Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to the Past

    i remember 1 day there was 20 bunnies(plus me) dancing and member ship was free. also top hats and glove where was AWESOME back in the past. i wish i had pics.


Weird Glitch: Last Wolf In Jamaa...

Today i was on animal jam, then i logged out for a couple minutes. When I logged back on it showed all the servers with one green dot (meaning empty). so i clicked Aldan...and when i entered NOBODY WAS ON. Not a single jammer in all of jamaa! It was a very strange a parallel universe of animal jam! i danced and did whatever i wanted to. i felt like the ruler of the world lol. It was fun...but lonely. i just wanted to share this with you guys because i thought it was funny and interesting. Anyways, i am not sure how this happened or how to repeat it. Animal jam has been going offline alot recently. At first i thought Animal jam had done some maintenance and i was just the first one there. but i I logged out and logged back in, and there were tons of jammers! I also asked around jamaa if Animal jam had just went offline, but they all said no. My opinion is that it was just a giant glitch and somehow it didn't show any jammers but they were there.
Hmm...Tell me what you think!

Keep on Jammin'!
bunnylove3 (Wcc columnist)

Oh and here are a few pictures!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

my wolf clan- visit it please!

hey guys, visit my wolf clan please it'sjust started (literally- a sec ago!)
here's the link: click here for clan! so check it out. i always say that, never mind, just...well....


Hello everyone!
Look up in the corner where you see the little picture... look at it HARD...
Yes, WCC got a favicon! YAY!
Favicons are little icons that appear on webpage tabs to help identify them. It's a little wolf under the moon. Did it myself a while ago for a game I was making and abandoned. Oh well! It got its use!
Bye for now!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

glitch on AJ

Hiya guys, i just was on AJ and i got a glitch. i went in the painting place, in coral canyons, clicked on a calls of the wild poll, and then it wouldn't let exit! i had voted already too! so i went outside, and it was still there! i got a pic before reseting AJ.
hi guy! i just apdated my blog, it's got a new template. do you wan't to see it? i think it's quite cool, and tigerstripe is an author now! it's an animal jam blog, and i haven't posted much, well, it's quite new. it's on key's blog's reccomeded list of blogs, sooo, yeah, click here!

More and More Into It...

Hello everyone...
Lately I've been getting more and more into playing Secondhand Lands, the fairy tales game (website: Why? Here are a few reasons:
It's another 'more violent and entertaining' version of Animal Jam. And it's not really violent, you just do lots of quests that involve snuffing candles and pushing Humpty Dumpty off his wall and cutting off a stuffed animal's head for 'revenge' for these eggs (even though it will 'give you nightmares for eternity').
It's 3D. Generally 3D games have more areas to explore than 2D ones, and those areas are bigger. It's called 'more awesome'.
It's fair. There's no membership in Secondhand Lands. There's a special currency that you can buy with real money, but there's a currency exchange, too, so that you can get some of it from other players in exchange for gold.
It's fun! Running around being attacked by robot mice is WAY more fun than it sounds.
It comes in a 'game pack'. When you download the game launcher, it comes with two other games as well. You can launch any of the games from the single launcher.
It's got more of a goal than just socializing. If no one's online, you can still play it and have fun.
Bye for now!

Was MaddieFox Now BlackLoveGirl.....

i change my name yet again.....

Banned from wolfhome?

.....i want on wolfhome to play and before my friend was on. it said i was banned(on my account) and that i was ban hopping! whats up with tat?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I want EVERYONE to know something...

