Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hacking info wrong (UPDATED AND CORRECTED)

alright so I was looking on a new aj blog and I saw this post about hacking so half of this stuff is wrong me, hjackler and woodswolf know a lot  this hacking and many of you  know woodswolf is a girl, and some people still got hacked before trading and as far as I know king cris did not hack woodswolf it was gummiez    ; ) but here is the post:         Animal jam was a safe site until a person came up with trading. Now every one is getting hacked because of trading and a youtube. If you are a person  hacked I feel you pain I lost a purple, and gray glove and my blue fox hat when they where rare and my red and white one. Now I was around in the first week of animal jam there was never this problem. All becuse of trading. Now you will see the pain of one persons back story.
Woods wolf was just a blogger with a glove. Everyone wanted it but no one knew it would go this far. She was hacked once...Twice..More than you can imagine. Today she reveled the big secret to me. The Hacker was gummiez, not WCC mod KingChris as wolves wrote. Now we are in hiding. We have a plan but we're not sure it will work lets cross our fingers! The hacker it on wcctest account. Lets hope for the best.


  1. Can you meet me on chat?I need to know the plan!Remeber I had to leave.....

  2. Meet Me on animal jam even if your not going i want to know the plan and when i hear the plan i will try and do my best to figure out how to use it! (please stop talking about hacking its making me scared)

  3. Meet me on chat too! I still don't know it.

  4. Oh, and by the way, I was not hacked. I kept on changing my profile because I wanted to change it, but nothing seemed right, so I just changed back to Silverstorm.

  5. KingChris1788June 12, 2011

    Woodswolf it wasn't me it was my friend his username is colin9jake pls believe me I know he did I saw him and he told me!

  6. @ wolves are awesome:
    Where do you get your info?
    For one thing, KingChris was the 'guardian angel' or the 'sheep in wolf's clothing'. He was trying to help me by 'playing along' with the real hacker, gummiez. And I was hacked more than twice, actually. He was trying to protect me by hacking wcctest and playing along for a bit until the REAL hacker left. Report gummiez!
    Also, you said I'm NOT a girl? I've said I am how many times already?
    I have to edit that post. Get the info right.
    @ KingChris1788:
    I believe you. At least you weren't the hacker.

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