Sunday, June 5, 2011

Glitchy day so far. . . .

Hi guys!
I was following my friend and he was at someone's den so I went there and the WALL PAPER was not on the WALL! A weird glitch! I got some pictures:
See?! And then I went inside and the paper was not on the wall! :

Weird! It was a glitch! And then I went to my friend MeniFrost's den... And it was doing the same glitch!!!:
BTW The TopHat is non members... But the Leg Armor She is wearing is not non member... I do think so at least....
AND!!! There is ANOTHER glitch!! Like I said I have had a glitchy day so far... Well.. I was looking at my buddy List and I clicked on PurplePenguin And it said she was ONLINE I went to go see where she was and then... It said...:
It said NOT ONLINE! I was like what???
More glitches may come soon... Keep an Eye out....


Might stop..

Hi jammers... (I bet no one is reading this D:)
Well... It seems no one is ever looking at this site... I bet everyone does not even now it exist.. It is getting pretty boring posting stuff and no one reading them... Like the party... No one showed up
It is weird just posting all this cool stuff and no one is even reading it..
No one knows about this site.. So i'm just posting stuff to myself? I think so...
It is getting boring..
I might just delete this blogger.. I tried to be cool and fun... But it did not work.. Cause no one even thinks this site exist!

Bye everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
P.S.  I'm talking about MY website


  1. Medieval sunnygemJune 05, 2011

    I read EVERYTHING!Please don't deleete this site!

  2. it happens with everyone including Tigerstripe, me, Fuzzy Shyivy, Ironwulf, Woodswolf, well, I can't think of other names...

  3. @Key Warthrash/Key99
    Don't forget me.
    @Princess Tinywolf
    Everyone's blog is SUPER unpopular at first. Mine didn't start to get popular until two months later.

  4. I like your web..

  5. @ key and silverstorm my blog had it's ups and downs I only though about quiting never did But when key started viewing then I changed my mind,my piont is all you need is to put the link on chats and stuff thats how I got 500 views in two months curently my stats are at 1,400 about so hang in there!

  6. @ Medieval:
    She doesn't have the power to delete it. She can't. Only I can, and I won't.
    @ Key99:
    I'm trying not to have it happen to me. I haven't had access to a computer for most of the weekend.
    @ Tinywolf:
    WCC started out with ONE commenter, Hjackler (back then he was known as lalakers24678). I didn't post on anyone's blogs or anything. People find me. I won't ask you to remove it, however. It still has the glitch stuff. But like I said in the other comment, some stuff is irrelevant.
    Posting on a BIG blog like WCC may win you viewers, however (I posted a few times about WCC in comments on AJR...). I just ask that people not use WCC and find another big blog to use.
    Eventually the barbarians took over the Roman empire. WCC may fall like that someday, and the reason that I don't usually like it when people post stuff like that is that it makes it more likely to happen. It's unavoidable... but I'm putting it off for as long as possible.
    @ Tigerstripe:
    I'd try telling all of your AJ buddies the link to your blog. That's worked some for me. And that's actually about the same number of hits WCC had after two months... not sure, though.

  7. @woodswolf
    It doesn'tlet me do links... whatever i'll find a lope hole

  8. @ Tigerstripe:
    I'll just give you it.
    Type something like this:
    That gets it through the filter. ;)


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