I just want everyone to know something:
As the owner of WCC, it's my job to be 'everyone's best friend'. I'm supposed to be kind to everyone, even if I don't agree with you. I've adapted this view ever since the Fuzzy Crisis (read more about that way back in the archives - try late March/early April. It was BAD. The posts only tell half the story... the comments even more).
That's why I find it ridiculous that there's all this bickering!
Seriously, as long as someone isn't attacking me personally, I wouldn't worry about that. And quite frankly, nobody could get in WCC even if they tried (THANK GOD FOR 64 DIGIT PASSWORDS). And as for Animal Jam? It will be easy to give it up if I get hacked again. I mean seriously. They've already made it WAY unfair for non-members. And I've got FeralHeart and The Endless Forest too, and I could join more.
So can't we just all get along? I don't want to have to take sides. I just want the truth.
Bye for now!


hello guys! I'm biscuitboo (or biscuit/ biscuity, for short). i am a new author on this blog, and i was on key99's AJS. but today, i looked on my dashboard, and key's blog wasn't on there! i am just wondering if anyone know's why? because i liked AJS and would never, ever, remove myself. i also there's a new AJS author, had they removed me? but they couldn't have if they don't have admin privileges! the new author is eternal sunnystone...i totally don't think she/he removed me, because key'd be angry with her...i guess....comment if you know anything about this or has my account "gone wrong"?


Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Rare" plushies...?

Ok, as you know, there are new plushies on Animal Jam. In the newspaper, it says that they are "rare". I dont really think so-I dont think so at all-that they are rare. Just click on a Jammer's player card, and go to their den-if its not locked (duh). And you shall maybe see a den with TONS and LOADS of "rare plushies". Dont ask ME why, but I think that AJ HQ is LYING. Tell me what YOU think about the "rare colored plushies".

Note that I got the idea of this post from Princess Tinywolf's post on

Friday, July 22, 2011

Juice hut problom solved!!

Animal jam now has the claw machine in 3 different places!
You can play the claw machine in
The Juice hut,
The Museum
And The Theater Lobby.

That solves the problem with the Juice hut being full all the time!

Keep on jammin'!

First Time, First Seen?

    i when on animal jam today and......................the juice hut was full!!!! i never seen this before in animal  jam. to let it know i wish u good luck trying to get in there.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good News!!!

   ive been thinking lately and i picked to go back to animal jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 i saw it was a funner place now pets , pet wash , and the plushie thing.

 thx for reading,
MaddieFox(juliet now know as)

The Lost Pages of AnimalJam.Com

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to take you on a little 'tour' of The Lost Pages of AnimalJam.Com, the literal version of Lost Temple of Zios.
So, here are some screenshots, and a way to get to the most important things. Here are links to every single 'Lost Page' on the site.
Page - Page Info
Game Guide - Overview page, lots of links to the different pages, including a tie-back to the membership page, which is, unfortunately, updated, and doesn't tie back to this page.
Animal Lore - Game information. Provides information about the shamans (the first six only) and the actual Animal Jam story, with how Jamaa was created, etc. This is continued by an old newspaper article on AJR, the third page.
Downloads - Wallpapers, chat icons, and more! Really cool stuff... maybe I'll get a Greely icon for Xat... Hmm... Remember that you'll probably want the AIM icons, because I don't think Xat allows animated pictures...
Jammer Central - This page has been semi-updated, although it still has Mutant Spookybeast up (since before Halloween) and all the information on it is the same. The background and stuff is different, however.
Blog - Animal Jam's (abandoned) blog.
Press - Crazy news articles about Animal Jam.
Media Kit - PDF downloads of things.
Press Downloads - Souped up download page with WAY more variety... including shamanless enviornment screenshots and a few other things.
As you can tell, is a HUGE world. And there are more pages than this that I didn't even show you, like the biographies of people and other news articles and stuff like that. Animal Jam's website is a maze and we are the mice; find your way around in it.
If you look on some of the pages that haven't been touched, you see the cooler old site stuff. I have no idea why they got rid of it, but it's sad that they did. You also get to see the few 'previews' that we saw of the lands. It's fun to go back and see what was there :)
Bye for now!


