Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jam Session~

Hello Jammers gamers or whatever you are!
New update on AJ!
Jam Session!
You can make music buddies and go on stage in the NEW party- Jam Session!
You buy musical accessories at the parties C:
Okay, so. Because I'm a little lazy to type about this:
So no more Elephants rhinos or giraffes for a while~ get 'em now!
Any notice how like, the animals are ALWAYS the least used? Monkeys -I think pandas- Koalas and now these.
There is a new Photo Booth Contest! Submit your best pictures! The entries are due on May 1st~
There is a new fruit and veggie garden where you can plant a fruit or veggie and watch them grow!
The summer carnival is coming back!
I never went to the carnival... I was gone most of that summer! xD
 New Den Items
New Instruments:
Once they add a flute I'll be happy C:


  1. Yay! Jam Session!
    And no, actually not pandas. But pandas are bound to come and be sent away eventually. I like pandas. :(

    1. Oh I just thought considering they always send away the least used animals xD


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