Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tail armor glitches.

I know this is way off topic, but most know that the Tail armor member gift item glitches. When you go and roll over an object in your acessories, then you roll over the tail armor, that name shows up. But something very weird was a new glitch. I wish I could get pics. but this is what the Tail armor name shows up as if you open to your clothing, and roll over nothing but the Tail armor. It says

                                                                       Ranged Attack + 20
                                                                                    Fierce + 20

When I found this out today, I was going crazy. This might be a refrence to future battling and what woodswolf sought after, QUESTS!

...If you can look at this again and get screencaps, please send them to me. Immediately.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jam Session~

Hello Jammers gamers or whatever you are!
New update on AJ!
Jam Session!
You can make music buddies and go on stage in the NEW party- Jam Session!
You buy musical accessories at the parties C:
Okay, so. Because I'm a little lazy to type about this:
So no more Elephants rhinos or giraffes for a while~ get 'em now!
Any notice how like, the animals are ALWAYS the least used? Monkeys -I think pandas- Koalas and now these.
There is a new Photo Booth Contest! Submit your best pictures! The entries are due on May 1st~
There is a new fruit and veggie garden where you can plant a fruit or veggie and watch them grow!
The summer carnival is coming back!
I never went to the carnival... I was gone most of that summer! xD
 New Den Items
New Instruments:
Once they add a flute I'll be happy C:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

We Won't Go Down

Hi guys.
All of you have been worrying. Worrying that WCC is coming to an end. And it will if YOU let it. So ,we may not have as many posts as before BUT we have more viewers ,mods and columnists. And as long as they're here, we have ourselves a strong little blog. Woodswolf made a promise to us all (if you were here in the time of AJR) She promised that this blog wouldn't end like AJR, not until WW is buried in her grave.
 So. If you don't want this blog to end, I suggest we start looking for ways to get in update posts, any posts. Doesn't matter. As long as we have columnists we got our blog. Alive and kicking. Woodswolf will return. She might just be busy with real life. Homework school all that stuff.
So please,
-Darling (Who hasn't posted/commented but is always here C: )

Monday, April 1, 2013

The last post?

Ummmm... I'm really wondering,.....IS WCC PERISHING LIKE AJR!? I know, the updates are pretty cruddy, but there is nothing on. Honestly, no one's posted since Feb. 24. Not critisizing(spelled wrong) you, but this is a remake of the Fuzzy crisis. Kind of. Goodbye everyone. if you even see this


P.S the goodbye does not mean forever, and Happy April Fool's Day!