Hello everyone!
Let's look at this week's NEW STUFF!
This will also test my theory... *shivers*
(M) = Members only, (R) = Returned, (C) = Clearance
No updates
Butterfly Pet (UGLY and HAIRY and GROSS-LOOKING most of the time, not 'normal' butterfly...) (M)
No updates, but my theory is proven: AJ HQ isn't rotating item colors anymore. Not only can you not get certain colors on certain weeks only, but now non-members can only get certain colors by trading. It's despicable!
Czech Republic
DISBANDED: Sleep under the 'tent' again... just like after BETA... (cries)
Gem Ball game console (M)
Mira Says game console (M)
Cool Hair (M) (R)
Spiked Hair (R)
Mohawk (M) (C)
Police Hat (C)
Spiral Lamp
Hovering Desk (M)
Cherry Tree (C)
Bird Feeder (C)
Dust Striped Walls (M)
Wood Floor (R)
Pet slots have been expanded - 8 pets (M)
New Pet Wash (M)
'Rare' Plushies: Crazy Colored Animal Plushies!
 Double Gems moves to Mira Says
'Monthly Gift' Update... Maybe some kind of claw machine? It's got what look like PLUSHIES on the inside... But who knows?
Another (unofficial) Pet Preview is walking around Jamaa Township near the Jam Mart Furniture store - LADYBUG! (Let's see what they do with this thing... If I'm right it will be even uglier than the butterfly...) ??

That's it for now. But, with my amazing event-planning skills, I present:
Here's our situation:
For the past month, AJ HQ has failed to shift the colors of clothing items, one of the most important things in Jamaa. Non-members have been unable to change item colors since around March/April. If they can't change the color of what clothes they wear, they can look pretty despicable with their favorite colors on and nothing to match them.
That's where CHIP-IN for CHUMPS comes in. We should all try, twice a month, to give non-members the stuff they need in the colors they want. It would make their day if they received the item they were really needing! It would also help the 'image' of members just to be there, as many non-members despise them for being 'sick, ignorant in-your-faces' as some could tell you they are. I don't agree with that stereotype; and you don't have to either!
Help the people in need, Help them to not plead!
Where: CHIP-IN for CHUMPS meets in Jamaa Township any old day, but there are big gatherings on Saturdays.
WHEN: Saturdays are the main meetings (At whatever time), but any day, any time. Need knows no season!
WHAT: A simple gathering. Inform non-members what you're doing as part of CHIP-IN for CHUMPS, ask if they would like anything (Please inform them that they can't wear member items... not everyone knows that), and get it for them. Tell them to trade in an item of equal or more value, to be fair to you.

BLOG OWNERS: Please pass this along!

If CHIP-IN for CHUMPS is a success, I might become member just to do it! Currently I'm just a Chump, though. BUT I will NOT accept donations. I won't. Find someone else.
Bye for now!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am sorry I was gone for 3 weeks almost. I got ground form the computer (do not ask why please) I'm back on And ready to do anything I havn't seen any of you but woods wolf so if I'm online please say hi I really miss all of you!!! (user name: Caitlyn22222

Monday, July 18, 2011

Helloo! I'm BACK!

Hello everyone! I'm back!
I want to comment on some of the posts, right here, right now. Here are my comments:
@ adelina:
Good job. I think most people here already know about the secret color, but good job anyway :)
@ bunnylove:
That's the point of predicting! If you get it wrong, it makes it more exciting than if you get it right. All facts are predictions but not all predictions are facts. It's the most fun if you have one that follows the second quality :)
@ MaddieFox:
I respect your decision to go. BUT. You can still stay at WCC. There are other games that have no items or where scamming/hacking is impossible. Such as:
Free Realms (
FeralHeart (
The Endless Forest (

There are a few more. Speaking of this, I should make a list of the games that we have and categorize them. I'll do that soon.
Bye for now!
Whee! I saw the midnight showing! And if you're a true HP fan, take a look at these stats by MuggleNet and love them! XD
In addition to becoming top opening weekend film of all time here in the United States ($168 million), having a record-breaking opening day ($92.1 million), and shattering midnight box office records ($43.5 million), there is now another impressive number to report.
According to, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 finished the weekend making $475.5 million worldwide.
After just one weekend, the final installment in the Potter series has conjured up almost a half-billion dollars.

