Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crane Feathers 'Late Introduction' Characters

Hello everyone!
If you didn't sign up for a character the first time and you want to be in Crane Feathers now, sign up on this post with this general form:

Crane Feathers Character Name: ___________
Species: __________
Characteristics: ______________
In-depth description (optional): _________________________________

All characters that sign up here will be introduced right after the next chapter.
Bye for now!


  1. Crane Feathers Character Name: _Tiny__________
    Species: _Wolf_________
    Characteristics: __Nice and friendly____________
    In-depth description (optional): __What does that mean?_______________________________

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  3. funwow super 'old' AJR Mod............June 08, 2011

    Crane feathers Name:Funwow
    Characteristics:smart and careful,proceeds with caution
    In depth description:???P.S.afraid of hungry wolves,when afraid,can be almost impossable to findP.S.2more characteristic and detail frendly to friends and may heal as my mother is a nurse and powerful and fierce while in battle,even agasaint amored wolves

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  5. Crane Feathers Character Name: rosey
    Characteristics: sensitive, smart, friendly, nice, careful
    In-depth description (optional): whan rosey gets mad she gets super mad but she is happy and funny most of the time

  6. @Millicy
    LOL! My dog's name is Rosey, but we spell it like Rosy XD Awesome! That's why my wolf's "AJ" name is Rosey Canyonrose, but everyone calls her Wolfrock. You're awesome!!!!:D

  7. @silverstorm
    my wolf's name is rosey berryghost :D

  8. Jindo2108June 08, 2011

    Crane Feathers Character Name:
    Species: Wolf
    Characteristics: Generally good-natured with some humor, though very fierce when in danger.
    In depth description- Hmm.....doesn't show very much fear, does not like to take to many orders from others....and in battle will defend something with life. :)
    Think that's it.

  9. I had an idea for a future chapter, so I'm adding five characters that are a group...
    Name: Maple
    Species: Wolf
    Characteristics: Grumpy
    In-depth description: Maple is a doctor in a group called "The Ransoms". She heals wounds that her brother and his friends may have gotten. Wolfrock's sister...but no one knows that...

    Name: Lightning
    Species: Wolf
    Characteristics: Cheerful, but nonetheless evil...Evilly cheerful!
    In-depth description: A cutthroat, or "kidnapper". Wolfrock's brother...but no one knows that...including himself...Also Maple's brother.

    Name: Storm
    Species: Wolf
    Characteristics: Angry, yet strangely handsome.
    In-depth Description: Has a strange power where he can control weather in any way he likes. Lightning's friend, cutthroat.

    Name: Hurricane
    Species: Bunny
    Characteristics: Happy when have a prisoner.
    In-depth description: He blends in well with his surroundings since he's black and lurks in the shadows. Cutthroat, Lightning's friend.

    Name: Moonlight
    Species: Wolf
    Characteristics: Stubborn, like Wolfrock
    In-depth Description: Secretly loves Lightning, carries a sword on her back.

    I know it's a lot of characters, but they're brief and aren't in the prophecy.

  10. Oh, and Moonlight is a cutthroat!

  11. Crane Feathers character name:
    Characteristics:Fun smart friendly shy
    In-depth description:TinyPaw has a spell casted upon her that makes her change into a bunny or wolf at the strangest of times.She was given this curse when she was a kit.No one knows why.TinyPaw Didn't know she was different.She thought she blended in.But to others she didn't.TinyPaw is kind of like Eclipse except has a different backstory.TinyPaw is Snowy's sister.TinyPaw won't do anything without Snowy.

  12. Firey BouncemoonJune 08, 2011

    Name: Fire
    Species: Wolf (In any form)
    Characteristics: Moody...One second she's nice the next she's mean.
    In-Depth Description: She has reddish fur like fire. She can into anything. She was born on a magical stone, which gave her powers, and her color. Her family is obsessed with pudding (and potato chips) and aren't magical.

  13. I messed up on the first one. THIS is the one I want in the story:
    Crane feathers Character Name:
    Characteristics:Nice & friendy but not very friendly when mad.
    In-depth description:Has a swirl shaped birth mark on here paw.
    Is usally never scared.

  14. Firey BouncemoonJune 08, 2011

    oops.i meant she can turn into anything.

