Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hello everyone!
Sorry I missed the parties! It seems that my 'Karma' is out of whack... XD
We just got out of our major power outage that started 24 hours ago at 7:00 CST! The internet was down, too. Yeah. It was bad. I rounded up around 20 flashlights just in case it was tonight too...
It seems that no one was able to show up anyway. But oh well! We can have a make-up party sometime... (evil power outage strikes again!)
Bye for now!


  1. So ive heard person12 said that he had 2 turn his comp off it was so bad...

  2. @ Tigerstripe:
    You always have to turn off your desktop computer. It runs on the wall power, and if you don't, it fries it. Cuz the surge protector is off, too, when the electricity is.

  3. @ woodswolf
    He said he was off plug and his wifi was turning on and off and When I said computer i ment laptop Sorry!

  4. Medieval sunnygemJuly 03, 2011

    I had power out too!The power just came on a few minutes ago.


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