Sunday, April 21, 2013

We Won't Go Down

Hi guys.
All of you have been worrying. Worrying that WCC is coming to an end. And it will if YOU let it. So ,we may not have as many posts as before BUT we have more viewers ,mods and columnists. And as long as they're here, we have ourselves a strong little blog. Woodswolf made a promise to us all (if you were here in the time of AJR) She promised that this blog wouldn't end like AJR, not until WW is buried in her grave.
 So. If you don't want this blog to end, I suggest we start looking for ways to get in update posts, any posts. Doesn't matter. As long as we have columnists we got our blog. Alive and kicking. Woodswolf will return. She might just be busy with real life. Homework school all that stuff.
So please,
-Darling (Who hasn't posted/commented but is always here C: )


  1. Woodswolf could be gone, but the site will not go,
    I originally was introduced to WCC in late August of 2011. I looked at AJR in the end of July. It had fallen. I didn't notice, really. I just liked reading the archives. I eventually searched for more blogs like it. I eventually came across Woodswolf. I went through many different names and faces before settling on Limekitten. I spent the longest as seals8.
    Over the next few months, I read through the whole archive. I became a 'true' Woodswolfian.
    When Woods decided she needed more mods and columnists, I registered. Modship came eventually.
    By the time 2012 came around, WCC was in decline. All great empires, such as the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, fell eventually. WCC was on the brink of collapse. There were not many posts.
    Woodswolf's most recent post was on Tuesday, the 22nd of March.
    Woodswolf may have left us, and WCC is declining. But it will not decline for long. In a few days we will be up and running, but if Woods never returns, we will have a hole in our hearts and the blog.

    To a proud blogger.
    All of us at WCC give Woodswolf the best for if she never returns. We hope she will come back.
    If you are gone Woodswolf, do you remember posting this on Fuzzy's blog? Do you remember writing this as a blog post?

    You wrote to be like Harry Potter.
    Thousands of people idolized him... said that he was their only hope...
    He let Voldemort kill him...
    And he came back. He came back again. To save them.
    He came back to save them.
    He came BACK.
    If you have gone, come back.
    Your last post was on January 19.

    You may go, your site will not. We will always remember.

    Woodswolf might be gone. She might come back. The site has gone. And it has come back.

    Woodswolf. We will carry on without you. Until your return...

    1. Before time.

      I remember the beginning. I remember 2010, back when I was younger, back when I was simply a bored Animal Jam player reading a blog.


      I remember how I planned, and planned, and planned, and then the moment came. And I was so proud of that moment.


      I remember looked around and suddenly an old empire had fallen. And a new one began.


      I remember the places that were collapsing, the things that were growing from the ashes.


      I remember how things began to fall.


      I remember the end.


      I remember the new beginning.

  2. Also read this, the most meaningful post on WCC.


    Hello everyone!
    In this post, I'm counting words. So I won't bother with an explanation until I'm sure I have extra words.
    Tell me, what is the 'motto' of WCC's chat?
    Exactly. WCC's Chat! This is where everyone can get to know each other!
    Take a good, long look at the bolded part.
    And then consider this.
    WCC, even though it's been up-and-running for almost a YEAR, still continues to amaze me.
    First it was the first commenter. You know who you are.
    Then the first words on chat.
    The first crisis.
    The first recovery.
    The first hacking.
    The first sidebar gizmos.
    The first nine hits.
    The first thirty thousand hits.
    The first nine months.
    The beginning of the next several years.
    The first community.
    The first everything.
    Why do I say this?
    Because today there was another first.
    Maybe some day I will grow up to be a psychologist.
    Maybe I will understand this amazing phenomenon.
    What happened today?
    Something that I've never had anyone tell me before and mean it.
    Why do I bring this up?
    Just to show the amazingness of WCC... what it's done.
    Let me show you.
    Let us take a group of people with one thing in common: we all play AJ.
    Let us let these people socialize and make friends and enemies.
    Now let us watch.
    They are all a bit shy... but eventually, they all realize that they have something in common. That they like him, hate her. That they can see each other's perspective at the same time without really compromizing anything.
    So what have we done?
    We have gotten to know each other.
    We know each other's hopes, dreams and fears. Our likes and loves and hates. Our worlds. Our glasses.
    We may not take it seriously... but we have actually formed closer friendships than we could have if we went to the same school.
    Because there's always that awkward pause when you know they can find out everything about you.
    When you're innocent and anonymous, you're more likely to tell things you wouldn't have otherwise.
    I could tell a complete stranger on a bus my life's story more completely and accurately than I could my closest friends.
    What does this mean?
    We are closer than an entire school is.
    More of you know my name than the 150 people in the Junior and Senior classes at my high school do. Not my real name, of course. But my name.
    And now I wait, and watch, and look for more wonders in this world.
    Bye for now!
    PS: This was just to show the wonders of the world.
    Word count: 441

  3. Keep posting guys. The code central is awesome.

  4. We don't want a Fuzzy repeat. Keep posting. We'll work this through. Keep posting guys, we will find Woods

  5. We're going to post as long as I freaking live. I WONT lose this place now.

  6. The Rise and Fall of Woods

    by a weird jammer.

    Woodswolf, the fierce spirit of Larry Popotter, stood up, and walked. And she shook her head handsomely and-GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! THAT F****** BANANA PEAL!!!!!! And so she fell.

    That was REALLY weird...X3



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