Monday, December 24, 2012

We Wish You A Merry ,Wait, What now?(Theory of a possible collapse)

Merry Christmas,or Happy Jamaalidays......whatever. This is my first post in a while, but apparently you can now use the arrow keys on your computer to move around...not much is even happening on AJ anymore. Only gift cards, nonmember animals,et cetera. I wanted to say that because of this, unless something happens that is actually worth wasting time on AJ, by New Years,I might be quitting AJ. AJ needs to change somehow. If quests eventually (or even do) come, It would turn AJ into a semi-RPG. And the un-healthy lifestyle of a somewhat hangout mapped game,mixed with the characteristics of an RPG, would make some chaos between players, Then, seriously, what would AJ live for? So on, so forth, AJ would lose popularity,lose players,lose,most important to them, MONEY,and have to shut down. This has a very small chance of happening. If AJ mixes them correctly,if they would accept the idea of just pure decency,it would plummet their competitors down and AJ would be winning by it. There are many other things that could and maybe would happen. That's AJ's desicion.-Message direct to AJHQ- If you make it work AJ, kudos to you. And keep the good stuff coming.You need to plummet out of this hole your in. Good luck-End of message-If you want, comment of how you think of this.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hello everyone...
Well, welcome to this week's update. Pretty boring, actually. I don't even really know why I'm posting at the moment.
Maybe because I thought this one would be the super-exciting quests update, if they ever come out with one at all... *sigh*
It's pretty much exactly like the update that brought sea turtles to everyone - this one is bringing an open sea cam, something that I know I'm probably never going to use (I never have enough time to watch AJ's videos anymore) and giving it to everyone. Sea turtles got that treatment a while ago, and they weren't even new.
So, say hello to the open sea cam. Yaaaay...
So... whatever.
Bye for now!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Theory: 'Return of the Alphas' video is related to a promised questing feature

Hello everyone!

So, anyway, today, I was looking on TDE when I found this new video:

Watch it.

Notice anything... strange?

Now take a look at these posts that I found while researching my theory:

Also, I have a little thing for jamaasian discussion today. When you first join Animal Jam you meet the spirit of Liza and she says this to you -
Well, there appears to be two big lies in that statement. One, we never learn about Mira, and two, we don't have any travels. When I say travels, I'm actually referring to journeys or quests, but not like the Journey Book we know today. I found this interesting clip of an old article, click here to read the whole thing.
Isn't that strange? This appears to be AJHQ's original goal for Jamaa, they were going to take the road less traveled by, but instead lost focus and took the well worn road of ease and profit. During Animal Jam's beta there happened to be a book much like our Journey Book, as well as the achievements, trophy, both of which seemed to be coming later in the game.
Instead Achievements came but the book disappeared for a long time. It came back to Jamaa as the Journey Book.
I feel that Animal Jam has really lost it's natural goal since beta. What do you think the creators intended with that first book? What would the quests have been like? Which book would you rather have in Jamaa? I hope you have some ideas!
With Animal Jam now in full swing, the world of Jamaa is now and always will be improving and growing. Shamans and explorers are always searching for new lands in Jamaa, and each land they discover will always be a unique adventure! Minigames, den items, accessories, quests, den designs, and achievements are constantly being added to Animal Jam, as well as National Geographic facts, videos, and content. All this ensures children always have a world of fun—and learning—right at their fingertips! Who knows what adventures await in the land of Jamaa? Come play National Geographic Animal Jam and find out!
A great post on the Animal Jam Blog.
One thing get's me wondering, though, about the part with the quests.
I never ever knew we were able to do quests!
Maybe later, you will see a post about them!
Am I the only person that finds possible similarities between these things?
For further proof, let's look at the final scene:
[Liza speaking to the animals at the campfire] I stayed to protect Jamaa while the other Alphas tracked the fleeing Phantoms.
[Zoom shot to all of the Alphas] Now they have returned!
And your adventure is about to begin!
[Shot of Jamaa Township zoomed out - vines move in slowly to frame the image. As the image fades out, the eyes of Phantoms hidden in the vines open, and then everything fades to black]
Take a look at that last scene. Phantoms waking up in the vines? Liza finally giving us some actual Lore information? I think that's nearly enough proof that there could be quests coming!
And if that still isn't enough for you, the shot of Jamaa Township is viewing it from the south - as if the camera was in an undiscovered area.
If that doesn't smell like 'questing feature' to you, I don't know what does. Since 'Return of the Alphas' was released now... I wouldn't be surprised if AJ HQ gives us a New Years gift by releasing quests!
Wouldn't that be sweet? :D
Bye for now!


Hello everyone! It's that time of year again!

So that means that AJ HQ has returned the Jamaaliday Gift to replace the Daily Spin for the month of December. Hooray for presents! :D

Also, there's a new PARTY for Jamaalidays this year! I have not yet been to the Jamaaliday Jam, but it's probably pretty interesting!

Third thing: pet REINDEER have been released again this year! Get 'em before they go!

Fourth thing: Gingerbread House den and Gingerbread Treehouse item are this month's Monthly Member Gifts.

Thing five: AJ Outfitters has released tons of new stuff, including sticker sheets, keychains, posters, and more! Check it out!

Also, new Alpha information has been released for Peck! Hooray! Check that out here, or on WCC's Alpha Information page!

Also, I have a theory about a new video released by AJ HQ... but my full analysis is in this post.

Bye for now!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Umm, AjHQ what went wrong here?

So today I was trying to get on Aj when this happned..
What went wrong!?!?!!?
Well im not complely sure but, MAYBE the game was offline and they accidently let me on? Well it's a theroy :I
But the odd thing is this want just a quick flash of this, I stayed for about a minute after I took this screen shot and what do you know? It was still there, well it'sa mystrey all-right!
Signing off