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Last Post

       i already gave my 3 accounts away, and dont play animal jam.
 1. the begging
 2. the hacking
 3.the scamming
 4. the other people and jammers
 im quitting posting so if u want u can take me off
 no one likes my post


 u wont see my on chat as much
 wont see me on aj anymore

 one day i might quit chat too.


Prediction Failed....almost

Sigh, woodswolf's post (3 posts down) is probably right! They said that pets will remain member. Sorry for getting everyone's hopes up. XP 99.9999% chance the new pet will be member...
It seems like my prediction is going to be wrong.( 7 posts down). Woodswolf's post makes more sense. ^.^ I am not going to make predictions for a while. It is better to wait and see what is going to happen without coming up with a theroy. Who cares about posts about future things? I think readers would like to know about the present and everything goin on now, don't ya think?

hackers, HaCkErS, and more HACKERS!

my friend shahla is getting hacked.if u see her / if she scams u dont report i dont wanna my BFFL on aj banned

Secret color

Ok, so maybe you already saw this before in comments, but anyways, Im gonna put it here. So the color is sort of like raspberry. So this is how you do it:
1-Click on the button to change your look(duh).
2-Click on the right edge of LIGHT green.
And your supposed to get it. If it does not work, try again and again. If you dont know what I mean, here is a video on youtube that I found:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Member Advertisement: All Rumors End Here

Hello everyone...
Yes, there's a reason I'm using ... today after my greeting instead of my usual !
I have some very depressing news.
Look at this. I found it in my Jam-A-Gram horde:
There are a few things that I'm depressed about with that:
The first thing is in the second thing on the list:
MEMBERS get exclusive FREE gifts every month. Become a member in July and get a cool new accessory!
We're (non-members) are going to get one of these EVERY MONTH, that means. Let us sing praises to AJ's Creators about how they're so pathetic!
The second thing is in the third thing:
MEMBERS can find and collect pets, wear all the clothes and accessories in Jamaa, decorate the coolest dens, use animated emotes, and so much more to come!
Well, there goes the idea that non-member pets will exist. Bye bye! See you... never!
The third thing that annoys me is BOTH of the last two. What is Animal Jam's mission? To make learning about animals FUN! Do you see anything on here that mentions learning about animals? Or learning in general? No! The closest thing that membership gets to is 'supporting big cats'. Since it doesn't go by its mission, it's really worthless! It's kinda stupid to have membership for a virtual thing anyway... it's all not real!

One thing that REALLY creeped me out was a fraction of a dream last night. It was about Animal Jam (for reasons unknown... no, I don't dream about games! I don't usually dream at all!). I was opening someone's player card (I have no idea who... it was blurry...) and the 'Add Buddy' button was black. Like the 'go to den' button when it's locked or you're in it already. That scared me. Really, really bad scared me. If this is predicting the future, my buddy list with all my buddies will go. I won't be able to talk to you, etc. That's what scared me. If AJ gets that cheap... that buddies are 'members only'... *shivers*
Bye for now... *more shivers*

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 scammers might have been found

i will tell more inform later

Back For A Bit

Hello everyone!
I'm going to be at my cousins' house for a few days (FINALLY a place with constant wi-fi!) and I just came to check up on how everyone was doing!
BTW: My family went to the Grand Canyon yesterday, and we were going to a lot of other canyon places. They were LITERAL Coral Canyons. Seriously. The rock was the EXACT SAME SHADE OF RED. It was awesome!
Here are a few comments:
Good work! You're keeping the place in order (I have no idea when I'll be able to read the comments... just inform me of bad words and stuff by e-mail) and no nuclear war has broken out yet XD
Keep posting! This will be my first post until... I don't know when. I see no problems :)
Keep things going over here ;)
Bye for now!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


