Saturday, June 18, 2011

'Feel Young Again'

Hello everyone!
I'm here to say that I feel young again!
Before I heard what I heard, I was going to write a really depressing post about the inequality of Jamaa because I was very depressed. Anyway, what happened was I heard (from her personally) that she was getting married and wanted me to preside!
I was blown away by this offer. I hadn't done anything like this since I was 'young' (in terms of how long I've been on AJ). I mean, I still do doctor stuff (on the rare occasion)... but I haven't done a wedding service since the 'greenwoodwolf months' (For those of you that don't know, greenwoodwolf is one of my biggest secrets. It's my old account... the one from WAY back in BETA... and I quit it after I lost my membership. I did a lot of stuff on there... made many friends... played games... Then I lost my membership. Animals I worked so hard for... behind bars. Dens... same situation. It was awful. But I came back. And ever since woodswolf got hacked and 'destroyed', I take regular visits to the empty den as Enchanted Rainywolf, whom my character on my new account was named and modeled after).
The service was great! I do not have any actual pictures of the service (unfortunately... I didn't think of this until now), but I do have my outfit. It looks like this:
Anyway, I also have a picture of the couple (snapshots of player cards and Paint can be so handy =D... just note that these are not the attires they got married in...):
They're a great couple. You picked a good man, bunnylove! ;)
Anyways, that's what made me feel 'young' again! I haven't done that since who-knows-when. I've seen several (friends or strangers... I always think it's polite to come anyways) but I haven't DONE one since the 'greenwoodwolf months' I talked about earlier. Doing doctor stuff also brings back memories. It made me feel like I was young and innocent and had all the stuff I needed and didn't know (or care) that it would go away. It made me almost feel the past sitting there in the room with me.
I have no idea what this pleasant experience I had was, whether it was just the love dripping off of them like the waterfall in Coral Canyons (literally... you could almost SEE it in the air of the Museum) or memories of the early days... All I know is that I had it, and after it, I feel old again XD
It's still making me smile :)
Wish the happy couple good luck!
Bye for now!
PS: Anyone looking for a wife? Anyone creative, nice, understanding, respectful...? Hehehe... o.O


  1. Aww that's sweet. :) I am getting married soon once he gets a catsle den! We WERE married once and someone hacked his account and then we got in a fight and then we broke up and he came on and did not know ANYTHING It was on valentines day! :( Buut He has a new wife but <3's me more then his new wife so me and him are getting married without his other wife knowing. But we love each other now. He is VERY VERY VERY nice!! When we were married he was nice! :) I am so happy we are getting married again!! ME+JAKE105= <3

  2. @ Princess:
    He sounds sweet! :)

  3. That's cute:) Congratz Bunnylove3 and Princess!

  4. bunnylove3June 19, 2011

    thanks everyone =D

  5. bunnylove3June 19, 2011

    thats a really cool picture of us woodswolf!

  6. Congrats BunnyLove!

  7. @ bunnylove:
    You're welcome! =D
    Did you have your honeymoon today?


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