Tuesday, December 3, 2013


For those of you who don't know who I am...
It is I.
The magnificent,
"Oh get on with it!" The crow yells.
Oh yes right, 
Its Wolves.
If you know me call me Wolbes.
Honestly I want to post on here as much as I can,
But then I have school, riding, writing, ect.
That's where you guys come in!
If Woods is alright with this,
I would like to do a monthly segment where you guys get to know me!
Which means..
Animal Jam Party!
My user name is DOCmartin.
ANyways. In a few months these segments will consist of videos also.
Anyways... Here is the party information
(I know it's a little short notice)
Where?: DOCmartin 's (my) den
When: T O N I G H T at 8:45 eastern time.
Why?: To get to know me of course.
Fun things: Hang out and have fun.
My den IS unlocked so there should be no trouble getting in, but if there is sending me a jam-a-gram.
Thank you!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mk. A good news and a bad news (the same news;depends on the point of view).
The good:

YAY! Guess what?! You finally got rid of that annoying sticky chewing gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe! Bai!

Ok the bad:

So, in other words, I'm quitting WCC. *Officially*
No-one really cares about this blog anymore... And life needs to move on. Sometimes promises should be broken. I'm probably going to start a blog myself...
I am glad I was an author of WCC.
I really am.
But there's always an end...
And it has come.
We have been waiting for you.
Deep in
So come, come gladly of your own will.
I am not preventing you.
Because you came by the will of Woodswolf.
This blog was... great.
Great when you posted.

When there was glory...
So I close my
When Woodswolf will come back.
Stronger then ever.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Glitchy Glitch Slides in Meet Cosmo

So I was, for the first time, going through Meet Cosmo (it was pretty long) until I came to this place with slides and rope ladders and I had to get this key to free a Koala, but when I went on the slide I got... teleported into the void?
So this kept happening and happening until a Phantom put me to sleep, I decided to take a different route and the same thing ended up happening with a different slide, except there were no Phantoms.

I ended up just quitting the adventure.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fishman cape...?

Hai no-one! (supposing no-one will be reading this post)
today's new item is the weird Fisherman's cape...

credit to nafaria9 for the pic!

That's all...



Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This will be written in french, then translated in english.

Où vas-tu? Nous fuis-tu? Tu es revenue; cependant, tu nous a quittée un fois encore. Mon esprit restera pour l'éternité dans cet endroit que je chéris tellement, que je ne quitterai sous aucun prétexte.
Ne nous quitte pas.
Faisons reflorir de magnifiquance ce central dont il est question de mourrir.
De mourrir de notre lâcheté.
De notre lâcheté de ne vouloir remonter aux cieux mais de rester dans les ombres.
Je ne t'oublierais jamais, c'est tou qui m'a ouvert l'œuil sur tellement de choses...
Tu m'as rapporté maintenant cette douleur que je n'ai pas encore écrite:
Ma sœur, ma chère sœur que je pensais tellement énervante, souffre du cancer.
Je ne voulais pas révéler ceci aux personnes que je ne connais pas.
Mais maintenant avec le deuil qui pèse sur ce site internet, ja l'ai révélé.
C'est tout.

I am litterally crying right now... Go to google translator to translate it. I don't feel like translating it...


Forever a Woods Hunter.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I mean, honestly, if you compare the articles per month that were written in, like, early 2012 and the ones now, there IS a difference...

Sorry lame post :P

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hello fellow WCC readers whom don't all play AJ.
I am MythCat2907, yes I know that you already know that but just in case you're wondering who wrote this post since this is a quite serious post... Anyways, have you noticed the price of being a member and the number of members playing Animal Jam? So a month's fee is around 5 $, sometimes less and sometimes more. And my guess is that there are about 3 M members or so playing AJ. So that makes around 15 MILLION DOLLARS. That- is a LOT of money. Okay so you might say "So? AJHQ has to pay a bunch of working guys." But that STILL is quite a lot... Oh I forgot that 0.05% for donation... BTW its like almost nothing. So, anyways, either AJHQ/Nat Geo is quite greedy, or they are in need of money, or both.
So, yeah... Thats all gamers and readers and feral hearters and jammers and what-ever-gamer-you-are!

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hello everyone!

Well, I'm sorry that I forgot to update on Thursday... I was busy. :(

But let's get to the update! Lots of things happened this week, including the revival of Jamaa's favorite Halloween celebration, Night of the Phantoms! :D

So now you know that I have to be dressed up in dark demon costumes. XD


The next thing is that there's a new Adventure, available (unfortunately) for members only at this time. Apparently, though, you get to go off into the Phantom Hive and face the Phantom King in battle! :D

Elephants have finally returned from wherever they were (why is it that they're coming back so much later than the other animals that went to find Kimbara Outback...?).

Pet tarantulas, new this year, will be available in the Diamond Shop starting October 1st! Go pick yours up... well, three days from now. Pet bats have returned this year as well, and are making their appearance in the Spooky Party.

