Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thinking about it. . .

All this hacking stuff is starting to scare me... I do not want to be hacked I have too many rare items to be stolen... All this hacking is just dumb! I want to quit animal jam before some random hacker makes me want to quit. But then.. My membership.. If I quit it would just be a big waste of my mom's money! And I am working hard on my jammerfun website.. All the hacking is scaring me... Like seriously SCARING me like I just watched a scary movie! I do not want to be hacked. But then again... Animal Jam is not my life. It keeps me from being bored all the time. But I'm talking about.. My Yahoo my Google and my Youtuber and lots of other stuff that is important. And yes animaljam is addicting... But I was so addicted to sillybands.. Until.. A student at my school stole all 500 of them. And then after that... I just ignored sillybands like they were my worst enemy. If I get hacked I might just do the same thing with sillybands.. Or.. I might rebuild my account... I want to quit right now but somthing is telling me not to.... Telling me to keep on.. But I do not know what..


  1. I'm quiting I think it is a good idea to quit this hacking is out of control


  3. Princess...People veiw your blog...And Jammer Fun is a AJ BLOG!You DONT wanna let your fans down do you?(just like Fuzzy did)And heres a tip...Just move ALL the important rares to a diff account...And make sure no one knows about your account.And if a hacker comes on your main account they wont wanna steal anything!(well MAYBE!)Easy soultion!

  4. @ Darling

    What if they find out what account my rares are on? And I do not have THAT much fans.

  5. @madison

  6. Don't Quit animal Jam its the only thing that you can learn about animals and science. (just to tell everyone that i was only on animal jam to learn about animals but now im not because i think its fun to) Don't do that same thing you did too silly bands( no offense but i almost made a silly band blog until i didn't like them anymore because they were banned from my school i used to like them but there a rip off) Animal jam is very important to me why would someone quit just because of some s***** Hacking. People that hack are very mean but still don't quit animal jam. (i still have a question why hjacker knows everyones password) Still don't get scared. If your scared of the hacking tell me.( I deal with the hackers that hack people) and what about your buddys? They Still want to see you. Hacking is not a problem. so don't get worried. Just change your password by clicking forgot password. You'll be fine but don't quit animal jam because of hacking.( i haven't quit animal jam when i first got hack) O and people please stop talking about hacking.

  7. @ Everyone:
    I agree with Knight. We need to just stop this mess before it starts.
    But, really it's too late now.

  8. bunnylove3June 13, 2011

    yeah ikr.... its very sad. =( i hope you dont quit millicy


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