Sunday, July 24, 2011


hello guys! I'm biscuitboo (or biscuit/ biscuity, for short). i am a new author on this blog, and i was on key99's AJS. but today, i looked on my dashboard, and key's blog wasn't on there! i am just wondering if anyone know's why? because i liked AJS and would never, ever, remove myself. i also there's a new AJS author, had they removed me? but they couldn't have if they don't have admin privileges! the new author is eternal sunnystone...i totally don't think she/he removed me, because key'd be angry with her...i guess....comment if you know anything about this or has my account "gone wrong"?



  1. well biscuit boo it mostly means that they might have removed you and welcome as an author!

  2. biscuitbooJuly 24, 2011

    @knight magiclclaw
    err...yeah...your right...i don't see why they'd remove me though...anywy, thanks!

  3. @ Buscuit boo
    I don't know I didn't remove you I'll check the authors and when did you become an author?

  4. biscuitbooJuly 25, 2011

    @ tigerstripe/blackear
    thanks. actually, i don't know when i became an author

  5. Welcome Bisuit! Ive been looking at your posts on AJS! I love em! But have have you REALLY been removed? Cause blogger has been having some glitches... Anyways, have fun here! ;-)


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