Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hello everyone.
Let me just say that some recent 'behavior' among columnists, mods and readers alike is making me a bit mad.
Here's an example comment/post:
Example Person said...
Hey everyone! I have an AJ blog too! I want everyone to come to my parties and read it. Here's my blog's link:
I don't exactly like it when people are doing stuff like this. It's a waste of everyone's time, and too many people have been doing it recently.
And Madison, you and I both know that what you're doing with 'MaddieFox's Code Central' is plagiarism and nobody will care about WCC anyway if you do what you would do.
Note that this is one of the things that caused Fuzzy to quit AJR (See WCC's coverage of the Fuzzy Crisis here and here). I can understand why Fuzzy did. It's infuriating!
So... can we please stop stuff like this? All that's relevant (and belongs on WCC) is the stuff that has something to do with the games, not links to your blogs/sites/xat chats/other stuff...
Bye for now... >:(


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. @ Princess:
    Woah... Fuzzy was on AJ today? That's impressive... she hasn't been on for over a month!

  3. bunnylove3June 16, 2011

    i agree woodswolf i would probably feel the same way if i was in your position

  4. Uh who was it maddisonrules?

  5. @ bunnylove3:
    I know. It makes me so mad.
    @ wolves:
    Yes. Madison is making me ESPECIALLY mad. First she stole millicy's picture, and now she's ripping off all the content of my blog, including the name! I don't mind it if some people copy the format... but the NAME is just TOO FAR!

  6. well shesh if u can think of a nother name some what like it with "MaddieFox's Code" i will change it


  7. @ MaddieFox:
    Well, for one thing, your blog called AnimalJam is just fine. Nothing wrong with that one.
    But here's a name:
    BAA (SHEEP!!!!! XD)
    Blog About AJ
    And like AJR, the full title was Fuzzy Shyivy's Animal Jam Rush, but she didn't put in the Fuzzy Shyivy as part of the acronym. So the full title could be MaddieFox's Blog About AJ but the acronym could be BAA.

  8. thats what u would name urs XD

    what about MaddieFox's Code Spot aka: MCS

  9. @ MaddieFox:
    Sure! That works. That way it's not copying ;)

  10. i dont know how to change my web(link) name but i changed my blog name


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