A new feature was added to Adventures this week with the introduction of the Adventure Map. I have yet to see this feature in action, but it supposedly brings up a picture of the area you're in so that you can find your way back from being lost.

Finally, it's the most obvious pun-riddle in the history of AJ animal reveals: Cheetahs are soon coming to Jamaa. Fast as lightning, spotty as a polkadot wallpaper... it would be a bigger surprise if they weren't the next animal. XP

The Haunted Mansion den has made a reappearance this year, and members can buy it for 6500 gems in the Den Shop. Get yours today!

It also seems there are two Halloween-themed parties this year: the Spooky Party, and the Haunted Forest Party. Last year, I remember there was only one party...?

The Phantom Vortex has made a reappearance as well! If you aren't the adventuring type, wanting to beat up Phantoms, this is the place for you.

The Phantom Vortex is a very interesting place to be, with its spooky electronic music and animated background. But the main attraction of the Vortex is its game, Phantoms! This year, as in previous years, if you beat level five (an easy thing to do... it takes only about three minutes) you win a prize! This year's prize is a HEAVY PHANTOM STATUE that comes in five different colors! (However, if you don't like the color you get, you'll have to trade for a different color; you can only win a prize once.)

Finally, if you haven't redeemed the AJBDAY3 code, you should do so! It's a great, interesting addition to any Den!

Well, that's about it, I think!
Bye for now!

Friday, September 20, 2013


Wow....hey guys.....
Its Wolves/Wolbes
I am just saying hi...
I haven't been on here in forever....
So yeah....
Maybe Ill start posting?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


First off all, excuse my language:


So yeah for now I cant play AJ D: I have to wait for like a few weeks UGH A FEW WEEKS WITHOUT A COMPUTER HOW CAN I F****** SURVIVE??!!!

Thats all D:


PS Woods I know you dont appreciate this language but it was the only way to feel relieved sowwy!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Hello everyone!

Well, three years ago around this time, AJ emerged from BETA and was officially released! And now, AJ wants to celebrate with a good-sized update for us!

First thing, a new Adventure has been released for everyone! THE PHANTOM PORTAL can now be played by all Jammers!

Though I wasn't able to take screenshots, me and Millicy did the Adventure together, and, well... shenanigans XD

There's also a new party! The AJ BIRTHDAY PARTY is similar to the one they had last year - we get to play on a giant purple CAKE! ;D

Third, there's a new code! Enter AJBDAY3 when you log in to get a super-awesome CAKE! :D
(Hint: click on the Hot Cocoa Hut! ;D)

Next, there's a new MEDICAL CENTER located in Kimbara Outback! Go there to find new clothing items, including casts and this really weird Band-Aid that goes on your nose XD

There have also been some other updates concerning Adventures, as well. First, members can now invite friends or other people to join Adventures by clicking the new 'Host an Adventure' button on the menu.
Secondly, there's a new ADVENTURE SHOP where you can buy all of your Adventure-related gear, including Phantom Pens, Phantom Coops and Phantom Crates. XP
Thirdly, the layout for the Base Camp has changed yet again, to make it slightly easier to navigate. :P
Fourthly (wow, this is getting long XD), Meet Cosmo is now available for members to play in Hard Mode.

And, for the final point, elephants are returning to Jamaa. Can someone remind me when they left...? XD

Bye for now!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am somewhat back, ive been on a differnt chat for a long time... i wont be posting bout aj cus i lefft it
ive been here: http://chatroll.com/rp-all-day-long ...
I used to be kitkats/MaddieFox, but now im Madiqua

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hello everyone!

Well, basically all that's new this week is the Wind Armor, another premium armor set like the Pheonix Armor.

Everything else has been said before, or added in previous updates. :(

Bye for now, I guess. :P

Thursday, August 22, 2013


...the number of features that are new.

I don't even know why they're releasing something like this on a half-time update. But they did! I suppose it's not my job to question their decisions.

...Oh wait. Yes it is. I'm a blogger.


Point being that there's a new adventure, and now two adventures are in beta for members only.

So, that's about it for this week...

Bye for now!

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Votes Are In...

Hello everyone!

Well, I probably should have checked on this two weeks ago, but it slipped my mind XD

So here's the results!

Stay focused on Animal Jam
  9 (33%)
Move focus to Free Realms
  1 (3%)
Move focus to Minecraft
  2 (7%)
Spread focus between AJ and Free Realms
  2 (7%)
Spread focus between AJ and Minecraft
  6 (22%)
Spread focus between Free Realms and Minecraft
  0 (0%)
Spread focus between all three games
  7 (25%)
  Total Votes: 27

So, it looks like most people are choosing to stay focused on just AJ... but that's only 33% of the people that answered. The other 66% seems to be more open, but can't decide what it's thinking XD

So I'm thinking that it would be beneficial to go with the second-most picked, and spread our focus between all three games, for several reasons:

1. It keeps me interested.
2. It allows me to post more, instead of just once every two weeks or so.
3. I would finally have an excuse for playing Minecraft 4+ hours a day!
4. I want to keep better tabs on Free Realms than I have in the past.
5. I can't stand being on Animal Jam for more than half an hour... the world is too small, and there's never really anything to explore.

