Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hello everyone!

Well, when I first saw AJ's update, I wasn't intrigued. Some new snake video in Brady Barr's lab was the main feature...

...wait a minute, EXPEDITIONS?

Main Entry:
expedition [ek-spi-dish-uhn] Show IPA
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: journey; people on a journey
Synonyms: campaign, caravan, cavalcade, company, crew, crowd, cruise, crusade, enterprise, entrada, excursion, exploration, explorers, fleet, jaunt, junket, mission, outing, party, patrol, peregrination, picnic, posse, quest, safari, squadron, swing, team, tour, travel, travellers, trek, trip, undertaking, voyage, voyagers, wayfarers

This was taken from

See the word in pink higlighted in blue?


So, maybe they didn't come in the form we expected... Personally, I was expecting some sort of object-hunting, or talking-to-new-NPCs quest.

But they came. They kept their promise.

So, as for the quest itself!

The content and action was nicely designed. What it is is a series of videos divided into 'chapters', and in almost every chapter (except for the first, the introduction, and the last, the finale) you're asked to make a choice.

The choices are very easy and logical, and you shouldn't have a hard time figuring out the choices. Also, if you make the wrong choice, you aren't penalized - the choice that you picked is removed from the list, so you can try another.

Every few chapters, after you finish the chapter, you'll get a prize. The first is a spiderweb hammock, the second a snake banner, and the third a snake throne.

The videos are very entertaining and easy to follow. It's a good format.

The best part about this is that AJ HQ explicitly called them 'Brady Barr's Expeditions', so there's a chance that there will be generic quests in Jamaa itself, exploring for hidden objects, defeating Phantoms, and talking to still-to-come NPCs.

And then, of course, there'll probably be a version of these for Tierney Thy's, too.

So we have a lot to look forward to in the future now: more quests (for ALL JAMMERS! HOORAY!), a new land, and possibly new battling features, NPCs, and more!

Anyway, I'm too excited for this update. There's other things, but they're all small compared to this.

Bye for now!

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