Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hello everyone!
Well, sorry this update is late! I'm currently in Florida right now writing this :)


Ooh ooh aah aah!
You know what that means! (Or do you?)
Not that I really care. It's just nice that it's now up to 7 animals for non-members again.
Monkeys now have their own party as well, to celebrate their return! And then, if you're a member, you can get your own FLYING MONKEY. Like from the Wizard of Oz. Yeah. 'Nuff said. *Epikness*

Next order of business: There's now a NEW SHOP!
Welcome to Treetop Gardens, Jamaa's newest Gardening Accessories shop!
The best part about this shop is that it might finally bring back items that were made rare when Coral Corner closed all those months ago (How long ago, anyway?), which include:
Tiny Tree
Fly Trap
Potted Plants
Baby Palm Tree
Bongo Drums
Red Painted Pot
Green Painted Pot
And that's just the non-member things that were in Coral Corner. This new store will be EPIC! :D

There is also a new Ticket Shop available in the last days or weeks of the Summer Carnival. Purchase tickets with gems to buy whatever accessories you need - but the Summer Carnival will probably be gone at the next update.

Finally, I have a theory about the den contest. Let's hope I don't jinx it.
For all of the results of the other contests, the item that came out of it always was availiable to all Jammers; Cleverclaw's Dresser, for instance. The only time that wasn't true was for items that could only be used by members (the seahorse thing, for instance, for the underwater den item, or the pet).
In theory, then, we could have a den available for non-members.
Currently, though, it's looking unlikely. It specifically says in the member advertisement that members unlock all den SLOTS, not all DENS. So it's possible, but improbable, that we could have a non-member den soon.
I hope so! I hope they pick a good one, if they do make it so! :D

Well, I think that's it for now!
On another note, though, I'm going to start working on the new WCC Theme soon! Keep an eye out for that - it's going to be spiffy and epic and AWESOME. :D
Bye for now!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Nintendo Company:Most unusual game bosses for the nintendo DSi

Hi everyone! Funwow with a list of the most Unusual game bosses on the nintendo DS..We will start with.....

Mashtooth-from The Legendary Starfy:This Space pirate wants to rule the universe.His setup is one of the most unusual. With a huge black eyebrow and a twisted waist,deep red in color,the first time you battle this boss it is mandatory to fail -.- It will not count it as a game over. The next time you battle him(after a short cutscene)He will not have the previous sheild that made it mandatory to fail..But he will try to ram into you with his sword.After a few tries he will cover himself with a blue flare.Then he will vanish and lightning bolts will appear on the screen,followed by thicker beams,which last as long as the lightning.He will repeat this process until you get him down to 3 health points left.Then he will try to inhale you...He is very hard to hit and if you get stuck,its almost impossible to get free.Its game over if you get inhaled,but if you survive and defeat him,after a picticulary long cutscene which you can skip by pressing start..He will inhale one of your friends and turn into a crazy huge dragon..His health will reset and the battle will take place in space.Rapidly hit him on the head..its the only way.. Avoid the lightning bolts,stronger this time. His new attacks are by simply touching him without attacking will hurt you..and he will fly off into the background..Shooting meteors to you.You can deflect them and hit them back,causing damage.After you defeat him,well,theres more,Ethier learn to vibrate,or have a quick thumb,if you want a chance to beat him.It will appear you defeated him,but hell suddenly revive himself,and shoot a small blueish beam at the moon....You will then have to rapidly press Y to shoot it back.You might want to pause and take a break after that.Because yes,Theres more...He will then shoots a huge pink beam,bigger than the moon,and you will literally have to like,vibrate to finish.Then he explodes when you shoot it back...small cutscene,and you have finished The Legendary Starfy.(Or have you)...

Ok so Mashtooth was long..I get it. The next Boss is Necrodeus,From Kirby mass Attack.

