Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Loopholes' For Non-Member Pets

Hello everyone!
Today I went and examined THIS SIGN for 'loopholes'... places where non-member pets CAN be possible:
There are loopholes in the first, third and fourth statements that make non-member pets possible. I honestly have no idea why they would put the second statement in there.
The loophole with statement one is that non-members could (possibly) only discover a few combinations. Maybe the number of symbols is cut in half, or you only have five spins or something before it stops you. Lots of possibilities on how this would play out.
No loopholes in statement two, but it scares me all the same. Maybe you CAN'T show your buddies your pets... or show ANYONE your pets... *shivers*
The loophole in statement three is that possibly you can only collect LESS than four pets. Maybe you only get one pet, or maybe you get two or three. BUT... look at your pet holding place:
Take a look at the part I've highlighted in red. EXACTLY... SCROLLING ARROWS! That means you could probably have a billion pets if you wanted to! So maybe non-members wouldn't have as many... or maybe you'd have to pay for additional slots, just like animals, and (just like animals) non-members would only get so many... Who knows?
The loophole in statement four is that non-members can't find rare pets. So no Harry Potter glasses for me, I guess. :(
And we also already know that non-members will have pets. If they go by these rules, that means that we'll be able to have ALL of the types of pets, not just whatever they make.
Hopefully they don't make up new rules as they go along! But we all know life is a game of Calvinball... XD
Bye for now!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Independence Day Party!

Hello everyone!
Well, it's coming up on July, and that means Independence Day! Yay! Fireworks! Watercross! All that crazy stuff that we do in America! XD
So, how about a party?



Sorry if you can't show up... that's part of the reason why I'm having multiple parties, so that if you can't show up for one you can try to make another. They're all on the same day, one right after the next.
Bye for now!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pets are everywhere! & New Wcc Columnist

Hey Wcc viewers!

Im bunnylove3. Im a moderator and you might know me from my animal jam account or comments or from chat. I am the new columnist for WoodswolfCodeCenral and this is my very first post!! Im am very honored to become the new addition to the team and i will enjoy contributing to this blog.

Anyways, most of you (if not all of you) already know that pets have already arrived in animal jam!
They are typically sold in the Paws & Claws store in Appondale.
What you may not know is that animal jam placed pet buying icons in EVERY land! Theses icons allow you to buy pets without going all the way to the shop. This is a good addition because sometimes the Claws & Paws shop is full. but its kinda crazy to put them everywhere! lol i guess some people are too lazy to go ALL the way to Appondale. ...weird
Sigh, im not a member, so it seems like everywhere i go animal jam is taunting me with the pet icons. Its so unfair that non members cant buy pets, but that's life. =)

What do you think? Comment and tell me! =o)

Leaving our Homeland

"Come out of the castle now, kneel before me, and you shall be spared. Your parents and children, your brothers and sisters will live and be forgiven, and you will join me in the new world we shall build together."
- Lord Voldemort
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling
Chapter Thirty-Six: The Flaw in the Plan

The quote says everything. So does the title.
If we can't win... when the cause seems hopeless... there's always another chance. The whole book... the whole series, for that matter... deals with this. Tells us what to do.
We have a choice.
Stay and fight... and possibly lose... but we can win, too...
...or leave. Find another safe haven. Somewhere better.
WCC was built on this system. So that we could adapt with time. The official description is 'A site on how to get the most out of YOUR games.' It's up now.
I want to leave AJ even less than you guys do, probably. But we may have to. For safety.
AJ is becoming... or maybe has already become... an unsafe game. Membership is becoming too much of a deal... and hackers and scammers are on the loose, ready to swindle something important from you.
No, not all games are like this. AJ just had a very bad start. Maybe it will get better in the future? Or maybe we can leave before it becomes too unfair and dangerous.
There are some games with no items. Some games that are fun, have no hacking problems, are peaceful, let you get lost in them, lose track of time... like AJ. Was.
I've come up with a list of several games people may want to try out. They are listed under each category that applies to them:

Animal Jam (Yes, you can stay, as I will still be blogging about it) (
SecretBuilders (

Animal Jam, many animals (
FeralHeart, felines and canines (
The Endless Forest, deer (
Secondhand Lands, many animals (

FeralHeart, no membership (
Free Realms, little membership (
Secondhand Lands, no membership (
SecretBuilders, little membership (
The Endless Forest, no membership (

Animal Jam (
Free Realms (
SecretBuilders (

That's all I can think of for now.
ALSO... for those of you out there who play FeralHeart... it works for me again! :)
In other news, I think I'll have game contests. As in, for each game you play, you get another chance to win. All of the games are judged seperately. The next contest will be to create a character that looks like...
THIS little guy! Notice a few important features:
* Black, beady eyes
* Big, bushy tail
* Fatter body
* Brown-gray color
* Light brown underbelly
The winner will be the one that looks the MOST like the little squirrely here :)
Just take a screenshot and e-mail it to me (or put it on Photobucket or something) or (in AJ's case... and possibly other games) just tell me your username and your 'squirrel' character's name.

Bye for now... I know this post got very off-topic...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Member newsletters?

Hi guys,
I was just looking above and beyond Animal Jam.
And I click parents and then I click Member ship and then it says what you get when you become a member and one of them quit surprised me, SCREENSHOT:
Access to our member newsletter! They do not have a members only newsletter.. So they might be making on soon! For members only! And.. Why members only? It's just a news letter. So.. It might be news ONLY members can read.. Now THAT'S stupid!


