Monday, June 20, 2011


Hello everyone!
3 days until pets come! And if pets come... All of the buildings in Jamaa are in use right now except for the treehouse in Appondale and some areas that haven't come out yet... so where is the store going to be? I have my ideas... so maybe the store will be in a new LAND! Or, the more boring idea is that they'll create another store in the Museum or something (another possible location is the shed in Jamaa Township near the bamboo path (that no one can use)).
Anyways, here's my ideas on the animals. I've colored in their silhouettes with what they MIGHT look like. I've also put their names and whether they are member or non-member below the picture (this is based on the fact that members always have the 'cooler' and 'more popular' stuff):
I'm guessing that the dog and cat will be member while the duck and frog will be non-member. I can also guess the exact appearance of the non-member animals:
If you look closely at the regular image, you can see that the outline matches perfectly (except that the frog is gripping the sign). But I have no idea about the real coloring of the dog and cat. I just guessed (as I did with the rest of it).
Anyways, which pet will you choose now? Assuming my thing about member-nonmember is right... I think I'll get a ducky, MAYBE a frog. If it's not, DOGGY OR KITTY. KITTY!!!!! WAAA!!!!! :3
Bye for now!


  1. OMG! The duck looks so cute XD I'll have to get at least three pets!

  2. I BET the pets are for MEMBERS ONLY just like everything else!

  3. : ( Members make me sad now Becse the get eveything and brag about it

  4. @ Princess:
    That was my second bet. Why would they announce it early otherwise? Great way to get new members!
    @ Silverstorm:
    I know! Assuming I'm correct, I want the ducky, the doggy, or the kitty. They're the cutest. I have another theory that only the ugly frog will be for non-members, though... yuck.
    @ wolves:
    I agree! Some members are SO WHINEY! They're like 'Ha ha ha ha! I have good items and you don't!'

  5. hey woodswolf I just made the drops of rain banners you should check them out you can do what you want with them avertise,photoshop them and avertise it you see what i'm getting at but here is the link

  6. bunnylove3June 20, 2011

    i think the dog was supposed to be a bunny

  7. bunnylove3 =DJune 20, 2011

    they might have the shop in the tree in appondale.

    haha seriously? double parenthases!!(())

  8. @ bunnylove:
    It's a dog. The tail isn't fluffy. That's how we can tell.
    And that's a possible location.
    XD I know! Have to get a point across...

  9. @Wolves are awesome
    I don't brag. None of my friends brag (that are members) and I haven't talked to a member like that. Who did it? If I see someone like that, I will report them!
    OMG! I know! They're so cute! I may get a frog too:)
    I don't think so...Why would they have a bunny if that's already an animal?
    I hope they're not only members...Maybe they were losing players and wanted them to stay? That's what may have happened...

  10. @Wolves are awesome
    That's kind of...bullying.

  11. I mean, what the members are doing.

  12. @ Silverstorm:
    Well, we weren't accusing you (and neither of us named names), it's just SOME members are like that.
    I also hope they are not members only... I will CRY. HARD. :(

  13. @Woodswolf
    Oh, I know. I'm making sure that she didn't think I was accusing her of bullying. She's not!

  14. @ Silverstorm:
    Well, that's good, at least. SOME people in this world are nice, anyway... or not... *hacker of WCC*


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