So Guess what Knight magicclaw got me a glove She traded her glove and a spiked necklace. She is by far one of the nicest jammer's out there She will be the buddy of the month on my blog and Iwant everyone to know how nice Dogsplaybasketballknight Please add her and be nice to her!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Theory on Pets

In the back of this weeks newspaper there is an article saying there will be a new pet in two weeks, they had this picture:
My Theory: I Think that the new pet will be non member.
Im positive that it will be a butterfly. It would make sense for Animal jam to come out with four pets (duck, frog, cat, & dog) for members. They probably did that so that it would seem like non members would never have pets, so then more people would become members. Now, weeks later, they announce the new butterfly coming soon . It makes sense that they would only let us non-members have an insect as a pet, you know? My logic is that they cant have an article in the newspaper about how all non members matter to them too when they give members pets and give us none at all.

If my theory about the nonmember butterfly is correct, then this may be the outcome:

----Members ----
-up to 4 Pets
-can choose between a frog, dog, cat or duck
-can have rare pets
-can choose a name for their pet - -are able groom their pet (future feature)

----Non Members ----
-can only have a butterfly
- cannot have rare pets
- cannot groom their pet
-cannot choose a name for their pet
(maybe even MORE restrictions!)

Also in the new crystal sands there is a little shack that hasn't opened yet. (that is what i meant by future feature) I think this is going to be a place where you can groom & bathe your pets. It will probably be members only because your cant give a butterfly a bath (if my theory about the nonmember pet is correct)
It looks like this:
Remember this is only a guess so dont get your hopes up too high!

Keep on jammin'! =)
-Wcc Moderator bunnylove3

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hacker found

Ok, I know I havent mention this before, but the bro of joanna07 got hacked. So one day, I was checking the epic dens and I saw "thepondgirl". I went to her den and saw-(H for hacked and C for copied)
1 koala plushie (H)
1 dining table(H)
1 chocolate box (H)
Blue sky wallpaper (C)
Lava flour (C)
So than I checked her player card and this is what I saw:
Elephant-what the bro of joanna07 had insted of his wolf, seal and rabbit.
EXACT names as what Damienlippert had. (his user oh and talking of username, I changed mine into TheDarkClawOfTheMysteriousCat)
Maybe thepondgirl changed some stuff, but believe me, I have enough proves that she is the hacker.

about wolfhome (love story - talor swift)


Hello everyone!
Here it is (M = Members only, R = Returned, C = Clearance):
Astronaut Helmet (M)
Bat Glasses (R)
Freedom Hat (C)
Freedom Cape (C)
PLUS: Are item colors no longer changing? The item colors have been the same for 6 weeks now...? Are non-members now unable to buy color variations, as in they have to trade with members for them?
Beach Umbrella (M)
Small Beach Towel
Groovy Beach Towel (M)
Hibiscus Beach Towel (M)
Fireworks Fountain (C)
South Africa
Mira Says game console (M)
Crystal Sands had a makeover - WATERSLIDES!
The purple dots are minigames. The things that say 'MS', 'CC' and 'ToZ' stand for the places where you can go to Mount Shiveer, Coral Canyons, and the Temple of Zios.
New Water Park den
Daily Gem Bonus wheel... spin to win!
Double Gems at Gem Ball
Because of recent 'pet protests', they've re-printed the 'Every Jammer Matters' article with additions.
New Pet Preview... Looks like a Parrot.

Is AJ HQ lying through their teeth?
They've said SEVERAL times already to SEVERAL people that they would have non-member pets soon. And they didn't come.
Will this next one... a Parrot, looks like... be the one? Or did they just say that JUST so that people would 'shut up and not bother them about it'?
What do you think?
Bye for now!

New Things In Animal Jam!

Guess what! They made super awesome new stuff in animal jam!
You can go Check it out for yourself or i can show you in the list below...