It might take a couple days to do this temporary transition (I might have to update lots of pages and such, not to mention that I still need to do a bit of my own fact-checking on some Free Realms things - the last time I played it was... one and a half years ago, I think, and they've changed a LOT since then). If people don't like it, we can always switch back, but I can guarantee that this won't change when I do the Animal Jam update post! :D

Bye for now!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Hello everyone!

Is it just me, or have the past few updates been not very important?

Yes, last update we got a new store, but the items are heavily themed and will only look like they fit in the Volcano or (MAYBE) the Enchanted Hollow dens, but even then they'd require a color change.

Other than that, over the past TWO updates, the only other things worth noting are that the Summer Carnival is having a sale and the Adventure Base Camp (oh my god I just realized that the acronym for it is ABC XD) got a layout change.

Yes, I understand, it's the common Post-Update Slump, but hopefully more noteworthy changes will happen in the next few updates.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Little (awesome) cheat

Hi guys...

New update, blablabla, blablabla. Im too lazy to write it...XD Anyways, in Bunny Burrow, when you play hard mode, make sure to choose the LAST TREASURE to get a prize! I got a rare locket, a bunny hat (lame), and a rare scary cat hat! So now I have 2 cat hats... My freind said her bro got scary bat wings...wow. Well I guess thats all.


PS: the "item" button is to classify your accessories by groups of items (e.g.: a group of leg items, head items, etc.)

Friday, July 26, 2013


Hey guys! I'm back! And it appears I missed a MAJOR update!

Well, first things first. NEW LAND!


Its design is very similar to Coral Canyons in essence; I'm actually surprised that these two were located at near opposite ends of Jamaa, and that Appondale is nowhere near either of them. If they were thinking about Real Life, then they would be near each other. Oh well, I suppose it is a Fantasy World Map. :P

Anyway, the Kimbara Outback is very similar to the real-life Australian Outback. And it appears, at the moment, to have room for two new stores or side-rooms. We'll see what those turn out to be later!

However, with the addition of Kimbara, other things had to change. The tried-and-true World Map has been changed to make room for Kimbara below Jamaa Township (which now resides in exactly the same spot as the Return of the Alphas video's final camera position). Now, instead of being drawn in a semi-realistic style, the map has gone fully cartoon. Somewhat sad, but there's nothing we can do about it. :(

Kimbara Outback also has a new Journey Book page, with the prize being a spiffy WINDMILL! I was able to get all of the objects in less than ten minutes; it's a really easy page.

Koalas have returned from their expedition! Everyone can be koalas again!

Some Adventures now have a HARD MODE, where you can face stronger Phantoms and Phantoms with special abilities!
Also, Cosmo is now looking for a new Adventure, meaning that a new one will be created, and the previous one will (probably) be unlocked for non-members.
Another thing is that members can now display their adventuring level all throughout Jamaa, instead of just in the Adventure Base Camp.

There's a new Kangaroo exhibit...

Tunnel Town has been released, and apparently has climbed to the Top 20 Games on iTunes!

I think that's it for this week!
Bye for now!

Sunday, July 14, 2013




Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Attention WCC Readers: Late Updates Notice for July, and Poll Information

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to inform all of you that I will be gone for most of July, with limited and/or very spotty computer access. I have a summer job starting on the 6th, and immediately after that finishes (two weeks), I'm going on vacation for another two weeks.

Animal Jam is set to update on July 11th and 25th, approximately. I will not be around for either of those dates, so there will be no update post from me.

However (and I have no idea really why this is), any columnist can do an update post. Most of you seem to think that it's an 'elite honor' to do the Animal Jam update post, but I don't really care for that matter. It makes my work easier and allows me to work on other projects, such as essays about games, comment moderation (there's been an influx of offensive anons posting recently, so I've had to get rid of them), and my work on other sites.

On another note, five people have already voted on the poll I mentioned in this post, including myself. If you're out there and you haven't voted, I would suggest doing so, as there probably will be no chance of going back after the results are in.

The end date of the poll has also been pushed back to the 31st, since I had the impressive oversight to set the end date to a time when I'm not here. XD

At the current moment, trends are suggesting that we will be focusing on these three games, though. :D

I guess that's about it.

Bye for now!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Time of Transition

Hello everyone!

Well, it's been a pretty exciting week for me. Lots of things have happened, and a lot of them are related to what I am about to say in this post.

So, when I came back to WCC after my few months of absence, one of the first things I did was to put up a poll, which ten readers voted on (plus me, since I always vote on my own polls, since I'm cheap, so that I don't have to keep clicking "View Results" over and over... XD). The results were as follows:

Look for a new game to try!
  6 (54%)
  4 (36%)
Start a community story!
  0 (0%)
You just go back to doing your update thing now! :D
  1 (9%)

Minus my vote on the last choice, that's six out of ten (60%) that wanted to look for a new game to check out.

