Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hey guys!Yesterday Roxy648,Bunnylove3,Paigeh52,Woodswolf and I Filmed this:
Roxy Bunny and I Planned this Three months ago!Feels GREAT to finally do it!This is the "early" version.We'll Probably have the party sometime in October......Roxy still has to make up her mind when though....


  1. The video turned out great! Seems a bit slow, though. Like it was at a REALLY high FPS and reduced to a really low one. Oh well! ;)

  2. xD wow its so hilarious watching the vid =)

  3. and no one ever told me about it

  4. @darling snowpaw
    it says that you Roxy bunnylove plnned it THREE MONTHS AGO!

  5. @Millicy
    Yep.......We let you in on it when you came on at that time....Remember?
    We just didn't have the time and when figured out....

  6. @Millicy,
    Theres Still The Halloween Party Of Cristmas SPIRITS! I Need To Know When I Can Do It Though... Either Before Or After Halloween... Or BOTH, For People Who Missed The First One, I Cant Do It On Halloween Though, Mostly Cause Its A Night Party And I Bet Over Half The People Are Trick-Or-Treating, I Will Be Too, I Might Be Too Old For It (I'm 11!) BUT... Who Doesent Like Free Candy? LOL!
    My Hypercam Is Slow, So Its Always Gonna Be Like That, And There Was More People On And My PC Was A Bit LAGGY, And Yeah :3
    It Was Funny, I Always Laugh At The Part When I Say "Oh What Fun It Is To Rice In A One Horse Open Sleigh! Hey!"
    @ ◆♡ Darling Snowypaw ♪ツ,
    You Were The Only Person I Didnt @, So I Just Did! MERRY HALLOWEEN!!! XD

    Ok So Yeah, Theres Stuff, And If I Can Do It.... Dont Miss The "Halloween Party Of Cristmas SPIRITS!" Bye!

  7. :NewPicIMadeOnMyIpod: A Fox Of Blasing Orange And Blue! Lol Random Post Eh?

  8. Hey, If We Can, On Halloween Morning, We Can Party Too... Or If We Are All Back From Our Halloween Activitys By: 1:00 Or 12:00 Or 11:00 We Can Party Then! Lol, But Thats Weeks Away.... EEEEEEE HEHEHEHEHE CANDY CORN XD But Yeah, 22 Days Away From Now! Thats 3 Weeks And A Day! I Cant Wait!!!!

  9. V ShivermoonOctober 15, 2011

    OMG! I was there at the Volcano den when you planned this! I remember!My Username is flopear and my animal name was Victory Shivermoon.


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