-There is a BRAND NEW Crystal Sands!! - Crystal Sands got a Total makeover! it has watersides and everything. =D

-There is also a Daily Gem Bonus! - Ive been waiting for this to come out for so long =) Its a Wheel you spin to win coins. It pops up once a day when you log in.

-There is now 2x gems in the Gem Ball game.

-New Items! - M= member X= nonmember/ everyone
Beach Umbrella (M)
Small Beach Blanket (X)
Hibiscus Beach Towel (M)
Groovy Beach Towel (M)
Astronaut Helment (M)
Bat Glasses (X)
(Sorry if i missed some items)

Apparently they were listening to all of us "complain" about nonmember unfairness because in the newspaper there is a section about how "Non members are just as important to us that non members" blah blah blah XD.

A new Pet will be coming out in two weeks. it look like a butterly. i hope its non member!

Oh and the Coral Canyons Shop will be Leaving soon! =( i have no idea why! but everything is on clearance there....

Keep On Jammin'!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crane Feathers Story Tab Missing?!

The Story Tab has been missing for a few weeks now. Dont worry, it will come back soon! It is currently "under Construction" and its under modifications. Im sure Woodswolf will put it back up when he comes back on the 17th or when ever she has the time. Please be patient. You can still post chapters in the Story forum, and if they are chosen they will be added to the Crane Feathers Story when the tab is brought back. =)

Thank you for your time.

Keep on Jammin'!

Woodswolf Says:
Yes, currently I'm working on updating it. The section of story I'm writing right now is taking a LONG TIME. People signed up for around 50 new characters! Maybe more!
It will be up soon. I can't give an exact date, however.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the Aj party....

some of you may have heard about my Aj party  had I made a video = ) It has only a few screenshots I didn't want to make a major video. here it is  


Hello everyone.
There will be LITTLE OR NO POSTING by me from Friday the 8th until Sunday the 17th.
Bye for now!

Monday, July 4, 2011

New Game

I found a new game Its a 2D chat room game where your a cat and basicly explore and chat! heres the link my username is tigerstripe5 ill put screenshots up later

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Sorry the code is treasure.

New code

I saw on animaljamspot that there is a new code:
tresaure Try it, and tell me if it works!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Elephant plushie?

Well I guess we all knew that the elephant plushie was coming!!! here's a picture ------->
I wonder what the Rhino will look like... I'm trying to think of an animal plushie they don't have hmm. what do YOU think? bye.


Hello everyone!
Sorry I missed the parties! It seems that my 'Karma' is out of whack... XD
We just got out of our major power outage that started 24 hours ago at 7:00 CST! The internet was down, too. Yeah. It was bad. I rounded up around 20 flashlights just in case it was tonight too...
It seems that no one was able to show up anyway. But oh well! We can have a make-up party sometime... (evil power outage strikes again!)
Bye for now!

Independence Day party!

Hey everyone! Dont forget to come to the Independence day party on Animal jam! =) its gonna be a blast!
It starts at 3:00 cst Today! (July 2nd)
Be there!

there will also be parties on Feral heart and Free Realms. More information 4 posts down =D

"endangered" animals on Animal Jam?

Everyone knows that Elephants and Rhinos are both members only. The reason for that is they are both endangered animals so they are "rare." This is ridiculous because pandas are endangered also and they are non member! So Anmail jam's logic isnt consistent.

Here are even MORE non member endangered animals in animal jam:

Thats all i can think of right now. but Animal Jam Hq is just looking for excuses to make things member. They look for every possible opportunity to atract people to become members, for money!! have i made my point?

well i guess they have to make money somehow... its just strange.

I am going on vacation today and wont be back until July 8th. I wont have access to the internet or email. So bye! i will try to come to the party before i leave but no promises.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The new monthly gift

Hey guys!I was on AJ and I noticed the new monthly gift!It's spiked collars and wrist bands!
There's my yellow collar.

And that's my pink wrist band!They come in a lot of  colors.Such as blue a black pink yellow,there's a lot more I believe.