(As for the four of you that wanted to party, I'm still trying to find a place in my schedule that'll work. It might be a belated Fourth of July party on the 5th or something :D)

So you know what I did?
I looked for games, new and old, to check out.

And guess what I found?
Two really good ones.

One an old favorite...
 ...and one that's famous.

Let's get down to business.

The reason WCC was called WCC was that when it first started, it was intended to be about all kinds of games. I had started off with three, and quickly dropped the other two after the Fuzzy Crisis. Several months later in August of 2011, I did reviews of the three games I had originally started with: Animal Jam, Free Realms, and Wizard101. Out of those three, Free Realms, on the scale of 1-5 stars that I rated them, got a five.

It's been about two years now since I last played Free Realms.

With all of the stuff they've added and changed, today I would give ten stars out of five.

Why? Multiple reasons.

Thing one is that, even though I'm not a member on either game, Free Realm's membership is much less expensive than Animal Jam's (for their yearly membership prices, Animal Jam is $49.95... and Free Realms is $39.60, ten dollars cheaper per year) AND you can do much more with a Free Realms membership than you can with an Animal Jam one.
(Yes, Animal Jam is giving some percentage of membership money to a charity to help big cats, it isn't stated anywhere what percentage of it is going to the charity. For all we know, .5% of the money is going to the charity and the remaining 99.5% is going to overhead expenses and profit.)
With an Animal Jam membership you get to beta-test a lot of the cool new features, get extra animal characters, pets, etc., but you can do all that on Free Realms as well, along with doing members-only quests, buy pets that do multiple tricks, unlock all of the jobs, get a premium house for free, get item discounts and monthly reward packs, and get double coins for the first hour you log on every day.

If I haven't sold you yet on getting even just a Free Realms account, just wait. THERE'S MORE.

Within the past two years since I've last played, they've added a whole new expansion and new combat modes, as well as a huge new questline. The best part about all of this change, though? They gave their non-members more freedom in the process.
While you used to be able to only go up to level 5 on any job except Adventurer, now a non-member can go up to level 20 (the maximum level) on Adventurer and Brawler (one of the combat jobs). I'm not sure how many other jobs you can go this far with; I'm still leveling up my character.
Plus, that huge new questline I mentioned? Non-members can go all the way to the current end without having to pay a single cent.

Other pros for Free Realms include that it's got a massive playerbase (it's had over ten million players since it's first year, I'm pretty sure, while Animal Jam only just hit that mark a few months ago) and a massive world to match, with lots of neat areas to explore and secret things to find. It's so big that even I don't think I've explored all of it.

If I haven't sold you on Free Realms, you're almost a hopeless case. XD

And now, on to the second game. It's one I know a few of you know and love, and that I've used my brother's account on for a long time. Just last night, however, I was finally able to convince my mom to use her credit card to pay $26.95 to get my own account (I paid her back right afterward, and she got five extra cents to boot, because it's cheap to just count out 95 cents when you can fork over another dollar XP).

What is this game?


For those of you that don't know, Minecraft is an insanely addicting block-based game where you can build anything you can imagine. Literally anything. If I wanted to build a giant sheep, I could build a giant sheep. If I wanted to make a huge castle with all sorts of secret entrances, I could do that, too.

The best part is that there's a large community that is determined to make the best of your experience. Minecraft supports the option for custom skins (infinite possibilities on what you can make your player look like), texture packs (to change what blocks, items, and mobs look like), and mods (to add or change functionality of different things). Also, Minecraft has thousands of multiplayer servers to play on, and on the Downloads page (where you can download Minecraft), you can get software to set up a server of your own. In fact, if we do choose to move our focus to Minecraft, I could even set up an official WCC server for us! :D

The thing that's both good and bad about this game, however, is that you have to pay for it. It's a one-time payment of $26.95 (far more affordable than having to pay for Animal Jam's or Free Realms' memberships for several years), and you get to keep the game and all of its updates forever. However, there is no free-to-play option for this game (well, there's Minecraft Classic; it's ancient and way out-of-date, but it's free).

So, my friends. We have now reached a point of decision.

Do we stick with Animal Jam, spread our focus over any combination of these three games, or move our focus to another game?

I'll put up a poll. Go vote!

Bye for now!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Because AJ's having Fourth of July celebrations, sooooooo...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hey guys,
Wolbes here. I am officially quitting animal jam.
It is so stupid now.
Now that Im a non member, it seems like animal jam is disrespecting me.
I had a meltdown about it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


...hi everyone...

