Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Parties!

Hello everyone!
Let me just say that I've rounded up a list of summer parties people might want to attend! :)
Here they are:
Jammer Fun Party
WCC's Costume Party
Click on the links to find more information.
If you know of a party that I haven't named, please feel free to comment and inform me of it! Provide a link to the post that has the information.
Bye for now!


  1. Hehe...I already knew about them...For one thing I was at Princess's den making a vid and taking pics with her and other Jammer Fun fans!

  2. the jammer fun party if in MAY!!! wow!

  3. My party starts at 5:00!!
    and I have already have almost 300 views of my website TODAY!
    I went all over jamaa telling peeps about my website then a whole corwed of fans where saying they LOVED my site...
    Do you think I did a good job?
    One person even said it was better the fuzzyshyivy's...
    I don't think so.........

  4. @ Princess:
    I'm really sorry! I have a friend staying the night for 'last day of school' celebrations, so I won't be able to attend! D:
    And I can understand the 300 views. Easily. WCC gets around that many per day, for example, yesterday we got 228.
    And your website is really cool! I like it!
    I'm not sure about better than Fuzzy's... Fuzzy was 'king' of AJ blogs. But maybe they weren't around in its 'glory days?'

  5. @Princess
    Man that person must think your site is great!

  6. I have my party thats at 4:00 EST go to my warriors blog for more details.

  7. @Princess Tinywolf
    Told you you'd get popular:)

  8. Sorry Woodswolf, I can't attend your party:(

  9. @Woodswolf

    I agree... How did she make her blog so cool?! I wish my blog was like that.. But your blog would be like the SECOND best if fuzzy did not quit. Yours is like the 'King' of AJ blogs eh? XD
    Mine's too.... I don't know... But i'm going to edit it and make it look REALLY REALLY cool!!!!!! THEN check it out!
    I'm making the Second chapter of The 'Gold' Wolf story soon!!!


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