  15. icy pincesspawJune 08, 2011

    name: princess moonclaws
    species: wolf (moon watcher)
    characteristics:one of the nicest moon watchers
    in depth description: when born, the moon was full. an evil wolf gave her a small scar like a star on her forehead. a pure white wolf came from nowhere and said that she is special. she holds the power of the moons phases in her paws. she became a moon watcher to make sure the moon is waxing and waning correctly. she is one of the high moon risers in the moon watch. that means she takes monthly trips to the moon cave so they can check if the late animals have any messages for them.really pretty

  16. icy princesspawJune 08, 2011



    characteristics:mean, evil, strong.

    in depth description: he is a jet black wolf who has a pack who are all spies. he is the most evil and sneaky in the area. he wants to kill princess moonclaws. gave her the scar on her forehead that looks like a star.

  17. Fierey BouncemoonJune 08, 2011

    Name Star
    Characteristics: Friendly, but protective
    In-depth description: Like fire, she is a special wolf. She was born on the most starry night you can imagine. So of course, her parents named her star. Since then, she has done miraculous things at night. She has made stars come down to earth to lead her path.

  18. AND!!!!! She LOVES peeps.. (The sugar Candy Peeps)

  19. AND!!!!! She LOVES peeps.. (The sugar candy peeps)

  20. AND!!!!! She LOVES peeps.. (The sugar candy peeps)

  21. AND!!!!! She LOVES peeps.. (The sugar candy peeps)

  22. AND!!!!! She LOVES peeps.. (The sugar candy peeps)

  23. Whoa!!!! How come there is a BUNCH of them and not ONE?!!?!?! O.e

  24. Crane Feathers Character Name: willow or millicy
    Characteristics: sensitive, smart, friendly, nice, careful
    In-depth description (optional): whan she is mad she gets really mad but most of the time she is nice and funny
    her best friend is tiny ( hi tiny XD ) and she is a pup and loves to play,
    and she is lucky too most of the time she gets the best things in life like good friends like tiny ( hi tiny agin :D )
    the end.

  25. Name:DarkStream
    Characteristics:Mean selfish grumpy
    In depth description:Has a power that changes him into a seal whenever is in MT. Shiveer or Crystal Sands.Never likes to go by ANYONE.Stays in his den doing nothing all day because no one wants to talk to him.
    Char two...
    Characteristics:nice friendly loves to play with friends
    In depth description:Is DarkStreams sister.Changes into a tiger when howls and when dances as a tiger changes into a wolf.SnowyPelt wished to be able to transform from a wolf to a tiger.Then a witch casted the spell unpon her.

  26. and tiny you don't have to be a pup to be my best friend in this k

  27. and she can Change into a cat whan ever she thanks of being a cat and Change into a wolf whan ever she thanks of being a wolf too

  28. she has a magic necklace

  29. Character name: Myth
    Species: Bunny
    Characteristics: Curious Kind Can be very mad/evil when is angry
    In-depth description: Has a crack in its right ear when tuched Myth gets fiery
    PS: has magical powers.;'D

  30. Wcc Mod HjacklerJune 09, 2011

    C.F.C Charcacter name:
    species: Wolf
    Charcateristics: Fighter, Bountyhunter, Completely loyal to mythical magicmaster.
    In depth description: ladies man.

  31. Maybe Storm will be a major character considering his power.

  32. @ HJACKLER:

  33. Ok, this is a series of charecters, but here goes!

    Name: Aleu

    Species: Rabbit

    Charecteristics: Smart,loyal, stubborn

    In depth description: Can camoflage in with any surroundings, wears Steampunk Goggles, is normally creme colored with honey brown stars, is wise, is a natrual born leader

    Name: BerryStar

    Species: Tiger

    Charecteristics: Evil, Popular, Snobby

    In depth description: Wears sword, wants to kill Aleu and her gang

    Name: Pondie
    Species: Rabbit
    Charecteristics: Loyal,brave, a good hunter

    In-Depth description: Is with Aleu,is fierce, strong, daring, longs for leadership, Berrystar killed her sister Riverae and wants revenge, can be deathly when angered, was born with a hurt ear, is wolf but stuck in bunny form, is Wolfrock's sister

    That's all for now! Bye!


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