...adventures look super cool.

and now i'm sad.

because i can't beta test.

yes i am going to type like this until i can adventure because i am sad so you better just deal with it.

also look at this.
it makes me sad.

first to explore, which means that they're going to make nonmembers lag behind for ages and ages between adventures. not to mention that ajhq will probably never release the last few adventures to give players more reasons to upgrade to the club
and secret areas, which means rare loot and possibly even battles or bosses that i can't show you.

it's not like i didn't expect it, though, knowing ajhq.
i guess i'll just have to deal with it, since i have no way to pay for a membership.

there's no way you can tell that i have been looking forward to this for centuries.
that was so sarcastic i won't even comment on its sarcasticness, thus causing a sarcastic paradox.

also they have levels.
in other words, my guesses about general quests and experience gaining were correct.
i can't check.

anyway, the new dot on the left side of a player's nametag shows their level, and their rank.
circle is rank one, levels 1-4. star is rank two, probably 6-10, but the highest i've seen is a level 7, and since some person that i saw outside this picture was shouting about "how'd you get to level 7" or whatever i would assume that it's 'glitched' or cheated. perhaps if we are actually fighting phantoms, they simply ground the mobs for a few levels?


there's a new mystery shop of mystery in the home base camp.
i think i know what it's for, but i don't really know what they are. perhaps if the tooltip is correct, they are weapons.
the clothing sort calls them items, though.

see that?
i wouldn't be surprised if soon they reveal that those swords you were equipping to your back before get moved to the item slot.
and get used as weapons.
they'll probably have magic wands or something too.
because they basically have to.

and so, since i have to end this thing somewhere, i have to end it.
this is much less hopeful than it seems on the surface.
let's take a look at another 'still-being-tested' feature.
when did that begin testing?
oh, just over a year ago.

in other words they didn't give us a set release time either.
so they've stuck us non-members in the same loop as they still have us snared in with writing personalized jam-a-grams.

so i think i'll end this overly depressing post with that.
see why this suddenly became the worst update ever for me?

bye for now.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Okay, is it just me, or was this practically the best update in all of AJ's history?

Let's see: The first page of the newspaper is kinda meh: Pet raccoons are on sale in the Diamond Shop. Kind of a bad first choice for the front page of the newspaper, since everything else is truly amazing.

Second page: Pet hamsters are for everyone. Not just members. ALL. JAMMERS.
Why isn't that on the front page? If there's one thing I have left to complain about, it's that AJ designs their newspapers badly XD

Third page: All Jammers can win Diamonds on the Daily Spin. We already knew that, but it's still good for confirmation. And there's the winner of the Summer Jam-A-Gram.

Fourth page: It's just some of the Diamonds information again.

Fifth page:

Just... Fifth page.

My theories were confirmed. QUESTS.


Seriously. I mean, nonmembers get more freedom, everyone will get quests, everyone can get Diamonds... It's like all of my 'prayers' were answered in one update.

Well, the second one isn't confirmed... I'm getting scared now.

Anyway, this is probably the best update of all time, and the only better one will be the one where they add QUESTS!

Bye for now!

PS: Speaking of best-updates-of-all-time, maybe they're trying to trump this one by adding the NEW LAND AND QUESTS at the same time! :D

Raccoons, Hamsters and Adventure!

Hey Jammers! In today's update there are brand new Pet Raccoons only sold at the Diamond shop and currently on sale too!

Isn't it cute?

But that's not all! 
All jammers are now able to get a cute and cuddly Hamster just for 400 gems! Don't believe me? 
Well take a look at this:

And that's not even the most exciting part! On the last page of the Jamaa Journal you can see this image! 
What could this mean? Quests? Something else? Post what you think in the comments and who knows? Maybe you'll be right!

Bye for now!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Hello everyone!

Well, sorry for the somewhat delayed update... but this update was huge.

Thing is, it wasn't the good kind of huge.

See, the thing is, AJ added a new currency to Jamaa - Diamonds. Hooray, it's a big feature for once in forever!

Wait a second, though. A new currency means that there are items that can be bought with that currency.

So what can be bought with Diamonds? Well, as the name suggests, Diamonds are rarer than Gems, just as in the real world.

So, thus, cool stuff.

But wait a second! If Diamonds are rare and they buy cool stuff... well, all the cool stuff is members only!

Well, not quite. You see, Diamonds are AJ's new equivalent of any sort of real-money currency. For instance, in Free Realms, there's Station Cash; Wizard101 has Crowns. I was actually expecting something like this for a long time, starting to truly suspect shortly after the first Monthly Gift came out, and even before that, too.

The thing with all of these real-money currencies is that nonmembers in all three games I've mentioned can get it elsewhere - in AJ you can get diamonds on the Daily Spin (based on the appearance of the wheel, it's got equal chance as getting 500 gems, but each of the wedges is probably 'weighted' differently (weighted in terms of probability) such that there's actually an extremely low probability of getting a diamond); in Free Realms you used to start with 250 SC (after a while it decreased to an allowance of 99, and now I'm pretty sure you don't start with any); in Wizard101 and its sister games (Pirate101) you start with a total of 75 crowns connected with your account, if I've done it right, that is.

So what's wrong with AJ's Diamonds?

Well, let's compare the currencies.

