Monday, June 6, 2011


Hello everyone!
As you probably know, recently I posted about updating the staff list. At our current size, I will allow 3 mods. These mods will be selected from scratch (so, if you ARE a mod right now, you aren't once the new ones are selected). The same is not true for columnists.
Here's the thing. We have 5 mods right now, so if we were to do that, we would still have to drop 2 mods, regardless of what happens.
So, why don't we 'expand our borders'? New games, anyone?
I've already fabricated a large list of games we could use. Most are 3D and/or involve animals in some way, shape or form.
Now, if we don't want to do this, we don't have to. BUT, if we were to do this, we could keep all 5 mods (even though they might switch) and possibly add more.
Another advantage is that the more we expand, the more viewers we'll attract. The more viewers we attract, the more hits we'll get. The more hits we get, the more hit parties we have, and the more often we have them. In the end, it's a win-win-win. This would be very beneficial on all sides. But I'm going to need YOUR help.
If we want to expand, I'm already almost overloaded with AJ and all the rest. If we are going to expand, please 'help the cause' and become a columnist. Then pick a 'base game' that you'll mainly work on and write about; however, you can work on whatever game with whomever you choose. Here's a list of games:
Game Name (homepage)
* = on-site already
*** = I've tried it and can tell you more
Animal Jam (*
FeralHeart (*
Free Realms (***
Furcadia (
Secondhand Lands (**
The Endless Forest (*
Wizard101 (***
WolfQuest (
These are some of the ones I looked at. If you have a good suggestion, comment!
Bye for now!


  1. well, i AM making cheats for Rabbents....soon they'll be posted on the blog for the website ( /!__blog )
    so yeah, and it's got a lot of viewers! i can put a link.

  2. Little MagicFriendJune 06, 2011

    I'd become a columnist if I could but I don't have a Gmail...Or any other kind of Email thing...

  3. I Know How To Make EVERY Legendary Pokemon On FeralHeart!

  4. @ Key99:
    Oh... You're a Rabbents fan? I'm thinking about getting Rabbents... what do you think?
    @ Little Magicfriend:
    It's okay.
    @ Awesome Tinygirl:

  5. Woodswolf, I'm not comfortable with downloading games, so if I become a columnist I will probably only blog about AJ.

    P.S. I sent you another email.

  6. what is furcadia like?

  7. if i was a columnist feralheart
    but i'm too good at spelling

  8. @Woodswolf
    well, i AM the creater...

  9. Little MagicFriendJune 06, 2011

    Do you think you could help me make a Gmail so I can be a columnist?

  10. @ Silverstorm:
    I know. Some of them (like Free Realms) require no download, however. A lot of them do, and I can understand why you'd feel a bit 'nervous'. Sometimes it comes down to trust... and a good anti-virus.
    @ millicy:
    I haven't tried Furcadia.
    And that doesn't matter much... I can go back and edit it later if people say they can't read it, but we'll understand.
    @ Little Magicfriend:
    Sorry. Hjackler tried that too. I think it says in the 'Terms of Service' that you can't create a Gmail for someone else's use. I don't know, however.

  11. Wcc Mod HjacklerJune 07, 2011

    Hey woodswold just to let ya know i wont be on my computer much during summer cuz i'll be gone like all summer. So plz dont unmod me if i dont comment much :) i'll get on as much as i can

  12. I'm making a couple games one about wolves another about cats and one about squrriels.

  13. FunPinkyPinkyJune 08, 2011

    @ Woodswolf

    I think any of those games would be great to do cheats on, but don't forget about doing Animal Jam cheats, plz!

    And Furcadia looks interesting.


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