Friday, June 3, 2011

Crane Feathers Updated!

Hello everyone!
Crane Feathers has been updated! Mira is getting more and more involved... This week's winner is...
Tigerstripe! Congratulations!
By the way, if some of you have been wondering why you haven't been picked, there are two reasons:

1. It's only the second week! You might get picked later.
2. Sometimes the reasons I don't pick them is because:
 A. They focus too much on one character.
 B. They don't relate to anything that happened in previous chapters.

So, try writing more along the A and B guidelines. I've seen some really good chapters, it's just that they didn't really follow those guidelines which make it fair. Also note that if I see two chapters that are equally good, I will pick the person's that has had less entries in the story.
Bye for now!


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  2. *sighs*

  3. @Darling
    Maybe you will be luckyer next week, so dont despair!;)

  4. Heh...Maybe...?

  5. @Darling
    Hope you get to be the winner next week Darling!;)

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