Diamonds (AJ) SC (SOE Games) Crowns (101 Games)
How to Obtain? Card, Daily Spin, Weekly (Members) Card, Account allowance, Weekly (Members) Card, Account allowance
Obtainable Without Paying? Yes; Daily Spin Yes; Allowance at account creation Yes; Allowance at account creation
What Nonmembers Can Buy? Diamond/Gem currency conversion Everything not marked explicitly for members Everything not marked explicitly for members

See that? If AJ is going to truly be successful with this new currency, they have to even the market first. Yes, they are allowing non-members to obtain Diamonds for free with the Daily Spin, but they could still even the market a bit and add a few things there that can be bought by non-members.

Then again, of course, the Diamonds were supposed to be a replacement for the Monthly Gift... so perhaps we should be thankful that non-members can now get in on the extra gems every now and then.

Well, bye for now!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are The 'Scams' True?

Hello everyone!

We've all experienced it. There's that one jerk that tells everyone "Jump on the *insert ice/Coral Canyons bridge* to help them break so that everyone can win *insert extremely rare item here*.
Of course, after you sit there and jump for an hour or two everyone starts to realize that it's all a scam, and start leaving.

Thankfully, this problem is avoidable if you stick on the small servers - the fewer people there are online, the less likely it is to attract a crowd and break the bridge.

But take a look at what was posted on TDE recently:

Breaking The Ice And The Bridge

We know many Jammers have tried breaking the ice in Mt. Shiveer and the bridge in Coral Canyons. Have you noticed that they crack when three or more Jammers jump on them?
Unfortunately, we haven’t heard of any Jammers that have successfully broken either one yet. Can you imagine what would happen if you were the lucky Jammer to finally break one of them? We’d be careful though… those cracks look pretty dangerous!

Has AJ HQ made it official? Have they turned that old-time scam into something more? Have they really added the 'secret prize room' envisioned by many of the scams?
Or is this all a "Here, we'll give you something to keep yourselves entertained with so we get more leeway to work on this new land" moment?

Only time will tell, I suppose. Cross your fingers, though - this could be something amazing!

Bye for now!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hello everyone!

Well, when I first saw AJ's update, I wasn't intrigued. Some new snake video in Brady Barr's lab was the main feature...

...wait a minute, EXPEDITIONS?

Main Entry:
expedition [ek-spi-dish-uhn] Show IPA
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: journey; people on a journey
Synonyms: campaign, caravan, cavalcade, company, crew, crowd, cruise, crusade, enterprise, entrada, excursion, exploration, explorers, fleet, jaunt, junket, mission, outing, party, patrol, peregrination, picnic, posse, quest, safari, squadron, swing, team, tour, travel, travellers, trek, trip, undertaking, voyage, voyagers, wayfarers

This was taken from Thesaurus.com.

See the word in pink higlighted in blue?


So, maybe they didn't come in the form we expected... Personally, I was expecting some sort of object-hunting, or talking-to-new-NPCs quest.

But they came. They kept their promise.

So, as for the quest itself!

The content and action was nicely designed. What it is is a series of videos divided into 'chapters', and in almost every chapter (except for the first, the introduction, and the last, the finale) you're asked to make a choice.

The choices are very easy and logical, and you shouldn't have a hard time figuring out the choices. Also, if you make the wrong choice, you aren't penalized - the choice that you picked is removed from the list, so you can try another.

Every few chapters, after you finish the chapter, you'll get a prize. The first is a spiderweb hammock, the second a snake banner, and the third a snake throne.

The videos are very entertaining and easy to follow. It's a good format.

The best part about this is that AJ HQ explicitly called them 'Brady Barr's Expeditions', so there's a chance that there will be generic quests in Jamaa itself, exploring for hidden objects, defeating Phantoms, and talking to still-to-come NPCs.

And then, of course, there'll probably be a version of these for Tierney Thy's, too.

So we have a lot to look forward to in the future now: more quests (for ALL JAMMERS! HOORAY!), a new land, and possibly new battling features, NPCs, and more!

Anyway, I'm too excited for this update. There's other things, but they're all small compared to this.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Things have changed.

Hello everyone.

Well, I'm back. It's been a while. Things have changed.

I suppose I should explain myself.

Guys, I just had to take a break. I couldn't stand it anymore. I officially decided to 'quit' this blog a few days before WCC's second birthday.

Happy birthday, WCC, by the way. Sorry it's belated, and sorry I don't have a gift.

After about a week, I got rid of Blogger from my Firefox favorites, but I couldn't make myself get rid of AJ. It's been there for all these months.

But old habits die hard, and it's strange how traditions work. Strange how I also quit AJ once before.

Strange how I decided to come back.

So I logged into AJ several days ago, just to check up on the stuff. There's a lot that's new, but nothing much. No animals; in fact, some animals have 'left' to go help find a new land. Is the corner land finally coming to us?

Maybe it'll come soon. Then again, maybe not. They've made promises like this before, too. Like with quests.

Moving on.

Now I see that some of you have read this post, and it's not what you're thinking.

I want to return, guys. And I want to stick with Animal Jam, and some of the other games we have.

I just had to take a break.

I saw all of your messages to me in my AJ inbox. And it made me sad that AJ doesn't tell you how old they are.

