Monday, February 28, 2011

Shamrock Shindigs!

Hello everyone!
March is just around the corner... and so is Saint Patrick's Day!
"Are you ready to PAR-TAY?" - Spongebob Squarepants
That quote hits the nail on the head! We're having a PARTY!
I'm going to have 3 parties: one on Animal Jam, one on Free Realms, and one on Wizard101.

Animal Jam Party Details:
Where: My den (will move around!)
Server: Grande (MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON GRANDE. We will NOT wait for people to switch servers, and WILL move around)
When: 7:00PM CST (go to to figure out your time zone) on March 18th (Friday)
Dress Code: Green everything! Doesn't matter besides that!

Free Realms Party Details:
Where: Wolf Mountain (It's right on top of the Greenwood Warpstone. This will also be one of the three meeting places of the Free Realms RPG (Role-Playing Guild). I'll show you two ways to get up to the top, where we will party) (we will move around!)
Server: 10 (MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON SERVER 10. We will NOT wait for people to switch servers, and WILL move around)
When: 7:00PM CST on March 19th (Saturday)
Dress Code: Everything that you can make green, turn green (Members: I have no idea, but there might be green hair dye around that time too :) )

I'm very excited! Remember: Use the E-mail Post links to get the hits up! I want to see LOTS OF PEOPLE at these parties!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clans and Guilds and more new stuff... oh my!

Hey everybody!
New page (again)!
It's about the clans and guilds that I'm going to have. The Animal Jam one is all ready, the Free Realms one I have to wait until I become level 15 adventurer... darn (For now, the Free Realms guild (once the traffic picks up!) will be run out of another character I have, Freeroam Wolf).
Take a look at something on the Clans/Guilds page (the important stuff is bolded, italiced and underlined):
...more at the first meeting, which will happen once we can get the site's daily traffic up. It will be announced...
I have also added a new feature: Send Posts by E-mail!
Get sending to all your gamer friends!

More Updates

Hello everyone!
As you may have noticed, the site has gone through MORE updates!
A lot of design changes... a lot of other bla-bla stuff...
Look around the site a bit... explore!
Bye for now!

Jammers, Realmers, here is your call...

Hello everybody!
I am pleased to inform you that I have released my usernames so people can buddy me!
Check out the new page, titled My Game Names & Buddy Policy. That is where you will find the names.
Also, soon we could be adding a new game to the site... It's called Monkey Quest and I've been addicted to it for the past few weeks. Currently it's in BETA, but I could care less...
So, everyone... look out for quest help in Free Realms! That should soon be under way!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More New Pages!

Hello everyone!
As you can see, there is a new page. It's a game guide page for several games.
Check it out!


Hello followers!
As you may have noticed, the appearance of WCC has changed A LOT, and it will only change more!
Currently I'm working on updating some things, etc.
Also, you may have noticed a 'Known Codes' section. Look at it right now, and more games will be added with time.
Soon I will add Fuzzy Shyivy's Animal Jam Game Guide page, in addition to other stuff about more games!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello again everyone!
Sorry I couldn't post yesterday... I went out with friends.
But, anyway... here are all the AJ (Animal Jam) codes I know off the top of my head:
I will edit / update this post if I remember any more...
Now, all Free Realms players out there... congrats for finding this site! I have a HUGE list of stuff just for you, but I don't have it with me (I actually probably have more stuff for you than AJ. It's just that I need to make all sorts of crazy videos and screenshots for some of those things. Eventually I might even add quest cheats and info on where those devious Exploration coins are. But that's for another day).

Friday, February 18, 2011

WCC's first post!

Hello gamers of all shapes and sizes!
Meet the manager of a NEW site focusing strictly on CODES, CHEATS, and TIPS to help you get the most out of your games. I am Woodswolf. Let me tell you a bit about myself.
For one thing, I am DEFINITELY a gamer. I play lots of games online and off (by offline, I mean downloaded to a computer :) ).
I know A LOT about all the games I play, and I use it to enhance my playing experience. Do you want this same experience?
Well, first we need to set some ground rules. Over the next few weeks I will be updating (and re-updating) everything on WCC. If you don't know what this means, FYI:
Woodswolf's Code Central = WCC
So, first:

Animal Jam rules:
1. I don't want to see any posts about becoming Guides! They are wastes of space (I'll explain later)
2. If you have a cheat or code to send me / if you want to tell me about something off topic of the post, please send it by e-mail to . When I post it (IF I post it) I will give you credit.
3. If you have complaints, DO NOT POST THEM OR SEND THEM. Please notify me in a nice way.

Free Realms rules:
1. Please don't feel as though you are being ignored. It's just that I don't play that much Free Realms anymore. I still have lots of cheats up my sleeve, but again, Animal Jam is newer and easier to blog about.
2. The rest of the rules from the Animal Jam section apply, but you can ignore #1. I do not know if there are moderaters running around Free Realms...

So, thank you everyone for making WCC a success!