Thursday, October 27, 2011

AJ UPDATE and Party Details!

Hello everyone!
A LOT of new stuff came out this week! I'll just list it all:
First, a new animal, SEA TURTLES, came out. I personally think (based off of the fact that they're always playing with their shell) that they are very alone inside XD
Second, a new ocean! It's called Kani Cove. There's a den shop there. Guess what it's for? UNDERWATER DEN ITEMS FOR A SUNKEN SHIP DEN! Problem is, all the stuff is members-only. :(
Third, all the Day of the Phantoms stuff is on clearance. In other words, grab it fast.
Fourth, there is a new music shop that I like to call: PawTunes! Click on the speaker at the top of the 'Edit Den' screen (It's right next to the den locking feature) to go to the music shop.
Fifth, there was a hint for what new pets there would be. Thing one, they're underwater pets. Thing two, they're still gonna be members only. Probably. They are the seahorse and the little 'fishing fish' as I call it (the one with the lightbulb on a pole; in real life it 'fishes' for fish using that 'lure' XD).
This is really minor, but there's a new animation for when entries go into your Journey Book. Try it :)
Finally, I've set a date for WCC's Halloween party. This Saturday. As for the time? 3 PM CST. Note that I might have to change that if something's going on.
Hope you can be there!
Bye for now!


  1. :D Awesome!I'll be at that party for sure!

  2. Er- for the party, what server? Which place? And can we invite friends? Oh and joanna07 cant go. Shes in Halloween holidays, and there is no Internet in the place she is staying (thats what she told me before leaving):(.

    -Leafstar, leader of LeafClan (MythCat :3)

  3. Seals8/ Blackcat Fur HalloweenOctober 28, 2011

    Ok, I'll definitely be at the Halloween party... what server?

  4. Seals8/ Blackcat Fur HalloweenOctober 28, 2011

    Oh and....

    Re-Re-Re-Re Comment

    I'm having a halloween party! Please come!

    When: October 30th!

    Why: To celebrate Halloween! Please wear a halloween costume!

    The server will be Draa, and we will start out in the Phantom Vortex!

    PS:To get to the Phantom Vortex, be sure to use the entrance by the theater in Sarpeia!

    Plz be there!

  5. Black Kat/ Seals EightOctober 29, 2011

    @MythCat: Cool!

    @millicy: FISH YAY! I'M GETTING A SEAHORSE FUR SURE!! (My suspicions that the store is either the seahorse door or the taped off door above the clothing store (But the clothing store door might be a underwater Pet Wash) but most likely the seahorse door)

    UPDATE ON MY PARTY: I worked out a time: 1:00 CST - 2:00 CST. Does that work for everyone?

    UPDATE ON HALLOWEEN: Lol, me and millicy apparently are BOTH black cats for Halloween-in real life! (Found this out on chat a while back.)

    I worked out a song- Happy B-day to you becomes- Happy Halloween-o to you.

    Happy Halloween-o to you!
    Happy Halloween-o to you!
    Happy Halloween from WCC!
    Happy Halloween-o to you!

    Happy Halloween-o xD

  6. Lol i copied this off Fuzzy's blog:

    Woodswolf Said...

    Yes. Wisconsin is in CST. I actually live in Wisconsin! XD

    So, cool Woods! My Grandma & Grandpa live in Wisconsin and I live in Minnesota Minnesotas right next to Wisconsin Lol lol lol!

  7. Sad Black Kat, Former AJR CommenterOctober 29, 2011

    ALSO: AJR DREAM, pretty awesome but sad too.

    AJR came back for a little. New post called updates.


    This is not about updates, I am quitting my blog, I'm getting bored and it's time you knew I'm through with AJR.

    I am taking the blog out of earth hour format. Goodbye, viewers.

    Try these blogs.

    Wolfrock12's Animal Jam Blog

    Woodswolf's Code Central

    Victory Shivermoon's Animal Jam Storm

    Posted by Oopsyocto155

    So, maybe she'll... you know.

    Maybe we can convince her to stay if she comes back!

  8. i just remembered i had a dream where ajr came back up and there were new posts and bunnys jumping around the blog O_O

  9. hey seals8 what time is the party tomorrow?

  10. GUYS! gjr888 is making a game about Dinosaurs! (and he asked me if i could tell you about it) and here's the link to it:! (i hope i'm allowed to post links in comments) and he's gonna make it multiplayer!! YAY!


  12. VERY VERY SAD Black KatOctober 29, 2011

    OH NO I MISSED THE PARTY OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :'( OH NO I HOPE EVERYONE CAN COME TO MY PARTY TO MAKE UP FOR IT OH... SO SO SORRY GUYS!!

    ps: Copy and paste this link into your browser to see some art i made on Paint for Halloween

  13. no one was at the party not even woodswolf ether that or the time was changed and a no one told me and i missed it

  14. @seals8
    what time is your party?

  15. Kandy Luver/ Black KatOctober 30, 2011

    Party Details!

    When: Today

    Place: Club Geoz

    Time: 10:00-11:00 CST, MST 9:00-10:00,PST 8:00-9:00,EST 11:00-12:00. Sorry if that's a bit confusing, but PST is Pacific & MST is Mountain.

    More details: Please wear a costume! Non-Members should make sure they have a seal because we might move to Kani Cove, and I have included every time zone above. You'll know how to spot me. I'm probably the only Pink Frankenstein in the place!

  16. @ millicy:
    Yes, you're allowed to post relevant, appropriate links. And Dino Club is really cool! I just got in, like, five minutes ago! Great work, gjr888! ;)


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