I've replied to them now, if you look.

So read this post.

I'm sorry about all of this.

Bye for now.

Ode to the Old Age

Perhaps you'd like to journey
Through memories now lost.
I would have liked to go on with you,
But in my life, it was a cost.
I was taxed by school and others,
I wanted to take a break,
I'm sorry I didn't tell you,
I didn't know what was at stake.

To be honest, my opinions
About Animal Jam have moved.
In the past, I can remember,
I came back, and I had proved
That this game, though it is merciless
On those who do not pay,
It has a way about it
That makes me want to stay.

I left once, if you remember,
To be honest, I was sad.
A game that I adored
Had taken back what it had had.
Now I left twice, and like fate,
I have seemingly returned,
Though I cannot count the timeframe,
It is similar, I have learned.

Though I have harped about it,
And will continue, I am sure,
I had quite forgotten about the truth
About all that it can cure.
My loss has been forgiven,
My debt has been forgot.
Now, my friends, let us gather,
And ever separate not.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Carnival and almost nothing else (Little tidbit at end of 6 words)

The summer carnival is back,nothing else.

WCC is dying,
We are almost sure of it.
But it's not our fault.
AJ is getting greedy
They don't give a **** about nonmembers
They give horrid updates
Very rarely good
AJ just isn't fun anymore
 Moral of the story: Maybe it's time to give up AJ
Maybe we should try a new game
And resurrect all the greatness we've left behind
Yet with a new idea
It's not WCC falling
WCC was never going to turn up like AJR
And it never will
My friends, it is AJ falling

P.S After starting new game, a memorial page might be nessecary
This is just a suggestion,
it's up to woods if she likes it or not


If we do decide to quit, Funwow, a memorial page will be written.
But I don't want to. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013



Another weird post by


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tail armor glitches.

I know this is way off topic, but most know that the Tail armor member gift item glitches. When you go and roll over an object in your acessories, then you roll over the tail armor, that name shows up. But something very weird was a new glitch. I wish I could get pics. but this is what the Tail armor name shows up as if you open to your clothing, and roll over nothing but the Tail armor. It says

                                                                       Ranged Attack + 20
                                                                                    Fierce + 20

When I found this out today, I was going crazy. This might be a refrence to future battling and what woodswolf sought after, QUESTS!

...If you can look at this again and get screencaps, please send them to me. Immediately.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jam Session~

Hello Jammers gamers or whatever you are!
New update on AJ!
Jam Session!
You can make music buddies and go on stage in the NEW party- Jam Session!
You buy musical accessories at the parties C:
Okay, so. Because I'm a little lazy to type about this:
So no more Elephants rhinos or giraffes for a while~ get 'em now!
Any notice how like, the animals are ALWAYS the least used? Monkeys -I think pandas- Koalas and now these.
There is a new Photo Booth Contest! Submit your best pictures! The entries are due on May 1st~
There is a new fruit and veggie garden where you can plant a fruit or veggie and watch them grow!
The summer carnival is coming back!
I never went to the carnival... I was gone most of that summer! xD
 New Den Items
New Instruments:
Once they add a flute I'll be happy C:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

We Won't Go Down

Hi guys.
All of you have been worrying. Worrying that WCC is coming to an end. And it will if YOU let it. So ,we may not have as many posts as before BUT we have more viewers ,mods and columnists. And as long as they're here, we have ourselves a strong little blog. Woodswolf made a promise to us all (if you were here in the time of AJR) She promised that this blog wouldn't end like AJR, not until WW is buried in her grave.
 So. If you don't want this blog to end, I suggest we start looking for ways to get in update posts, any posts. Doesn't matter. As long as we have columnists we got our blog. Alive and kicking. Woodswolf will return. She might just be busy with real life. Homework school all that stuff.
So please,
-Darling (Who hasn't posted/commented but is always here C: )

Monday, April 1, 2013

The last post?

Ummmm... I'm really wondering,.....IS WCC PERISHING LIKE AJR!? I know, the updates are pretty cruddy, but there is nothing on. Honestly, no one's posted since Feb. 24. Not critisizing(spelled wrong) you, but this is a remake of the Fuzzy crisis. Kind of. Goodbye everyone. if you even see this


P.S the goodbye does not mean forever, and Happy April Fool's Day!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well this is awkward..

hehe,heyyyy guys....long time no see? well um here is a pic... i guess....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

WCC becoming...WAJC...?

Hey jammers...see? I called you jammers! Ugh! I mean gamers!
Have you noticed how WCC is becoming more and more of an AJ blog? I mean, WCC stands for Woodswolf's Code Central. It's kinda becoming a sort of...WAJC, Woodswolf's Animal Jam Central. Most of the posts are about AJ...How about Feral Heart? Tinkatolli? Free Realms? Wolf Quest? And all the others...If you ask me, AJ is taking over...Goodbye, WCC. Hello, WAJB.



