'lies' about her.Anyways...We can't go back...We shouldn't look back.It's the PAST.As most people say get OVER it.She's gone!History!Forget it!Doesn't matter!Oh well!
    Shake it off...Just shake it off.....Just like when you're hurt,get up,shake it off and say oh well!It's fine doesn't matter!That's WHAT you should do about Fuzzy..
    But for those who were close to Fuzzy (Like me and Princess Tinywolf who could talk to her about stuff during the fight but most couldn't) I know it seems like a huge lost...Something getting torn out of your heart and you heart to watch it be torn up before your very eyes....It hurts losing friends.And I know how it feels.Matter in fact,I've lost bunches and bunches of close friends!HappyPenguin for instance!She was such a great buddy..Then she quit because she was bored of AJ Like fuzzy.WolfDagger...She quit because of Fuzzy.FieryClaw quit like WolfDagger24 as well...But just forget it...Move on...

  42. Candycorn the Poodle/Seals8October 26, 2011

    @Darling: Sorry about that... but you're wrong.. we can't forget Fuzzy forever... we all looked up to her... why can't we even remember good things about her?
    We can't pretend Fuzzy never quit, and we have to face it. I've thought of tributes and stuff in memory. Even if she'll never see them.....

    I miss Fuzzy, and I know you do too. Sorry, Darling... we can't forget her altogether.

  43. @Seals
    I know it's hard...To let go.I try to do it but there's always a big gap left.So you can't forget all together...But we try...

  44. @ Jewelery:
    Sorry! Google Translate just spit out 'Ellie' at the top when I would translate and it would spit out 'Erie' at the bottom. Another reason that someone in the world should come up with a half decent translator! >:(
    @ seals:
    LOLOLOL! You would LOVE Pottermore!
    Nice song, btw.
    @ Double Panda Fan:
    WOAH! You're from China? That's really cool! =D I once wrote a research paper on China :)
    Pandas are SO CUTE!
    @ Allie:
    I was in Mexico a few years ago, actually! We saw some ancient temples. It was really cool!
    Yes, WCC has inspired lots of people, actually! =D
    @ Madison:
    Hello! It's really cool that you're from Russia! Did you know that Russia once controlled half of Europe? That's a really cool fact!
    And yes, a lot of people from around the world come here. I think people from every continent (except Antarctica XD) have seen WCC!
    @ Darling:
    I know. I still think about Fuzzy sometimes too. :(

  45. SUPER EXITED SEALS8October 27, 2011


  46. Woodswolf (because I'm too lazy to sign in XD)October 27, 2011

    AJ updated? I'M ON IT!


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