One word i hate and dont beleave in...

    i hate the word cant
i beleave we can not CANT

 i dont beleave cant i beleave can


 P.S. im getting membership Friday but i will still help

New Servers?

Hello everyone!
Today I went on AJ and found this for the server list:
What's funny about it is the time: 5:15 AM CST! 10 SERVERS! This is CRAZY!
Maybe the new servers have come? The ones they talked about a while ago?
Bye for now!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

plan of protest...

Hello, i know how yall feel.

what we should do is make a time and a plan of protest...
for them to make membership free again

comment if u think the same

i will make a post for where/when/sever
to do it on

happy jamming...

Jamaali Inequality

Hello everyone.
This is a 'lecture' that I have been collecting research for over a few months. Note that data on items is based on the PRESENT TIME, as in June 23rd to July 7th (according to newspaper dates; really June 24th to July 8th).

Jamaali Inequality
A Lecture by Woodswolf about the Unequivalence of Jamaalian Society
Part One: 1984
When you think of Jamaa, what comes to mind first? I think of the Member Party.
Now, I doubt that anyone listening to or reading this has ever read 1984 by George Orwell, but if you have, please explain what the plot is about. If you haven't, read below.
The story of 1984 is about a man by the name of Wilson who is stuck in a totalitarian society that 'worships' their leader, BB or Big Brother. He and his friend Julia break many rules. They're punished. It's a good book; I would recommend it, and it is required in many school districts.
One of the major things in the book is the idea of 'The Party', the single political party that rules the nation. Its political system is very similar to communism, Nazism, fascism, and many other types of government underneath the 'umbrella of totalitarian similarities'. The people who are not in the Party are treated as 'less than human' creatures, very similar to the way African-Americans were treated for almost 200 years in America, and possibly a bit more.
Now, think about Animal Jam. There are the Members, the Great Center Party, that gets everything they could ever dream of from AJ HQ, and the Non-Members are treated like they're 'less' than them, as if they're not 'real' players.
This is the same way in many games with membership or 'pay currencies' that get you extra things, but Animal Jam by far is the most extreme that I know of. For example, I have taken an item count of things available to members and non-members. This includes pets, den items, clothing, dens, animals, etc., but only things you can currently buy (Note that non-member items are counted in the member count, as they can buy them):

Member Things: 231
Non-Member Things: 83
For Every Non-Member Thing, There Are: 2 + 65/83 Member Items

That equates to almost 3 member items for every one non-member item! And if we don't count animals, the statistics are just as bad:

Member Things: 224
Non-Member Things: 82
For Every Non-Member Thing, There Are: 2 + 60/82 Member Items

Part Two: THE LAW
Non-Members also have many restrictions on 'how they can live'. This is called (or at least I call it/nicknamed it) THE LAW.
I. Non-Members Cannot Have More Than Two Animals.
II. Non-Members Cannot Have Member-Only Animals.
III. Non-Members Cannot Buy Member Clothing.
IV. Non-Members Cannot Wear Member Clothing.
V. Non-Members Cannot Change Clothing Colors.
VI. Non-Members Cannot Buy Member Furniture.
VII. Non-Members Cannot Place In Their Dens Member Furniture.
VII. Non-Members Cannot Purchase Extra Dens.
IX. Non-Members Cannot Customize Their Nametags.
X. Non-Members Cannot Receive Jam-A-Gram Gifts.
XI. Non-Members Cannot Receive Member Achievements.
XII. Non-Members Cannot Have Pets.
XIII. Non-Members Cannot Use Member Emoticons.

I'm not sure how many I have missed in that list, and some are 'similar', like, for example, I and II. Chances are there may be other pieces of THE LAW that no one is aware of yet...?

Part Three: Into The Future
Many months (and possibly years) from now, what I see is one of several things.

I. AJ is taken offline (permanentely).
II. AJ turns into a pay-to-play game (like WoW (World of Warcraft)) because they get greedy.
III. AJ is more equal; Membership becomes a subtler quality, but is still there.

Let me explain these three, and how (at least one way) they would come to be.

I. AJ is taken offline (permanentley). This could happen in any number of ways. The first would be that it would have little or no membership money coming in, and would have to shut it down. Another would be that all the members lose their membership, but don't bother to buy it back because they quit or something. A third would be that it goes offline for the peace of the world, because of a reign of scammers, hackers, and protesters (member and non-member alike) asking for rights (see III).
II. AJ turns into a pay-to-play game (like WoW (World of Warcraft)) because they get greedy. The answer is in the question. AJ gets REALLY greedy and decides to not let 'vermin' (non-members) play at all.
III. AJ is more equal; Membership becomes a subtler quality, but is still there. THIS WOULD HAPPEN BY PROTESTS! GET ACTIVE! SCREAM AND SHOUT! YOUR CAUSE IS IMPORTANT! SHORT SENTENCES ONLY! DON'T FORGET EXCLAMATION POINTS! AND DO IT IN ALL CAPS! PROTEST! PROTEST! PROTEST... You get the idea. If you protest for rights, you may get some! Look at rights in America, for example. Women! Native Americans! African Americans! They all got their rights by protesting non-violently. If we can achieve the same energy and the same mass, they'll give in. If we do nothing, this situation's reverse, II, will happen. I personally hope that we can achieve III without one of the other two happening first.

No matter what happens, we can be sure of one thing: Things will be different, whether we like it or not, whether it's good or bad, whether it hurts or helps. But because of current actions, some things may soon be unavoidable. So do what you want! Have all the fun you could ever desire, for you don't have all the time in the world. Things will change. And if we don't stop inequality now, someday, it could be you.
Thank you.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Great Pet Protest

Hello everyone!
I would like to present a poem I wrote to you.
Here it is:

The Great Pet Protest
"We want our pets, too!" Cried non-members bold,
When they had awoken to find members behold
The pets from the place in the Appondale shop,
That made the members joyfully hop-hop-hop!

