Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ode to the Old Age

Perhaps you'd like to journey
Through memories now lost.
I would have liked to go on with you,
But in my life, it was a cost.
I was taxed by school and others,
I wanted to take a break,
I'm sorry I didn't tell you,
I didn't know what was at stake.

To be honest, my opinions
About Animal Jam have moved.
In the past, I can remember,
I came back, and I had proved
That this game, though it is merciless
On those who do not pay,
It has a way about it
That makes me want to stay.

I left once, if you remember,
To be honest, I was sad.
A game that I adored
Had taken back what it had had.
Now I left twice, and like fate,
I have seemingly returned,
Though I cannot count the timeframe,
It is similar, I have learned.

Though I have harped about it,
And will continue, I am sure,
I had quite forgotten about the truth
About all that it can cure.
My loss has been forgiven,
My debt has been forgot.
Now, my friends, let us gather,
And ever separate not.

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