~Myth da Weirdo

That was a weird post... XS

Bluestar and Firestar as Firepaw

Mentor and apprentice, future leader and deputy :•3

Artist: Myth
Name: Bluestar and the Fire that saved the Clans

~Myth da Weirdo

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lovely Update sort of-ish XS

Hey jammers! Or lovers...?(ew!... >.< )
Anyways, there's an update! It's a Valentineish one though :P
Here it is:


Jam Mart Clothes:
Heart Anntanaes
Heart Lockets
Hat and Curly Wig

Jam Mart Furnishings:
Cherry Tree
Heart Chocolates
Rose Bouquet

Shiveer Shoppe:
Heart Blanket

So many hearts...I'm fed up with hearts!!X3


Friendship Party


PARADISE PARTY!! It's a very special party kinda "dedicated" to paradise birds, which are a group of colorful and pattern-ish unique birds! I'll get to it now.


Journey Book:
and of course the Prize.

Roller-Special-Paradise-Birdy-Shop (I actually forgot the name DX) :
Paradise Chair
Paradise Table
Paradise Rug

I haven't been to the Friendship Party yet, so I can't tell you if there is something interesting...oh well. Anyways, Woods said that the Twister game console is NM now :)

~Myth da Weirdo XD

PS: There's a new code called BEMYBUDDY gives you 500 gems :3

Saturday, February 2, 2013

New updates that are useful! Ish.

2 words. NEW UPDATES! With usefulness. There is an online safety quiz for an online safety plaque. And I just spelled plague like plaque the stuff on your teeth.Probably added because of Online Safety Day on the 5th. Then there is tiger pets...wooo.....AND a new animal...which I havent figured out yet... GOT IT! ...wht....Take in your garbage because Raccoons r coming to Jamaa! like ZOMG THEYR SOOO CUTE!bye 4 now


Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hello everyone!
Sorry this update is late; I had finals this week. :(

Well, anyway, it seems that this update, AJ HQ has become obsessed with... hats?

Well, whatever. So, they added a bunch of stuff (FINALLY OMG).

The first thing is that there are three new HAT SHOPS spread around Jamaa - I've got pictures of where they're located.

The first one is in Sarepia, near Mira's fire and the slide:

The second one is in Mt. Shiveer, on that elevated plateau:

And the last one is located in the least convenient spot ever, Canyons Pathway.

The other thing that's weird about these shops is that there's 'Rare Hat Days', AKA Rare Item Monday on... a Saturday?

Thirdly, AJ has added a new BIRTHSTONE COLLECTION, offered through Epic Wonders!
Every month they're going to release a new birthstone, and you can pick it up there! Looks like they're all going to be members-only, though... :(
Whatever, though. My birthstone is amethyst, a kind of purple quartz created when iron particles mix in the water with forming quartz crystals.
first person to guess my bday correctly gets a prize XD

Anyway, that's pretty much it. It's a big update compared to what we've been getting lately, anyway...
Bye for now!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Progress of New and Improved 'What Animal Are You?' Quiz!

Hello everyone!
Well, I'm just checking in to give a little 'progress report' so to speak on the new-and-improved 'What Animal Are You?' Quiz!
At this point, I have about ten questions, and I'm planning on adding at least one more.
Also, what I've realized as I've designed the quiz is that each of the results could count for a 'subfamily' of animals. There are only six shamans, you know, so I'm trying to divide the animals up into families with similar characteristics, and I'm wondering if I should make quizzes on each of the families when I'm done. :P
Bye for now!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Return to Jamaa

Welcome to the world, little one!
Wake up!

Much has changed...
Much has remained the same.

Now you are back, after a long period of dormancy.
I am ashamed that I allowed anyone to replace you.
But now you are back.
Now you are back...

It's been a long time.
So, so long.
Waiting, watching.

I missed you.

Your friend, unfortunately, has not returned yet.

You have a new partner now.
Know her well; a spirit of the earth, of the plants that reach across its surface striving for light, of beings that crawl and walk and swim and fly.
You are the air, the cold Arctic wind, the sky, the sea, the pebbles, the mountain, all that abounds, all that exists, and all that ever will.
Mother Nature, Father Time.

Stand on the mountain and survey your kingdom.

Come, come!
Be reborn to this place!

The Rainyspirit is with you; I know it to be so.

Explore your kingdom!
The world is yours.

So wake up!
Wake up!
Welcome, young one.

Welcome back.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello everyone!

Well, I meant to post this on Thursday, but... yeah. Never finished it XD

Well, I'm ashamed to say that it's another small update this week.
The Snow Fort den has returned to Jamaa, owl pets are the Monthly Member Gift, and we have new Alpha information on Cosmo.
That means I can start making the new-and-improved official What Animal Are You? Quiz! That'll be up pretty quickly, within the next few days!

Bye for now!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello everybody!
Exactly one year ago I got over my shyness and posted my very first post on WCC (which got upstaged by horses…) and since then I've been posting a little bit more!

Today is the first day of the year 2013 and to celebrate I drew a picture!

I hope you all have a wonderful new year ^.^

Bye for now! ~Millicy