"We don't care if colors are static or shapes left alone!
We want something to care for and treat as our own!
Because we have rights too!" They cried by the thousands.
"We want something else to live in our houses!"

That was the day that the protests began.
On and on for days they would go was their plan.
The protests, quite peaceful, happened like this:
All of the traffic was gone (like the fish)!

Soon AJ HQ realized what they had done.
Thousands of people had been angered as one.
They gave them pets fast, and with bang and with shout,
The non-members rejoiced at winning the pout!

Please give us our pets and we'll leave you at peace!
Please give us our pets, for we won't give you fleas!
Please give us our pets for the night and the day
And let us keep them forever in our own special place!"

So... everyone understand the point it's making? I submitted this to Jammer Central too...
Here are a few definitions you may want to know:
Static colors - unchanging colors
Shapes left alone - shapes of things untouched
All the traffic... (like the fish) - No one there... since non-members are a vast majority, it would be completely empty (close enough, nay-sayers who I know are out there)

I think everyone agrees with the point this poem is making. Non-members are used to sacrifice and will accept this as fair if they could just have pets. For example, maybe we would only be able to have one 'standard' coloration, unless if you were a member and already had pets. Or maybe a limit on the number of pets. Or maybe no rare pets. That way (since we're not sure yet if they'll lose them) members will have a 'safety net' if they lose their membership.
If you 'accept these terms and conditions', the poem predicts the future. And trying and failing is better than not trying at all.
Are you with me on this?
And actually, earlier today, I was getting quite a crowd riled up. We had about 15 people in Jamaa Township. I was leading but a lot of people were joining in, or just listening. Even a few members decided to fight for the cause! :) Then there were also the ones (that only were VERY early on) that said 'You weirdo' or something (I don't want to put what he REALLY said on here... D:). But it worked! 15-20 people is big, not necessarily big enough to notice it... but very big, considering what time it was: 6:00 AM CST!
AJ EMOTE OF THE DAY: :evil: - Protesting against the suppressing 'racist' government! YAYA! (The 'backstabbing' or 'protesting' smile always gets me... =D)
Bye for now!


Hello everyone!
Well, most of my guesses were right!
First thing, the store, called Claws 'N Paws, is inside the tree in Appondale.
Second thing, the pet types are right... Duck, Dog, Cat, Frog (Hehe I rhyme!)
Pets are for members only (AJ EMOTE: :cry:
Here's how you select your pet, and how you can 'selectively change' it's appearance:
First you figure out which pet you want and click its icon. (Dog is northernmost, Duck southernmost, etc.)
Then, you edit your pet by changing the symbols on the right. I've matched which symbols connect to which features. The first symbol changes ear and nose color. The second changes eye shape. The third changes ear shape. And the fourth changes body color.
Just for all of you Harry Potter fans out there, I've come up with a pet design (will work on any animal) that is 'Harry Potter' based on the symbols (I'm not going to dig through there looking for black hair and a way to get green eyes, etc.). For those that have read the books (ALL of the books) the meaning is easily understood, but I will not dwell on this topic. Figure it out for yourselves. Just note that some symbols are a bit vague... like the phantom and (especially) the star, but shouldn't be very hard to figure out. This is a mini-contest... just for fun.
Just note that there is a second alternative... just substitute the star in position 3 for a moon, to get this:
Now, just note that because of the vast difference when you only change ONE THING... I think each symbol may effect each other in different ways based on this... and who knows what role Species plays in the whole thing...?
And I have no idea how many name combinations there are. They don't let you access the 'namer' thingy (as a non-member).
And the price is WAY lower. But it's with membership added. So who knows?

Second thing... for all you AJ RPers who have always wanted to be able to actually sit (like you do on slides), you can now sit! There's a new button (actually, four new buttons) on your Actions panel! This will let you sit in any of the four directions you can face (and in this process, they actually say, for all the world to hear, that Jamaa has a 'true' North, South, East and West (you can tell by looking at the chat log when you do it... if you sit to the top left corner, that's Jamaa's northeast). If you go in water (for example, the lake near River Race) and sit, it looks like you're having REALLY REALLY bad gas.
And in addition to that, a similar thing is that there are seven new (animated member only) e-motes!

There are a total of 15 new items this week, including:
11 new flags in the Flag Shop! Check them out!
Freedom Hat and Freedom Cape in Jam Mart Clothing
Fireworks Fountain and Koi Pond (M) in Jam Mart Furniture

One more thing: x2 gems are still at ToT (Temple of Trivia).

And that's pretty much it!
Have fun with your pets!
Bye for now!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello everyone!
Here are 'my estimates' on the pets!
PET TYPES: Dog, Cat, Frog, Duck.
COST (GEMS): 1000
COLOR CHANGEABLE: Maybe (Possibly a system like changing character colors)
SHOP AREA: Inside the tree, new shop in the Museum, new land, some other 'abandoned' door around Jamaa...?
MEMBER, NON-MEMBER: Two scenarios: 1, All member; 2, Duck/Frog non-member, Cat/Dog member

We'll see if I'm right tomorrow! XD
Bye for now!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

High-Security Password Generator

Hello everyone...
This is a High-Security Password Generator, for those of us who want to be safe in this 'new era' of bad things, like hacking.
You get three passwords on this webpage. One is hex characters, one is ASCII characters, and one is alphanumeric characters.
The thing that makes them high-security is that they're not like regular passwords. They're 64, 63, and 63 characters long, respectively. And that means that if the webpage they get into is set up so that you can't copy and paste... well, they're so long you're gonna mess up somewhere.
So here's the link:
'Lock up' your accounts!
Bye for now!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fake, virus, hack, scam, don't do!