Necrodeus will appear on the top screen at first,While you and your ten kirby companions...on far below,on land.Necrodeus is considered a "Head and hands" boss,since it uniquely has no real body,if you dont accept a ghostlike sprit cape in the first cutscene only..It has a large skull head with horns,two angry eyes,that actually arent really eyes but have red glows in them, a Third eye socket built in the skull atop the two eyes,but nothing is seen there.A skull necklace,and bony hands.
However the only hands that show in the final battle is his mechanical hands.Necrodeus will first bang his hands down on the ground.the 3rd time,he will slam his hand down hard and get it stuck in the ground.thats your chance to attack the glass part on those hands.Once one is broken,the other will continue the process.The hand will go to the top screen and Skullians will start to fix it.If you dont  destory the other hand soon enough,the repaired hand will go back into action. If you do destroy both of them,Thats not the end of them.They will then connect together,floating side to side,then they will start to get red. When they do,get off right away,because Necrodeus will slam them together.Them both will shoot an electric blue ball at the kirbys.Then continue the process. Your misson,bring the hands to the ground.Once you do,they become vulnerable and you'll be able to attack them.Once one hand is attacked,smoke will come out and it will darken,however it will still function if the other one isnt destroyed. If your quick,you can get both hands destroyed,if not,the process will repeat.If yes,they will finally disappear.Necrodeus will roar loudly and the ground will crack up and disenigrate.The battle will continue in space.Necrodeus,still on the top screen(He must like it there)Will open  his mouth and shoot thingys that explode if you dont attack them.Then,FINALLY he will come down,But only his head will appear,in one of the corners in the screen.The first time it was a trick. The skull is invincible,It cant be attacked. But the second time,he will be charging and lets out 2 large blue electricity balls that bounce around hitting kirby as an attack.The next time,He will open his mouth,Revealing an eye like ball,you have  to attack it while Necrodeus is charging.Once it starts to shine,its a good idea to scurry off of it.You see why when he shoots a HUGE beam.(If your lucky youll defeat him in one cycle,but two usually does the trick)If you don't defeat him,NUUU He went back to the top screen.Necrodeus will call his Skullian servants and they will go to the bottom screen.You should attack them ASAP,because they'll try to grab your kirbys!If a skullain with a kirby reaches the top screen,Necrodeus will devour it!The cycle then repeats.If you defeat the eye or do the cycle again,defeating him,you will have to tap the screen super fast.The kirbys,grabbing on Necrodeus and attacking like a crazy mob,cracking his skull.If you makle it,you have defeated Necrodeus and beat Kirby Mass Attack.(Or have you..)

To be continued...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My first post on WCC(Summer Carnival Updates)

Hi everyone!Funwow here with myfirst post on WCC!,sadly,The news I am going to tell you is bad news.The Summer Carnival will be closing in 5 days!(If my calculations are right..that is.)Rack up those tickets for the last minute prizes!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Almost Forgot: WCC's New Mods And Columnists!

Hello everyone!
Well, I didn't include this in the update post on accident, so I'll give it its own post!
We have had some new additions to the WCC team, after last week's sign ups! And here they are!

Our new mods are Wolves are Awesome and Limekitten! Congratulations!

Our new columnists are Funwow and Tiny!

Thanks to everyone that signed up!
UPDATE: Staff panel has been updated, everyone!
UPDATE 2: Columnist e-mails have been sent! Check your e-mail inbox for the join link!
Bye for now!


Hello everyone!
Well, today AJ updated! Hooray!
We've got a lot of cool new stuff to check out, so let's get started!
The first thing on the plate is the new ENCHANTED HOLLOW DEN, and as AJ HQ says, it's "the perfect place for your burrowing animals to call home"!
Next, the turtle pets can now go on LAND and WATER! I know that some people were wondering why there weren't sea turtle pets, but now the turtles fill that bill, and it's a two-for-one deal, land and water!
There's also a new CARNIVAL GAME, CARNIVAL DARTS! What you do in Carnival Darts is you shoot darts at the balloons and phantoms to score points! But beware - you only have a limited number of darts, so shoot wisely! (This game isn't timed; don't worry!)
The gem donations have gotten to 90 million - only 10 million more gems before monkeys are re-released!
There are also two new settings in the My Settings tab: one to change your mouse (if you like the white one better) and one to see which server you're on! (They call it 'World', though.)
And this next one deserves its own post, but here it is:

You know how the shamans have been gone for a long time? Since sometime last year?
Well, they were Put On A Bus...
...and now The Bus Came Back.
The end :D

Well, for the major news, I think that's it.
On another note, however, check out my and bigcatsforever's NEW BAND!
BigCats is AWESOME FLUFFEH, and I'm ... (Don't ask - it's a long story)! WE ARE THE FLUFFSTERS.
The end XD

Bye for now!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Play Wild Video!

Hello everyone!
Take a look at this new video released by AJ HQ on TDE:

Neat, huh? I like it!
Bye for now!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just so you know im not dead

Im not dead i just have other intrestes i am working on, such at my art:
Yes yes these are both chibis I KNOW


Hello everyone!
Well, I had recently been alerted (but I had already known) that some mods/columnists have not been online in weeks or months.
So, thus, I am finally holding new mod and columnist applications.
If you are any of THESE MODS:

Key99 (Key99); Princess Tinywolf (Pr!ncess_T!nyWOLF)


biscuitboo; Key99; MaddieFox; Princess Tinywolf

You have been removed from being a mod/columnist because of inactivity. Chat mods may still be able to stay mods for the time being, but if you do not re-apply, I will remove your mod status on WCC chat (which I wish was easier to do).
If you wish to become a Mod or Columnist again, you will have to re-apply with your e-mail address. Shoot me an e-mail with your application if you wish for it to be kept private.
Because I can trust them, however, we have two additional mods joining the team: Millicy and Tiny, because I can trust them and Tiny was the one that brought the issue up anyway.
Here are the applications for all who wish to become a mod/columnist. Copy and paste your application(s) into a comment and them out.

Screen name:
Chat name:
Reason for requesting to become a moderator:

Screen name:
Chat name:
E-mail: (If you wish for this to not be shown, shoot me an e-mail with this application instead:
Reason for requesting to become a columnist:

Also, pretty soon, WCC is going to undergo an extensive re-design. The best part: I want YOU to submit your drawings and ideas for the new WCC theme.
I am planning on this to be community designed, since AJ has been doing this so much recently. I know that it will incorporate screenshots from FeralHeart and Animal Jam (and possibly The Endless Forest) as well as drawings done by members of this community.
Submit your drawings to me by e-mail or comments on this post with links. Anything works :D
Bye for now!


Hello everyone!
You know what time it is!
*ends Adventure Time spoof*
Well, this week, we've got some exciting new updates from AJ HQ!
Well, the first two things kinda tie into each other: First, there's the new Pet Party, where you can buy clothes and accessories for your pets! And that's not all... it's also a place where you can buy the BRAND NEW Turtle Pet! Hooray!
Second thing, there's a new Den Contest! Design the amazingest den you can imagine, and send your ideas to AJ HQ! They might make it into the next den!
The best part about this one is that you can use the new Painting activity to design your den and send the design to AJ HQ without having to upload your contest idea! No lag time, in other words! Yay!
Next thing, the Summer Carnival sale now is active for every prize at the Carnival. Everything's half off; it's going to be gone soon!
This month's Monthly Member Gift is a GOLDEN PHANTOM STATUE, available if you get membership during the month of August.
The best part about this update is that AJ now has a CUSTOM MOUSE that you can play around with while in the game. It looks kinda like a rock tied to a stick, but unfortunately, I could not get a picture because the mouse is automatically not shown in screenshots. Ever. (And it's not just a Windows 7 feature, either.)
That's all for the AJ updates for this week, but right now, I'm looking at the poll results, and at a few other places around the site, and I'm pretty sure that WCC is going to have updates of its own to look forward to!
Bye for now!