Thursday, June 9, 2011

Question and answers.... some hints too

ok if u want to answer one say the number its by did they find his pass?
2.if someone had was it someone he knew? he missing ANY buddies?
Hint: if must have been a friend
4.was anyone looking for rares?
5.should he call aj and tell them? the same person who hacked me hacked him?
7.when was he on?
8.what time did this happen?
9.did anyone talk to the hacker on woodswolf account?
10.why did they do this?

Happy Jamming....well for most on u.....


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  2. Q, 9.did anyone talk to the hacker on woodswolf account?
    A, YES ME!!

  3. What did the hacker say Millicy?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

  4. Question 5, YES! They may be able to help!

  5. @princess tiny wolf
    i forgot but i remember some of what the hacker said i said tell me who you r and the hacker said no and i said you will tell me who you r or somethang i forget

  6. Wcc Mod HjacklerJune 10, 2011

    I figured out who hacked you, it’s a guy in my clan. I figured out cuz of his style of hacking. Meet me on chat woodswolf at 11:00 mountain time

  7. Wcc Mod HjacklerJune 10, 2011

    thats was @ woodswolf

  8. WoodsWolf de-friened me refriended me
    then defriend refriend....WHATS GOING ON?!?!?But then finally...It stopped at re-friend....I wasn't sre if it was Woodswolf last night but then after the video...I believed her. ; )

  9. @ Madison:
    Okay, I'll answer what I can.
    1. I have no idea... but it's an easy password.
    2. I have no idea.
    3. I have no idea.
    4. No idea.
    5. I'm going to report this.
    6. I think it may be... I have my suspicions...
    7. No idea. I was locked out last night again...
    8. No idea.
    9. I didn't.
    10. I have no idea why. Just to get my rare stash?
    @ Hjackler:
    BODYGUARD MAKE FRIEND. I'll meet you there.
    @ Darling:
    They got back on again last night, didn't they? And did that stuff?

  10. @ Everyone:
    UPDATE. My mom helped me submit a ticket about this.

  11. @WoodsWolf


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