Hello everyone!
3 days until pets come! And if pets come... All of the buildings in Jamaa are in use right now except for the treehouse in Appondale and some areas that haven't come out yet... so where is the store going to be? I have my ideas... so maybe the store will be in a new LAND! Or, the more boring idea is that they'll create another store in the Museum or something (another possible location is the shed in Jamaa Township near the bamboo path (that no one can use)).
Anyways, here's my ideas on the animals. I've colored in their silhouettes with what they MIGHT look like. I've also put their names and whether they are member or non-member below the picture (this is based on the fact that members always have the 'cooler' and 'more popular' stuff):
I'm guessing that the dog and cat will be member while the duck and frog will be non-member. I can also guess the exact appearance of the non-member animals:
If you look closely at the regular image, you can see that the outline matches perfectly (except that the frog is gripping the sign). But I have no idea about the real coloring of the dog and cat. I just guessed (as I did with the rest of it).
Anyways, which pet will you choose now? Assuming my thing about member-nonmember is right... I think I'll get a ducky, MAYBE a frog. If it's not, DOGGY OR KITTY. KITTY!!!!! WAAA!!!!! :3
Bye for now!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ever feeled like to be REAL famous on AJ?

Hiya! I was feeling to make this blog FAMOUS. That means the mods, columnists, commenters and DEFINITELY Woodswolf will be famous. So what i was thinkin´ was that on AJ i will spread the URL of this blog. So what d´ya say? Should i(you can do it to)?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

'Feel Young Again'

Hello everyone!
I'm here to say that I feel young again!
Before I heard what I heard, I was going to write a really depressing post about the inequality of Jamaa because I was very depressed. Anyway, what happened was I heard (from her personally) that she was getting married and wanted me to preside!
I was blown away by this offer. I hadn't done anything like this since I was 'young' (in terms of how long I've been on AJ). I mean, I still do doctor stuff (on the rare occasion)... but I haven't done a wedding service since the 'greenwoodwolf months' (For those of you that don't know, greenwoodwolf is one of my biggest secrets. It's my old account... the one from WAY back in BETA... and I quit it after I lost my membership. I did a lot of stuff on there... made many friends... played games... Then I lost my membership. Animals I worked so hard for... behind bars. Dens... same situation. It was awful. But I came back. And ever since woodswolf got hacked and 'destroyed', I take regular visits to the empty den as Enchanted Rainywolf, whom my character on my new account was named and modeled after).
The service was great! I do not have any actual pictures of the service (unfortunately... I didn't think of this until now), but I do have my outfit. It looks like this:
Anyway, I also have a picture of the couple (snapshots of player cards and Paint can be so handy =D... just note that these are not the attires they got married in...):
They're a great couple. You picked a good man, bunnylove! ;)
Anyways, that's what made me feel 'young' again! I haven't done that since who-knows-when. I've seen several (friends or strangers... I always think it's polite to come anyways) but I haven't DONE one since the 'greenwoodwolf months' I talked about earlier. Doing doctor stuff also brings back memories. It made me feel like I was young and innocent and had all the stuff I needed and didn't know (or care) that it would go away. It made me almost feel the past sitting there in the room with me.
I have no idea what this pleasant experience I had was, whether it was just the love dripping off of them like the waterfall in Coral Canyons (literally... you could almost SEE it in the air of the Museum) or memories of the early days... All I know is that I had it, and after it, I feel old again XD
It's still making me smile :)
Wish the happy couple good luck!
Bye for now!
PS: Anyone looking for a wife? Anyone creative, nice, understanding, respectful...? Hehehe... o.O

I'll Add You On AJ... Just Give Me Your Username! PLUS Other Random Things! (ORTs)

Hello everyone!
Just for 'safety', what I'm doing from now on is that I'm not accepting any in-game requests. Or Jam-A-Gram requests. I'm just giving requests to the people I know I can trust, as in people that read WCC. Also, for now, I'm keeping it secret until WCC's threat level drops low. The 'threat level' chart is shown below.

5 - SAFE

WCC's threat level is currently 3, because of the recent hackings. So, for now, I will not be accepting any in-game requests, I will only be giving them. Maybe this can be removed once we get to 4 or 5. Note that the threat level drops every week without an incident.

Another thing is that I will not be changing the staff list. Sorry to all of those who signed up, but it's just too hard to do. D=

For those of you that play FeralHeart, I may have to take it off of the list of games that WCC uses. can't get it to work (STILL - UGH) and I've re-installed thrice. I want it to work too, but it won't! I'm going to try ONE MORE TIME...

Well, I forgot what else I was going to say!

Friday, June 17, 2011



 new code  above

 1000 gems!!!

happy jamming!

-MaddieFox(this is my animal jam account name too!)

Woodswolf Says:
Well, if you got the magazine, chances are very good that there's another code hiding in there somewhere. Have you checked the game pages, AJ ads, and other things? Look at anything related to AJ in the magazine and chances are VERY good you'll find another code :)                  

Party Tonight, and Story Update!

Hello everyone!
Two things:
One, the WCC costume party is tonight! Dress up! :)
Two, the story page has been updated. bunnylove3 didn't put another part of her chapter in a comment because it didn't fit. It's up there now, and go read it! ;)
Bye for now!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Passed 200 Posts! (RE-POST)

Hello everyone!
I'm just here to announce that WCC just passed 200 posts! This is BIG! =D
Maybe we should party?

