Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Loopholes' For Non-Member Pets

Hello everyone!
Today I went and examined THIS SIGN for 'loopholes'... places where non-member pets CAN be possible:
There are loopholes in the first, third and fourth statements that make non-member pets possible. I honestly have no idea why they would put the second statement in there.
The loophole with statement one is that non-members could (possibly) only discover a few combinations. Maybe the number of symbols is cut in half, or you only have five spins or something before it stops you. Lots of possibilities on how this would play out.
No loopholes in statement two, but it scares me all the same. Maybe you CAN'T show your buddies your pets... or show ANYONE your pets... *shivers*
The loophole in statement three is that possibly you can only collect LESS than four pets. Maybe you only get one pet, or maybe you get two or three. BUT... look at your pet holding place:
Take a look at the part I've highlighted in red. EXACTLY... SCROLLING ARROWS! That means you could probably have a billion pets if you wanted to! So maybe non-members wouldn't have as many... or maybe you'd have to pay for additional slots, just like animals, and (just like animals) non-members would only get so many... Who knows?
The loophole in statement four is that non-members can't find rare pets. So no Harry Potter glasses for me, I guess. :(
And we also already know that non-members will have pets. If they go by these rules, that means that we'll be able to have ALL of the types of pets, not just whatever they make.
Hopefully they don't make up new rules as they go along! But we all know life is a game of Calvinball... XD
Bye for now!


  1. i hope this is true...i JUST lost my membership and all my pets are in grey and their sad (they actually look like that! lol)

    1. What issssss calvinball? It'ssss fiddlind our mindssss...

  2. @ Key99:
    AWW! That's depressing! :(

  3. I have one question.. What ARE loopholes?

  4. @ key I just got my membership...
    @ everybody
    Membership isn't that great I just got it back and got 2 pets then I realized what am i gonna do with these?

  5. @Princess Tinywolf
    Loopholes are these little things in writing (generally contracts) that may get something out of something. Hope helps:)Probably not that good of a definition.
    That does not seem good...

  6. I'm pressing mosquitoes into the computer screen to try to GET THEM OUT OF MY LIFE. WAAA!
    @ Princess:
    Loopholes are something in a contract (like Silverstorm said) that help (or hurt) the person who signed it. They're in the way it's written, like the ones above. That's why it's always important to read contracts. Cuz if you sign something that takes all of your stuff away, you can't get it back.
    @ Tigerstripe:
    I can understand that. There are gross things to be done with pets. Like having babies. And being able to see them instead of them being imaginary. Doctor work is ten times as gross now.

  7. VirgobunnyAugust 12, 2011

    Kinda like one time i was reading a comic... here are the lines. Aha! I t says here carrots are on my diet..This is carrot cake... A Loophole!


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