Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clans and Guilds and more new stuff... oh my!

Hey everybody!
New page (again)!
It's about the clans and guilds that I'm going to have. The Animal Jam one is all ready, the Free Realms one I have to wait until I become level 15 adventurer... darn (For now, the Free Realms guild (once the traffic picks up!) will be run out of another character I have, Freeroam Wolf).
Take a look at something on the Clans/Guilds page (the important stuff is bolded, italiced and underlined):
...more at the first meeting, which will happen once we can get the site's daily traffic up. It will be announced...
I have also added a new feature: Send Posts by E-mail!
Get sending to all your gamer friends!


  1. Hi, my usernames lilay on A.j. if you could give me help on names of clan people plz I need some

  2. Hi me again, can you send me buddy requests? and whats your username oh and check out my blog its not much @ thanks but its not a very good blog


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