WHEN: FRIDAY, JUNE 17TH AT 5:00 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time)

Bye for now!

Was it me?

@woodswolf was it me about he blog thing becuse I did NOT say this!! I didn't say go to my parties trust me I cheaked my post I didn't say that!!

@everyone I saw on animaljam that if you jump on the tree it brakes uh don't listen to this!!! I doesn't Or at least I don't think so

@ wolves are awesome:
No, it wasn't you. I was using that as an example of what people are doing and what I'm fed up with.


Hello everyone.
Let me just say that some recent 'behavior' among columnists, mods and readers alike is making me a bit mad.
Here's an example comment/post:
Example Person said...
Hey everyone! I have an AJ blog too! I want everyone to come to my parties and read it. Here's my blog's link:
I don't exactly like it when people are doing stuff like this. It's a waste of everyone's time, and too many people have been doing it recently.
And Madison, you and I both know that what you're doing with 'MaddieFox's Code Central' is plagiarism and nobody will care about WCC anyway if you do what you would do.
Note that this is one of the things that caused Fuzzy to quit AJR (See WCC's coverage of the Fuzzy Crisis here and here). I can understand why Fuzzy did. It's infuriating!
So... can we please stop stuff like this? All that's relevant (and belongs on WCC) is the stuff that has something to do with the games, not links to your blogs/sites/xat chats/other stuff...
Bye for now... >:(

Just Passed 200 Posts!

Hello everyone!
I'm just here to announce that WCC just passed 200 posts! This is BIG! =D
Maybe we should party?

WHEN: SATURDAY, JUNE 18TH AT 5:00 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time)

Bye for now!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

@ woodswolf

 nope im not changing it and im not saying its mine own if anyone ask about how i made that name i will say----------- "woodswolf gave me the idea and u should visit his blog the link is follow him hes an awesome guy!" so basically im helping u get more vans then me...well way more then me

-MaddieFox   :B
Wolves says she was hacked hjackler, woodswolf you know what time it
is by that I mean meet my at 7:30 EST again.

Dear hacker

Dear hacker don't hack WCC hack me if you have the b***s to do anything else just hack me nobody gives a d**m about me  and if you hack me nothing will happen to you but if you  hack WCC then you will probably get  locked for your computer forever or you comp, will be un-use-able from viruses so hack me!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

@ millicy

 ok i changed my PICTURE!!!!!
r u happy?

I also changed my name from Madison to MaddieFox

Happy Jamming

Um hi Uh random post

So uh ya Newest cloumist so um yay pretty cool....Hmmm u know now You see my name alot....Yay I Um have a blog if you wanna cheak it out ya almost 100 looks! yay!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hacking Cleared Up?

Hello everyone...
I'm not sure if this is correct, but... I think the hackers are gone now! At least I'm not aware of them...
Anyways, I think after a short crisis WCC can settle down again... unless if this is a 'double dip' like the Fuzzy Crisis was... o.O
Bye for now!


Hi guys! Jammerfun is UPDATED! I got a lot of votes that it is MY choice and my choice was to change it. Check it out!! And answer the new poll if you like my new updates or not!! BYE!!!!

Click HERE to go to my website!!

Hi guys! As you can see, on the Buddy Of the Month page is now Buddy Of the WEEK!!!!!!!!

If you want a chance to be BUDDY OF THE WEEK answer it in the comment on the Buddy Of the WEEK page!!!!

chart i mean like this


is this goodbye?

  ok im gonna let yall vote on if i should quit aj or not....

picks u may pick
(ONLY ONE) (1)
1.) yes i should leave animal jam....
2.) i shouldn't leave animal jam 

y'all vote on it 

the chart will look somewhat like this:

yeses      l  nos

Nothing about animaljam but HILARIOUS photo

My sister was looking for a picture of a wolf for her website and she found this. It is so so HILARIOUS!!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not about aj but I need some help

So wolves are awesome recently created a blog well I pretty much created it because I made her the email address and helped here avertise it and now she acting all like "I made this myself with no help" and she made a poll about "should  let Tigerstripe to the party?" so how do you think I should respond to this...

Hacking info wrong (UPDATED AND CORRECTED)

alright so I was looking on a new aj blog and I saw this post about hacking so half of this stuff is wrong me, hjackler and woodswolf know a lot  this hacking and many of you  know woodswolf is a girl, and some people still got hacked before trading and as far as I know king cris did not hack woodswolf it was gummiez    ; ) but here is the post:         Animal jam was a safe site until a person came up with trading. Now every one is getting hacked because of trading and a youtube. If you are a person  hacked I feel you pain I lost a purple, and gray glove and my blue fox hat when they where rare and my red and white one. Now I was around in the first week of animal jam there was never this problem. All becuse of trading. Now you will see the pain of one persons back story.
Woods wolf was just a blogger with a glove. Everyone wanted it but no one knew it would go this far. She was hacked once...Twice..More than you can imagine. Today she reveled the big secret to me. The Hacker was gummiez, not WCC mod KingChris as wolves wrote. Now we are in hiding. We have a plan but we're not sure it will work lets cross our fingers! The hacker it on wcctest account. Lets hope for the best.

all be cuz of rares i think....

u know sense aj had rare there was scamming then what trade was up there was hacking.
im thinking i should tell this to animal jam and see what they say....

comment to say if i should or not

Thinking about it. . .

