Monday, June 27, 2011

Pets are everywhere! & New Wcc Columnist

Hey Wcc viewers!

Im bunnylove3. Im a moderator and you might know me from my animal jam account or comments or from chat. I am the new columnist for WoodswolfCodeCenral and this is my very first post!! Im am very honored to become the new addition to the team and i will enjoy contributing to this blog.

Anyways, most of you (if not all of you) already know that pets have already arrived in animal jam!
They are typically sold in the Paws & Claws store in Appondale.
What you may not know is that animal jam placed pet buying icons in EVERY land! Theses icons allow you to buy pets without going all the way to the shop. This is a good addition because sometimes the Claws & Paws shop is full. but its kinda crazy to put them everywhere! lol i guess some people are too lazy to go ALL the way to Appondale. ...weird
Sigh, im not a member, so it seems like everywhere i go animal jam is taunting me with the pet icons. Its so unfair that non members cant buy pets, but that's life. =)

What do you think? Comment and tell me! =o)


  1. It's unfair,but most non-members will just have to live with it.

  2. Wcc Mod bunnylove3June 27, 2011

    yeah ikr. i wil put up with it

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  4. @ Everyone:
    It's extremely unfair. We may have to live with it. :(

  5. @Woodswolf
    I have an idea! Each of us in the protest will write a poem/essay like you and we'll post it on our blog (those that don't have blogs will have someone else post them). Then we shout it all over Jamaa. I got it from your lecture and poem. It's inspiration. So technically its your idea.
    I've already written a poem:
    The Day Nonmembers Got Pets
    In June, when a member walked with their new little doggy,
    A non-member unhappily screamed, “All I want is a froggy!”
    A few weeks later, some time in July,
    Many nonmembers started to cry.
    ”We deserve pets!” They screamed and shouted.
    “We want something to love!” some pouted.
    Soon the situation became frantic.
    And the AJ HQ started to panic.
    They were quickly losing players.
    Wolves, tigers, koala bears.
    Even members pitched in,
    For a cause, and not just for kin.
    The HQ had to do something fast!
    They had to deal with the present and live in the past.
    They wrote some news.
    Soon they found by giving things there was nothing to lose.
    Non-members got pets,
    and there were no more frets.
    AJ HQ’s doing was just in time.
    For now it was a good deed, not a crime.
    Although members got pets that were newer,
    AJ would no longer be in the Internet sewer.

  6. @ Silverstorm:
    Good idea, and neat poem! :)

  7. Wcc Mod bunnylove3June 28, 2011

    cool poem! ^.^

  8. @Bunnylove3 and Woodswolf
    Thanks! I'll make a site for the poems and essays:)

  9. @Silverstorm:

  10. ~Twinkle Windywolf~September 05, 2011

    Pets For All

    When pigs fly, us non members still wont have pets! Cried all the non members, they screamed, It's not fair! One non member screamed loud. I just want a doggy!
    Another yelled out. We shoud at least all have a froggy! Then a jammer named Woodswolf stepped into the middle, she cried. Everybody, we deserve pets! If AJ HQ will not let us have pets, by golly, I'd think we'd be doing bigger protests! All non members agreed and yelled. Yes, pets will be ours! Whether we give our lives, or get run over by cars! The next day, every server was really quite empty, but for non members the website was tempting. For all exept Woodswolf, that is. Woodswolf cried loud. Remember our cause! We will absolutley protest! Then AJ HQ will sure give us pets! They stayed away from the busy Jamaa street, with hope they'd accomplish such a great feat. A week later they all got back on, then they were delighted to find, non member pets from here to there. Woodswolf was famous, yet all of the, worshipped her quite, she had given them pets from red to white.


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