Friday, June 24, 2011


Hello everyone!
Well, most of my guesses were right!
First thing, the store, called Claws 'N Paws, is inside the tree in Appondale.
Second thing, the pet types are right... Duck, Dog, Cat, Frog (Hehe I rhyme!)
Pets are for members only (AJ EMOTE: :cry:
Here's how you select your pet, and how you can 'selectively change' it's appearance:
First you figure out which pet you want and click its icon. (Dog is northernmost, Duck southernmost, etc.)
Then, you edit your pet by changing the symbols on the right. I've matched which symbols connect to which features. The first symbol changes ear and nose color. The second changes eye shape. The third changes ear shape. And the fourth changes body color.
Just for all of you Harry Potter fans out there, I've come up with a pet design (will work on any animal) that is 'Harry Potter' based on the symbols (I'm not going to dig through there looking for black hair and a way to get green eyes, etc.). For those that have read the books (ALL of the books) the meaning is easily understood, but I will not dwell on this topic. Figure it out for yourselves. Just note that some symbols are a bit vague... like the phantom and (especially) the star, but shouldn't be very hard to figure out. This is a mini-contest... just for fun.
Just note that there is a second alternative... just substitute the star in position 3 for a moon, to get this:
Now, just note that because of the vast difference when you only change ONE THING... I think each symbol may effect each other in different ways based on this... and who knows what role Species plays in the whole thing...?
And I have no idea how many name combinations there are. They don't let you access the 'namer' thingy (as a non-member).
And the price is WAY lower. But it's with membership added. So who knows?

Second thing... for all you AJ RPers who have always wanted to be able to actually sit (like you do on slides), you can now sit! There's a new button (actually, four new buttons) on your Actions panel! This will let you sit in any of the four directions you can face (and in this process, they actually say, for all the world to hear, that Jamaa has a 'true' North, South, East and West (you can tell by looking at the chat log when you do it... if you sit to the top left corner, that's Jamaa's northeast). If you go in water (for example, the lake near River Race) and sit, it looks like you're having REALLY REALLY bad gas.
And in addition to that, a similar thing is that there are seven new (animated member only) e-motes!

There are a total of 15 new items this week, including:
11 new flags in the Flag Shop! Check them out!
Freedom Hat and Freedom Cape in Jam Mart Clothing
Fireworks Fountain and Koi Pond (M) in Jam Mart Furniture

One more thing: x2 gems are still at ToT (Temple of Trivia).

And that's pretty much it!
Have fun with your pets!
Bye for now!


  1. Oh...I thought they were all nonmember:(

  2. @ Silverstorm:
    I know... *is sad*

  3. Hmmm.AJ is unfair at times. D =

  4. @ Darling:
    I know... and when membership runs out... well, there go your pets! Bye bye! Get locked away!

  5. IM getting my membership bak and I found out why my username was changed: my former username zxcvbnmqwertyuiop was "too long and confusing" so now i's stockmarket

  6. @ Tigerstripe:
    Neat! :)

  7. Wcc Mod bunnylove3June 24, 2011

    AWESOME! i love the sitting it totally convenient!

  8. @ bunnylove:
    Did you notice that if you sit in water, you aren't breathing, but you can still 'fart'? You aren't breathing anyway... XD


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