All this hacking stuff is starting to scare me... I do not want to be hacked I have too many rare items to be stolen... All this hacking is just dumb! I want to quit animal jam before some random hacker makes me want to quit. But then.. My membership.. If I quit it would just be a big waste of my mom's money! And I am working hard on my jammerfun website.. All the hacking is scaring me... Like seriously SCARING me like I just watched a scary movie! I do not want to be hacked. But then again... Animal Jam is not my life. It keeps me from being bored all the time. But I'm talking about.. My Yahoo my Google and my Youtuber and lots of other stuff that is important. And yes animaljam is addicting... But I was so addicted to sillybands.. Until.. A student at my school stole all 500 of them. And then after that... I just ignored sillybands like they were my worst enemy. If I get hacked I might just do the same thing with sillybands.. Or.. I might rebuild my account... I want to quit right now but somthing is telling me not to.... Telling me to keep on.. But I do not know what..

Strike a bargain?

This message is more for the hacker than anyone else.
Give me my account back...
...and I'll give you something.
Tell me your username and we'll arrange a trade.
Of course, you probably don't want any more rares... you have more than you know what to do with!
But... who knows?
Maybe I can be nice and give you all the rares on a hidden account I have!
Or maybe not.
Either way, you won't know until you try it!
Bye. I expect to hear from you soon, deny or approve.


So now I'm hacked My blog is messed up and all my files I don't know who did it but **** You And I'm bidding my acount if you want it comment below.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quiting animal jam

I am quiting animal jam, all this hacking makes me paranoid, I just can't put up with this anymore, thats not the only reason, aj hq has been banning me for no reason that's why my username was reset, goodbye = (

Woodswolf Says:
I agree with Tigerstripe. AJ is not nearly as safe of a place as it was previously. I will not definitely quit AJ, but I'm going to avoid it until the pets come on. I have not been banned for no reason, but I feel that other things may follow. Worse things. Much worse things.
So, as of right now, I hereby declare that the columnists shall be running the AJ department for now. I will be focusing on Secondhand Lands and TEF for now, or until AJ becomes safer.
I second Tigerstripe's action.

Crane Feathers Updated!

Hello everyone...
Crane Feathers has been updated! This week's winner is...
Congratulations! Check out the Story page for her addition to Crane Feathers!
Bye for now!
PS: Check out the post below...

Friday, June 10, 2011



^ This is what I saw when I got onto Blogger today after resetting my Gmail password!
Well, **** you too, Anonymous Hacker! I'm reporting this to Google! o.O
For those of you who don't know what this is, this means that someone hacked my Gmail! How nice is that?
UPDATE: Did you get my Xat too? Well then. **** YOU, ANONYMOUS HACKER!
Bye bye!


Hi guys!
You know that one glitch where you could go on top of the roof of Club Geoz? THERE IS A ANOTHER GLITCH JUST LIKE THAT! It is in appondale! You know the tree with the door in it!? Just CLICK the tree and your on the tree! Here is a screen shot:
Try it out! It is so so much fun!!!!!!!!!!

Woodswolf's comment:
She's right! I tried it out and it works!
Sorry about the black box. I don't know what went wrong there...?
\(  )

Another Glitch!

There was an animal fact in my den, as well as the music from The Lost Temple of Zios playing (and the den music)!

New Stuff (Including Tips on Passwords!)

Hello everyone!
Lots of new stuff!
M = Member, R = Returned
Rhino animal (M)
NGB - Double gems at ToT!
Flag shop in Sarepia - HUGE
Panel on keeping username and password private - Prevents hacking
Notice on pets! 2 weeks! (YAYAYAYAY!!!!!! KITTYZ!!!! PUPPYZ!!! BUNNYZ!!!)
Jam Mart Clothing:
Tie (R)
Spartan Armor (M) (R)
Spartan Helmet (M) (R)
Jam Mart Furniture:
Sand Box (M)
Museum Den Shop:
Giant Rhino Plushie (M)
Coral Corner:
Porch Swing (M)
Rose Bush (M)
Mystery Emporium:
Gem Breaker game console
Super Sort game console

That's quite a list! Personally I can't wait until the pets come! KITTEHZ ARE AWESUM! PUPPEEZ ARE AWESUM! BUNNEEZ ARE AWESUM! I WANT PET PET! WAA!
Bye for now!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Question and answers.... some hints too

ok if u want to answer one say the number its by did they find his pass?
2.if someone had was it someone he knew? he missing ANY buddies?
Hint: if must have been a friend
4.was anyone looking for rares?
5.should he call aj and tell them? the same person who hacked me hacked him?
7.when was he on?
8.what time did this happen?
9.did anyone talk to the hacker on woodswolf account?
10.why did they do this?

Happy Jamming....well for most on u.....

this is what happens when u start to hack and if u overkill it...

                                                                             If you hack something in the real world like when 2 people hacked the ps3 network its made people mad and sad then the 2 hackers went to jail!!!!! so never hack!!!or scam!!! so if i were u i wouldnt hack no more

i need help

ok will some one tell me how to copy screen and post it......or how to make a video with out a camera...


Hacking footage

I got some footage from after the hacking here it is



YOU ARE A ******* *****'* *******. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!

news i just heard!!

   i just heard that woodswof was hacked. someone said he was a girl bunny....idk if this is woodswolf playing around or if he was REALLY hacked!!!!


Woodswolf's Comment:
This is not true, of course I haven't checked on AJ. But as far as I know, the bunny was a liar... And I'm not a 'girl bunny' either.

The "Gold" Wolf Sign-Ups!

