Friday, July 8, 2011

Hacker found

Ok, I know I havent mention this before, but the bro of joanna07 got hacked. So one day, I was checking the epic dens and I saw "thepondgirl". I went to her den and saw-(H for hacked and C for copied)
1 koala plushie (H)
1 dining table(H)
1 chocolate box (H)
Blue sky wallpaper (C)
Lava flour (C)
So than I checked her player card and this is what I saw:
Elephant-what the bro of joanna07 had insted of his wolf, seal and rabbit.
EXACT names as what Damienlippert had. (his user oh and talking of username, I changed mine into TheDarkClawOfTheMysteriousCat)
Maybe thepondgirl changed some stuff, but believe me, I have enough proves that she is the hacker.


  1. I'm not seeing where your going with this.. let me read it again and is this related to woodswolf "Haccking crisus" if yes then the hacker was gummiez and I thought we were done with hacking!!!!

  2. Wcc Mod HjacklerJuly 09, 2011

    i know pondgirl. she was my first assistant in my hacking clan. i can look into it if ya want

  3. Wcc Mod HjacklerJuly 11, 2011

    Want me to look into it? i can clear her account

  4. @Hjackler
    Dont do that... Just tell her to give back an item.


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