Hello everyone!
If you didn't sign up for a character the first time and you want to be in The "Gold" Wolf , sign up on this post with this general form:

The "Gold" Wolf Character Name: ___________
Species: __________
Characteristics: ______________
In-depth description (optional): _________________________________

All characters that sign up here will be introduced in the next chapter.
Bye for now!  

P.S. I Copyed and Pasted from woodswolf post so I did not have to write much XD

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crane Feathers 'Late Introduction' Characters

Hello everyone!
If you didn't sign up for a character the first time and you want to be in Crane Feathers now, sign up on this post with this general form:

Crane Feathers Character Name: ___________
Species: __________
Characteristics: ______________
In-depth description (optional): _________________________________

All characters that sign up here will be introduced right after the next chapter.
Bye for now!

Summer Parties!

Hello everyone!
Let me just say that I've rounded up a list of summer parties people might want to attend! :)
Here they are:
Jammer Fun Party
WCC's Costume Party
Click on the links to find more information.
If you know of a party that I haven't named, please feel free to comment and inform me of it! Provide a link to the post that has the information.
Bye for now!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Animal Jam Glitch!

Hi guys I was playing on animaljam and one of my buddies had this very cool but weird glitch! I got some screenshots...
She was in the TREE! Pretty cool!!! Here is another Picture...
It is coooool! One time I had the same glitch! I could go up in the air!!!! It was so cool and fun! I do not know how it happened though.......

History can never be deleted...

Hello everyone...
History can never be deleted...
...just as everything ever written always is somewhere.
Fussy Crys Sis!
Bye for now!

Recent Glitches...

So a few days ago I got two glitches, one really noticeable and one very unnoticeable.
First, when I put snow boots on my tiger and it walked, the boots showed. When my tiger stood still, they didn't show!
Second, my buddy list said StockMarket (Tigerstripe) hadn't been on for three days. But I remembered him being on that day!
Bye jammers!

hacking is never good!!!

   I just found out i was hacked and they thought i was the hacker but it was my account and someone named nikki hacked it. Also she moved it off my dads parent account to another parent account


Monday, June 6, 2011

Needing a little help with a Blog...

Hi guys! It's me Princess Tinywolf...
And I am needing a little help with my blog..
You know the Tab Bar the woodswolf has that says suff like 'Known Codes' , ' Chat Box' , 'Story' , and all that stuff? Well... I am wondering how you do that... With the links and make tabs.. If there is anyone that can explain how.. Please put it in the comments.

-Princess Tinywolf-


Hello everyone!
As you probably know, recently I posted about updating the staff list. At our current size, I will allow 3 mods. These mods will be selected from scratch (so, if you ARE a mod right now, you aren't once the new ones are selected). The same is not true for columnists.
Here's the thing. We have 5 mods right now, so if we were to do that, we would still have to drop 2 mods, regardless of what happens.
So, why don't we 'expand our borders'? New games, anyone?
I've already fabricated a large list of games we could use. Most are 3D and/or involve animals in some way, shape or form.
Now, if we don't want to do this, we don't have to. BUT, if we were to do this, we could keep all 5 mods (even though they might switch) and possibly add more.
Another advantage is that the more we expand, the more viewers we'll attract. The more viewers we attract, the more hits we'll get. The more hits we get, the more hit parties we have, and the more often we have them. In the end, it's a win-win-win. This would be very beneficial on all sides. But I'm going to need YOUR help.
If we want to expand, I'm already almost overloaded with AJ and all the rest. If we are going to expand, please 'help the cause' and become a columnist. Then pick a 'base game' that you'll mainly work on and write about; however, you can work on whatever game with whomever you choose. Here's a list of games:
Game Name (homepage)
* = on-site already
*** = I've tried it and can tell you more
Animal Jam (*
FeralHeart (*
Free Realms (***
Furcadia (
Secondhand Lands (**
The Endless Forest (*
Wizard101 (***
WolfQuest (
These are some of the ones I looked at. If you have a good suggestion, comment!
Bye for now!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Viking hat

alright so I just got a viking hat! but I have a problem It's for members and my member ship expired so I can't where it... if your want it comment below with your username the item you want to trade and a time you want to meet,my username is stockmarket. bye


Hi guys! Chapter one of my story on is complete!!!!!!!! Check it out!!

Glitchy day so far. . . .

Hi guys!
I was following my friend and he was at someone's den so I went there and the WALL PAPER was not on the WALL! A weird glitch! I got some pictures:
See?! And then I went inside and the paper was not on the wall! :

Weird! It was a glitch! And then I went to my friend MeniFrost's den... And it was doing the same glitch!!!:
BTW The TopHat is non members... But the Leg Armor She is wearing is not non member... I do think so at least....
AND!!! There is ANOTHER glitch!! Like I said I have had a glitchy day so far... Well.. I was looking at my buddy List and I clicked on PurplePenguin And it said she was ONLINE I went to go see where she was and then... It said...:
It said NOT ONLINE! I was like what???
More glitches may come soon... Keep an Eye out....


Might stop..

Hi jammers... (I bet no one is reading this D:)
Well... It seems no one is ever looking at this site... I bet everyone does not even now it exist.. It is getting pretty boring posting stuff and no one reading them... Like the party... No one showed up
It is weird just posting all this cool stuff and no one is even reading it..
No one knows about this site.. So i'm just posting stuff to myself? I think so...
It is getting boring..
I might just delete this blogger.. I tried to be cool and fun... But it did not work.. Cause no one even thinks this site exist!

Bye everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
P.S.  I'm talking about MY website

My blog

Hi! Just telling you that i made a new blog. Here it is:

Hope you like it!;)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Crane Feathers Updated!

Hello everyone!
Crane Feathers has been updated! Mira is getting more and more involved... This week's winner is...
Tigerstripe! Congratulations!
By the way, if some of you have been wondering why you haven't been picked, there are two reasons:

1. It's only the second week! You might get picked later.
2. Sometimes the reasons I don't pick them is because:
 A. They focus too much on one character.
 B. They don't relate to anything that happened in previous chapters.

So, try writing more along the A and B guidelines. I've seen some really good chapters, it's just that they didn't really follow those guidelines which make it fair. Also note that if I see two chapters that are equally good, I will pick the person's that has had less entries in the story.
Bye for now!

The '3-Person Band' Glitch! (UPDATE)

Hello everyone!
There was a REALLY cool glitch on AJ today. Millicy and I are now making a 3-person band! Here's our band member photo:
Most of you must be wondering, 'Okay, how in the WORLD are there two millicys?'
YES... THERE WAS A LIVING, BREATHING MILLICY CLONE. The one on the left is the real millicy.
I studied it during the time we were there. When I clicked on its tag, it would bring me to her player card. When I sent it a Jam-A-Gram, millicy recieved it. When I traded with the clone and asked for buddy games, it worked. The only test that DIDN'T work was when she switched animals, but it still showed it on her player card.
I'm not sure if this is a once-in-a-AJ-lifetime glitch or if this happens to others... If you've ever had crazy glitches (not necessarily like this) comment here!
UPDATE: Here's my theory on how it happened:
Millicy came in the den and hit the 'Switch Dens' button. But right before millicy hit the switch button, I got in her den by hitting the teleport button. Where she was before stayed on my screen, but she went back to the entrance of her tree house den. But we're not sure.
There were even more weird glitches that I saw, like out-of place flooring in her volcano den. It was like 'National Extreme AJ Errors Day'!
Keep your eye out for 'singles' from 'Woodswolf and the Millicy Twins'!
Bye for now!
PS: Sign up for mod and/or columnist positions below! All current mods need to read it!

Staff List For June: Sign Up Here To Be A Columnist or Mod!

Hello everyone!
It's the beginning of the month again... time to update the Staff List!
Anyways, instead of me just 'taking off names' from the list, we're going to just have sign-ups here. What you can do is post (in a comment) one of these two forms (Please do not use your real name in any spot; usernames, animal names, etc. are fine):

My name is _______ and I would like to be a mod on WCC.
I would like my mod nickname to be _________.
I know that even if I don't get chosen, I could still be a mod the next month.

COLUMNIST SIGN-UP (Note that existing columnists don't have to sign up):
My name is _______ and I would like to be a columnist on WCC.
My e-mail is ________ (Note that if you don't want to 'show the world your e-mail, you can send me an e-mail at my Gmail and I'll set you up PRIVATELY).

Please note that if you are a mod right now and don't sign up to be a mod here you will not be a mod. This is not true for columnists.
Sign up!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is Mira Like?: An Exploration Examining the Different Aspects of the Same Godess

Hello everyone!
I bet you've always wondered a bit about Mira's personality. What is Mira like?
Here's my take on some of her 'occurences' in Jamaa:
To start my journey, I go to Jamaa Township, the central city of Jamaa, to look at a very famous landmark (and one of the first things you see in Jamaa): the Mira Statue.
One of the first things you'll notice about it is that it's BIG; bigger than any animal in Jamaa. This probably means (combined with the number of occurences) that she likes being the center of attention. The fact that she's on a high pedastel supports that idea.
Another thing that you'll notice is that there are bright sunbeams and 'little white lights' floating around the statue. This could signify her divine power(s) and/or that she's the center of attention. I think you've got that idea down!
Next, we move on to the Temple of Zios, where Mira appears in lots of minigames (both on their 'front boards' (the things that show the picture and instructions, etc) and inside in one case).
First we go into Temple of Trivia, where we find Mira poised over the trivia questions. This could mean that she takes intellect seriously and finds it very important.
After finishing a round of trivia, I go into the Chamber of Knowledge to find 3 more instances of Mira. I open the game Mira Says and see her lording over the sign in the picture. This could mean either intellect (as stated earlier) or dominance is important to her. Inside the game, she is again 'watching over you' and protecting you as well as meaning the same thing as its 'front sign'.
After a quick game, I see a tapestry on the wall that has a golden Mira scaring off some phantoms. Her stance in the tapestry is more humble, meaning that she's kind. She is efficiently repelling the phantoms which means she's protective.
I exit the Chamber of Knowledge and make my way to Crystal Sands, where I find a flamingo animal fact (which will change soon) sitting in the same stance Mira is on the tapestry (except she has her foot down on the tapestry) and her statue (except she has her wings up on the statue). This could say that Mira is humble enough to 'take the form of another', if you get what I mean.
I move on, through the Canyons Pathway into Coral Canyons. I don't find much except for one drawing of Mira (kinda like the postcard from Jamaalidays) which has her in statue pose. It again points out that she is an attention-lover.
Yet another place you see her (barely... if you look closely...) is very faintly in one of the Jam-A-Grams. It's the one with two bunnies that says 'Friends!' I've outlined it in the picture below:
Yes, it's very approximate... but Mira's head-feather curly thing is definitely there.
Now I move on to Sarepia for the last stop. I get enough people to dance, and Mira jumps up out of the fire. This shows that she is fun-loving and, again, the center of attention.
Now my journey is concluded; if you learned as much as I did you learned a lot!
Bye for now!